The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

26.1 Epilogue

For a full minute, no one could speak a word. It was as if they were frozen. But then, the three regained their senses and shouted.

“…What?! The Goddess’ Hammer?! Is that for real—!?”

“…Then, doesn’t that mean, onee-chan is—!?”

“No way, …there’s no way, but Luka is the one who said it. There must be a reason, right?”

…I couldn’t keep up with the conversation at all.

I thought that it was a story that had nothing to do with me. I remained silent with an expression that said, ‘none of my business,’ but priest glared at me. His gaze was saying, ‘we’re talking about you.’

Then, he explained the meaning of the Goddess’ Hammer.

According to the priest, it was a Goddess’ blessing that was usually bestowed upon the saint. Basically, it was a power sent from Heaven to protect the saint.

According to the records and folklore that were kept by the church, there were many descriptions that ‘the Goddess’ Hammer usually struck those who turned their blades against the saint.’ It was well-known that lightning would befall those who tried to harm the saint. However, that was also the priest’s first time seeing it. Up until that point, he thought that it was merely a fairy tale.

Apparently, the phenomenon known as the Goddess’ Hammer happened in front of the priest earlier.

What was more, after being struck by lightning, the ship that belonged to the fanatic followers of the saint sank to the bottom of the river.

“…For such an absurd thing to occur… But why would the Goddess’ Hammer hit the saint’s followers? If anything, it should’ve struck us, instead…”

To be honest, those fanatic believers of hers fell under ‘moron’ category. I wasn’t really sure why, but it might be because they did some foolish things to the saint.

When I was convinced of that, the priest sighed with a heart-wrenching expression.

“…Haa, after everything that has happened, do you still believe that? The Goddess’ Hammer fell on them because you’re the real saint. As you’ve saw, they tried to hurt and even kill you.”

“Eh!? What are you talking about!?”

As the priest said something extraordinary, I involuntarily raised my voice.

“The healing power of Ceylan, the Goddess’ Hammer, and the mark of sainthood. There’s no doubt that you’re the real saint.”

The priest made a firm declaration. He was confident, while I was feeling the exact opposite.

The lightning strike… wasn’t it just a coincidence?

I, who had just woken up, was declared to be the saint! However, it didn’t sound like he was lying.

I hadn’t even noticed the mark of sainthood until the priest had pointed it out. I also had a lot of questions about the Goddess’ Hammer.

The saint’s followers were a little stupid, so I thought that they somehow exploded and sank the ship themselves.

When I was full of doubts like that, suddenly, a revelation came to my mind.

Oh, my…! No way, is this part of the black-bellied priest’ scheme? He, who is repulsed by the selfish saint, wants to eliminate her and promote the fake me as the true saint?!

The priest had been suffering from the beginning. If it was him, he could do that much! Absolutely! Oh my, I was truly convinced of it, now!

What do I do?

I was nothing more than a substitute for a limited period of time. I couldn’t possibly replace the saint. It was just too unreasonable…

When I glanced at the knight captain and the twins for help, all three were looking at the priest with dumbfounded expressions.


The three of them would probably retort the priest’s words, soon.

I mean, it was just that outrageous!

When I was thinking that, the three suddenly beamed and shouted.

“““Is that true!?”””

***T/N: Hahaha, the real (now bootleg) saint must be sizzling!

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