I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

1. That Strange Beautiful Young Man is Apparently my Husband

When I woke up, I saw an astonishingly beautiful man.

As I sat up on the fluffy bed, I blinked repeatedly. The black-haired man, wearing a bright blue cloak, started at me with a stern look.

…Who is this handsome man?

I pondered about him with a vague feeling.

He stood beside a heavy door. His black hair was long enough that the hair on the side of his head hung past his ears.

His bangs, which were shaped to the right, bounced casually. They revealed a well-shaped forehead.

His eyes were dignified and frosty, but their red color seemed to reveal his hidden passion.

There were deep wrinkles between his eyebrows. His expression was haggard.

Despite his bitter expression, he was still enchanting enough to be considered a painting.

“—You finally woke up, Charlotte.”

His low voice created a tense atmosphere.

The luxurious room and the red-based furnishing seemed to freeze over.

“Uh, I—”

Don’t move.”


Due to his command, my shoulders bounced reflexively. I looked at the man, questioning him about the situation.

He answered without concealing his disgust.

“Your divine power has been sealed. You’ve only been left with the bare minimum needed to preserve your life.  Even if you’re the Peerless Saint, immediately recovering it wouldn’t be possible.”

“Saint? Peerless? Me?”

“But that doesn’t mean I’ll loosen my surveillance.”

The man spoke while turning his sharp gaze towards me.

“—If you resist, I’ll seal you even if it means losing my life.”

Ugh, how noisy.

I gently shut my mouth with both hands to prevent myself from saying anything rude.

Words that didn’t at all reflect his beautiful appearance were spoken. At the same time, I couldn’t remember why such words were being directed towards me.

Or rather…

I tilted my head. Then, my long hair spilled over my shoulders. They are exposed due to my nightwear.

The pale, purple, nightwear; the silky, golden, straight hair—I wondered if they were mine.

I can’t remember anything at all!

That was a problem.

This is… the so-called amnesia.

Then, would ‘Charlotte’ be my name?

The man sighed and turned his back on her.

“As long as you keep quiet and refrain from doing anything unnecessary, I’ll perform the minimum of my responsibilities.”

“Responsibility, as in…?”

“Of course—my responsibility as your husband.”


That was the most surprising remark I had heard since waking up.

“You should already be aware of this—but I’m actually just a watchdog under the pretense of being your husband.”

The man, who claimed to be my husband, distorted his face as I blinked numerous times.

“Keep in mind that this is the end of your misdeeds.”


“That’s all I have to say.”

The man dismissed me, and after pulling the golden doorknob, stepped out into the hallway.


The heavy door closed. Slowly, his back was disappearing.

In that moment, at the speed of light—

“—Handsome guy, please wait!”


As she clung to his arm, the man’s eyes widened with astonishment.

“Tell me more about yourself! What’s your name!? What about your hobbies, also what about your tastes in women?! Since when have we been married?! How long did we date for?! What happened during our honeymoon!?”

“What is it, suddenly…?”

“Let’s leave things like saints and divine power aside for the time being!! For now, I can’t think of anything else but the fluttering of my heart!”

“Let me go! You have such thin arms, where is this strength coming from…!?”

“I’m confused about that, too!”

I didn’t know anything about myself, but I knew the emotions that were welling out of my heart.

“Please, please just give me your name…!!”

“O, Oswald…!”

“Then, Oswald…!”

I was convinced at that moment.

While embracing him with all my might, I looked up at the man named Oswald.

“I fell in love with you at first sight!”

“—But I hate you, my wife, Charlotte.”

Oswald replied with an unobtrusive look of hatred at Charlotte.

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