The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

26.2 Epilogue

While I was surprised by the unexpected reaction, the three happily spoke to each other.

“Just as I thought! I already suspected that might be the case since the beginning! ‘Is that woman a fake?’ Hence, I keep wondering if she was certified to be the real saint…”

“I’m glad that my onee-chan is the true saint! Doesn’t that mean someone else prepared a baby to be the fake saint? If we consider a mastermind is behind this, everything suddenly makes sense!”

“Indeed, the way her entire entourage aided her escape fits like this. They seem to be hiding something. Perhaps, the other saint ran away from the pilgrimage because her deception would have been revealed!”

…The three immediately swallowed the priest’s story!

Why are you believing it so easily!?

Wait, isn’t this!?

Maybe, the three understood the implication behind the priest’s story and agreed that it was a good idea! They went along with the priest!

Or rather, the story was proceeding on the premise that I was a substitute… Did everyone know from the beginning? If so, I wanted them to return all the hardships I went through for pretending to be the saint.

I felt like I had been deceived in various ways. Regardless of me grumbling on the side, they continued to talk.

“Then, I’ll have to eliminate that villainess. The title of the saint was supposed to be our onee-chan’s! She can’t keep it to herself forever!”

“I’ll have to prepare an appropriate punishment for her. After all, onee-chan suffered a lot as her substitute. For the crime of harming our onee-chan, I’ll make her pay.”

“She hasn’t been stripped of her status, yet. However, she has incited her entourage to attempt murder… Still, if the king were to decide to forgive her, there’s nothing else I can do.”

“The king has nothing to do with this. However, the premise that there’s a mastermind behind the scenes is probably correct. The mastermind also dictates what the king does. If that is the case, even if the church were to approve of the new saint, the mastermind wouldn’t allow the king to acknowledge her… Depending on the situation, we’ll have no choice but to plan an escape.”

It was such a difficult and a morbid story for me. Please wait a moment?

I had never agreed to replace the saint, so please don’t proceed with your plan without permission?

I waited for the four people who were immersed in their conversation.

“…It seems that your plan is proceeding nicely. But, can you please wait? My contract said that I’ll only be acting as a substitute saint during the duration of the pilgrimage. Once it’s over, I want to return home… Therefore, I’d like to decline the position of the saint…”

The four turned to face me at the same time!

Their expressions were extreme, I yelped a little.

“…What? ‘Return home’? By that, do you mean that you’ll be leaving us? But you promised that you’ll be our onee-chan? Yet you dare say that you’re going to leave? Hey, tell me that isn’t true? Onee-chan is different from that villainous woman, right? You won’t lie to us, right?”

“I told you to stay with me for all the time, and now you say you’ll going to vanish? That’s unforgiveable. What if I destroy your so-called home so you’d have nowhere else to go? Which one do you prefer? That, or keeping your promise?”

“—Are you going to leave me!? You don’t need this chair anymore!? Or, perhaps, have you found another chair!? You can’t sit on a chair other than me!!”

“Ceylan, did you forget the vow that we just made? I swore that I’d be by your side no matter what happen, and you accepted it, right? But now you say that once you’re done with your work, you’re going to go home? Unfortunately, that vow is absolute as it was permanent. Besides, I’ve seen your bare skin. You, who are unmarried. The sin is almost as heavy as committing adultery. You wouldn’t want to turn me into a sinner, right?”

The four people closed on me while screaming all at once. Above all, their faces were so scary, I found myself crying and apologizing halfway.

Eh? …E, eeeeeeehhhh!? …Forgive me?! It’s my fault?”

“Then, will you come with us, Ceylan?”

“…A, as long as I get paid…”

“Of course, I can guarantee you a comfortable life.”

“Even if we look like this, we have high salaries! Leave everything to us!”

“We’re richer than the priest, so why don’t you live with us?”

“I’ll be your exclusive chair and escort for the rest of your life, so I’ll absolutely guarantee your safety no matter what happens in the future.”

I was squeezed by the four passionate people and was told of various things from all directions. Before I noticed it, I had agreed into continuing to work as the saint.

The four people who were satisfied with my answer stood up and reached out to me with wide smiles, saying, “Let’s go home.”

“Once we return to the royal capital, I’ll reform the knight order first. I’ll thoroughly eliminate that woman’s sympathizers. I’ll be busy.”

“If we were to declare that onee-chan is the true saint, that woman’s entourage would definitely do something. We have to crush them before they kill you.”

“First of all, let’s get the church’s acknowledgement. Still, shouldn’t we prepare for the king’s disapproval and take some countermeasures?”

“As Darren said, political change is unavoidable. Even if the king is just a puppet, he has trampled on the will of the Goddess. Once the church realizes that they have been deceived, the king will undoubtedly hold no more sway over it. Depending on the outcome, a war might break out…”

The four people were discussing a disturbing topic with very nice smiles. Or rather, I was at center of said disturbing topic, right? So why were they talking as if it was somebody else’s business?

—There was always a catch to a good story.

But who could imagine that was the catch?


—After that, the ship of the saint who went on her honeymoon never returned. The current king suddenly fell ill, was sent to recuperate someplace along with his entourage, and left politics. Thus, a conflict between those who believed in old teachings and modern ones never occurred.

Just where did the former saint, who was disqualified as a saint and also never returned from her voyage, go?

There were various rumors that she had started a new life in a new world, or that she had been involved in a shipwreck. However, no matter how much everyone searched for her whereabouts, there was not a single clue to be found… In the end, the truth faded into obscurity…


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