I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! Translation

I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter 11]

Chapter Eleven: The City of Rovigi (Part III)

“Euphemia-jyou, the bread won’t run off even if you don’t stare that intently. Please, feel free to eat slowly.” Reginald-sama said, as he too grabbed some bread from the tray.

Following his lead, I took some more. I sunk my teeth into the fresh roll without hesitation. Normally, especially at a social event, I would have elegantly torn pieces from the roll. However, as the Prince himself isn’t hesitating, why should I? There really was no need to be dignified right now.

“Is it good, Euphemia-jyou?”

“Yes, very!” It was like crispy cookie dough atop a fluffy piece of bread. Though it was shaped a little differently, the taste reminded me of melon bread. I could eat just this and stay satisfied.

“Euphemia-sama! Please, won’t you eat a bit more elegantly? It’s not just us, His Highness is here as well.”

“She’s fine the way she is. This isn’t a place for such rules, so just let her enjoy her food.” It was Reginald-sama who countered Cynthia.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t speak as I continued chewing. I wondered if I looked like a small animal. Maybe a squirrel? But, it’s delicious that I can’t help myself. This bread, which tasted similar to that from my previous life, was my first chance in a while to reminisce about the past.

When I glanced at Reginald-sama, he was looking back at me. He just stared with that warm gaze, putting his own food down. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting here in front of the main capture target, but I feel a greater affinity with my past life than usual.

“Euphemia-sama, look! There are breadcrumbs everywhere! Let’s please eat a bit more carefully, alright?”


Reginald-sama warned me, but surprisingly wiped the table…I didn’t think that a prince would do such a thing. I glanced at Roy, expecting similar confusion, but received nothing more than a fond look. Most people would acknowledge such a smile, but my words wouldn’t come out.

“When Euphemia-sama eats so happily, I feel happy too. Let’s continue eating, perhaps I should get something more.”

“Hmm…well, let’s see.”

“Oh no, don’t bother. If we get hungry later, you’ll go shopping for us, right Roy?”

“Hey, wait a minute! Why am I the one running around?!” Roy asked, staring at the prince.

Reginald-sama simply replied: “Who else would, but you?”

Roy shrugged, muttering “Tyrant” under his breath. I’m sure he heard but Reginald-sama just continued to smile, nonplussed. They must have a strong bond, how else could they quarrel yet remain so close.


“Here it would be best for you to just say ‘okay’.” Reginald-sama inches the sandwich closer to my mouth. The bread looked extremely fluffy and had fried eggs between the slices. It had the best qualities of a sandwich; simple, yet appetizing.

…It looks delicious.

My hunger returned instantly. I should have already been satisfied with the melon bread-like dessert from earlier. No, no! Reginald-sama wasn’t even eating!

“Here, Euphemia-jyou.” I gave in the moment he said my name. The sandwich was indeed sweet and exquisitely fluffy. Ahh, this alone makes me so happy. I’d loved thick fried egg sandwiches in my past life as well!

“It’s delicious.”

“I’m glad you like it. Occasionally, even Roy does a good job.”

“Occasionally?? I’m always doing my best!”

“Yes, but those efforts are mostly in vain.”

“T-that might be, but…”

Reginald-sama and Roy continue their conversation, but I block them out to focus on eating. I’m so happy.

Delicious food is the best, after all!

Even though Cynthia is giving me a hard, chilly stare. Even if Reginald-sama and Roy are arguing in front of me. Nothing enters my eyes or ears; only food is welcome in my world. I reach for more bread; the third piece of the day.

To think, I’m an aristocrat. Hm, I guess I’m eccentric after all.