Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

6. [Day 1 (5)]

The news of Lorona’s death became a major topic not only among aristocrats, but also commoners.

Among them, Zerio, the chairman of the Miez Corporation which controlled the distribution of goods within the royal capital, was shocked to the point where he almost fainted.

“Y, you idiot…!”

His arms trembled as he gripped the newspaper with the sensational headline—

‘—Lorona, the Countess, was Involved in an Unfortunate Carriage Accident a day after the Prince Annulled their Engagement.’

The sweat that overflowed from his forehead dripped to his desk, but he was unable wipe it away.

Until just a few years ago, the Miez Corporation was just a small shop.

Zerio was a man of good judgment, but not in regards to business itself.

He was a man who rarely profited, and he was also easily robbed.

“Then… this business will finally be mine!”

Discarding the newspaper, Zerio laughed like a broken toy.

Zerio still remembered the day Lorona suddenly arrived at his shop.

Lorona’s appearance was so gorgeous, he thought she was a moving, life-sized, doll.

Silver hair, and a pair of purple eyes resembling high-grade amethysts.

Towards the fascinated Zerio, Lorona only smiled quietly.

It was as if a spell had been cast, everything went well on the days that followed.

Buying and selling products as Lorona ordered had led to dozens of times more profits.

In just a few months, Zerio recovered all his lost property and quickly became a millionaire.

“Aren’t you an aristocrat?” “Why are you conducting business like this with someone like me as a representative?” “Couldn’t you establish a business meeting yourself?”

When the business began to grow, Zerio used to ask Lorona those questions.

Lorona was merely a 15-year-old girl when they first me. How could she have such a bold business mindset that not even a grown-up could think of?

In the first place, with Lorona’s ability, she could have made as much money as she wanted without using a man like Zerio as her shield.

Yet no matter how much he asked, Lorona would only laugh and bluff. She never revealed her thoughts to Zerio.

His happiest and most fulfilling days were when the business began to take off.

However, Zerio became obsessed with transforming Miez Corporation into the most powerful corporation in the royal capital. He also loved whenever his surroundings referred to him as the chairman and approached him. He’d then start looking down on them.

Then, a certain thought flashed through his mind.

—With this, Lorona is no longer necessary.

Out of consideration for helping his business, his contract dictated he give Lorona 30% of the company’s profits.

At first, of course, Zerio was convinced that his success was thanks to Lorona’s skill.

However, the number of situations where Lorona’s judgment was required had decreased considerably as the company grew. Taking advantage of his experience, it had become easier for Zerio to aquired a tremendous amount of profit at his own discretion.

Regardless, as long as the contract existed, he was required to give Lorona 30% of his profits. Serious decisions also required Lorona’s permission.

To the current Zerio, Lorona was nothing but a hinderance.

“That’s right, the contract…!”

Zerio hurriedly opened the safe. He confirmed the contract he had signed with Lorona when he launched the Miez Corporation.

He had to confirm whether or not he owed anything to her family.

“Kuku…! How stupid of you, young lady!”

The contract was absolute. Since there was a copy in the temple, Zerio couldn’t tamper with it.

Hence, Zerio had felt restricted. However, said constraint had now sided with him.

“When one of the contractors dies, the contract will become null.”

Zerio looked up towards the heaven after he had read the clearly written sentence within the contract.

With that, all the future profits were for Zerio alone. Everything would become Zerio’s.

“Thank you, young lady. Thanks to you, I’ll be forever rich.”

Abandoning the contract that no longer bound him, Zerio took steps as if he was jumping.

They were a joyful, as if celebrating one’s new beginning.

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