His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

25. Kabedon?

“I, I see, so that’s how it is…”

Alex-sama, whose face had turned red, groaned.

I had to prove to Elena that he loved me.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t persuade His Highness Mikhail.

It was troublesome.

“As Elena said, Mikhail has a clear boundary between public and personal affairs. So, even if we do that, the result might not be much…”

Said Alex-sama.

I stared into Alex-sama’s blue eyes. His eyes, which were the color of sapphires, seemed upset.

“But, I think it’s worth the effort. Maybe His Highness Mikhail misunderstood something. Therefore, we might be able to persuade him.”

“That’s true, but…”

“Alex-sama, are you against the idea because you’re embarrassed?”

Alex-sama immediately shook his head.


I understood his bashfulness well, but we had no other choice.

What should we do?

“What do couples usually do, then…?”

I thought about it earlier, and thought about kissing…

“…Uh, for example, how about we kiss?”

Alex-sama arrived at the same conclusion as I.

We stared at each other. I was looking at Alex-sama’s red lips, and he was looking at mine.

Then, as our faces turned red, we both averted our gazes.

“L, let’s table that.”

Alex-sama said in a hurry.

I nodded, but then shook head.

“B, being honest, I think we should do it… Besides, as long as it’s with Your Highness, I wouldn’t mind being kissed…”

“…R, really?”

“Yes, how do I say this—uh, gladly? Or, it’s alright?”

I whispered to Alex-sama in a small voice.

I felt like I had just said something utterly embarrassing. My face must had been scarlet.

Alex-sama silently stood from the chair and took my hand.

“A, Alex-sama?”

“Alisa should stand up, too…”

Alex-sama gently said that. As I quietly stood, Alex-sama pulled my hand and took me to the wall by the window.

While my back was against the wall, Alex-sama faced me.

“U, uh?”

“After what Alisa said, I can’t help but do it.”

Alex-sama placed his hand against the wall and closed the distance between us.

I was thrilled.

Is this the so-called ‘kabedon’—!?

It was a scene that sometimes appeared in romance novels that I often read in the library of the royal capital.

In those novels, a domineering male lead would approach the heroine…

His Highness’ cheeks were dyed red. He was shy. He wasn’t domineering at all.

Alex-sama was so cute… and at the same time, cool.

“Do as you like.”

As I smiled, Alex-sama nodded, and gently tried to cover my lips with his own…

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