I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! Translation

I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter 1]

Chapter One: Let’s Organize This Situation

I returned to the mansion a few hours after meeting Reginald and retired to my room immediately, telling my fidgeting parents: “I’m really tired, so let’s talk later.” For the time being, I have to sort this situation out.

With this in mind, I stand in front of my full-length mirror – located at the absolute corner of the room – to survey my appearance.

…Yeah, I was definitely Euphemia Aiden, the villainess of “Maiden of the Fairies”. Well, that’s what I thought, considering my name.

“It’s rare to see you appraising your appearance in the full-length mirror, Euphemia-sama.”

“…Well, it was just on a whim.”

Cynthia, my exclusive maid, calls out to me. She looked at me suspiciously as most of the time I used the smaller, main mirror at the center of the room. Well, excuse me.

I liked Cynthia enough to make her my exclusive maid.

But my personality before and after remembering are bound to be different. My original personality is nothing like Euphemia Aiden, after all.

The Euphemia Aiden inside the game certainly deserved the ‘villainess’ title. As the only daughter of House Aiden – a prestigious Marquessate in the Banks’ Kingdom – she’d grown up spoiled. Using her attractiveness and personality, which wouldn’t hesitate to trample upon others, she’d become Reginald’s fiancée.

Euphemia always intimidated the women around Reginald, eager to keep him to herself. She repeatedly harassed the heroine, eventually her behavior rose to criminal misconduct and she was condemned in the finale with all of her wrongdoings exposed. Then, her family’s status fell and she was exiled.

That being said, my memory as Euphemia Aiden was different. Certainly, I grew up being called ‘charming’ and ‘adorable’ by my parents, however the Euphemia of this world was far more interested in food than beauty. She was more obsessed with eating delicious food than dressing herself up.

Instead of expensive dresses, why not order delicious ingredients from abroad and make something delicious? If you have time to dress yourself up then study foreign gastronomies. It was fortunate that Euphemia seemed to have a constitution where she didn’t gain weight no matter how much she ate. It was certainly otome game-like. If I didn’t have that constitution, I’m sure my figure would have been terrible.

Hmm, I wonder if my previous life was unconsciously influencing my current actions…?

I think, while tugging at my cheeks. Well, I certainly loved eating in my previous life as well. I’d been a woman who was more excited about food than love. But, it’s a waste to be this beautiful and only focus on food; I don’t know how many times I’ve been told this. But isn’t it important to eat delicious food? Otome games were enough love for me.

I kept thinking this way until I was twenty-one and passed away in an accident.

“Euphemia-sama, please don’t lie like that. Your dress will get wrinkled.”


Responding to Cynthia, I rearrange myself. The Euphemia Aiden in this world was, honestly, just a mess. I’m not interested in anything other than food and I’ll walk around the house even if my hair is tangled or I’m in nightwear.

Well, even such a Euphemia was called “cute!” by her parents. Maybe that’s what caused this personality shift? I’ve constantly been told “Euphemia is cute no matter what you do!” So, maybe I started to think that fashion was unnecessary?

“Euphemia-sama, how was your meeting with His Highness?”

“Hmm, the sweets were quite delicious.” I respond to Cynthia honestly.

It was true that Reginald was handsome, after all, doesn’t the main capture target of an otome game have to be? By the way, he’s also a doting character. He thoroughly spoils the heroine. That kind of hero isn’t my type, though.

Though, it’s great to have an older brother who spoils you!

In my previous life, I played this otome game. By the way, I ate sweet bread and drank coffee as I was playing. I want to say that I didn’t get fat, but, oh well, I should focus on pulling information about the game from my brain first…

“…Really, Euphemia-sama.” Behind me, Cynthia lets out a sigh. She’s really an honest person. Though, I like that about her.

Well, we’ve been interrupted, but let’s summarize the game. The title is “Maiden of the Fairies” and the stage is the Banks’ Kingdom, which is often called fairyland.

The heroine’s name was Ginger George and she was the daughter of a Viscount. Her story began when she was selected as the ‘maiden’ for that year’s Fairy Festival.

Ah, the Fairy Festival is the biggest festival in the kingdom. It takes place once a year and lasts for a week. The purpose is to thank the fairies that protect us.

The heroine, Ginger, who is chosen as the leading maiden of the festival, falls in love with various individuals, while leading a successful festival. The capture targets consist of five (plus one, who is hidden) people. Each route has three endings: Happy, Bad, and True.

Is it fine to leave the initial information as is for the time being?

Oh, there’s also a sequel, but I don’t know much about it as I had passed away before I could play it.

But, if the villainess’ personality differs too much, will the story really proceed according to the game?

The game version of Reginald was quite indifferent to Euphemia. He’d simply continued his engagement because it would fend off other women. Sadly, it’s definitely thrown away if the heroine enters his route.

In the meantime, I can eat a lot of delicious food, so all’s well that ends well.

Through thick and thin, my thoughts would always come back to food first.

And anyway, I had liked 2D characters but exclusively the 2D aspect. I don’t particularly enjoy three dimensional romances. I loved being in love with the person on the other side of the screen.

Besides, in the first place, Reginald never wanted to meet with Euphemia.

Reginald and Euphemia would meet only when it was necessary. In other words, if you don’t want to then you don’t have to go out of your way to meet him!

…There was a time I’d thought that, yeah.

It was only a few days later that my hopes were shattered: I had been invited to the royal palace directly by Reginald himself.