I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 3]

Studying Something Stupid (Part I)

The other day, I, Hououin Ayaka, the Empress, accidentally exposed my underwear to a boy of the same age (from physical age perspective). The hem of my skirt caught on a desk, and it was lifted.

Hmm… If you need to know who saw it, then it’s the otome game hero. No way, did he have a lucky pervert constitution? At such a young age…! (Eh? Did I self-destruct and cause the situation? Haha, no way, it was definitely just a skill he had since birth.)

By the way, the underwear I had been wearing was, sadly, a bear print.

…I’ll say this right now, that’s not my hobby or anything! It’s a waste to buy new ones, so I just let it be. (Did you know? Even though they’re just bear print, it’s about twice as expensive as ordinary underwear…! I can’t just throw them out just because the design doesn’t suit my taste!)

After that embarrassing episode, I decided to train my abilities as Hououin Ayaka for an ‘All’s Well that Ends Well’ situation. After all, even if I get angry, it’s not like anything will be solved. If I work harder, my shame is sure to be erased. Yup. Probably. No, definitely.

As for the first step, I’m doing my best to get him to call me by my first name.

“Hey, Kaname, Kaname.”


Ehehe, I just wanted to say your name.”


“Kaname, Kaname, Kaname, Kaname… Ouch!”

“Don’t call people’s names needlessly.”

I glared at him with teary eyes while rubbing at the spot he’d just flicked. It hurt so much! It hurts! What a vicious technique!

“Why… By calling your name over and over, I just wanted to produce a submi… Was it a submarine? I was aiming for that effect…”

“You mean subliminal effect. You’re stupid, but you sure have some strange knowledge. It doesn’t fit this situation because its roots lay in the subconscious.”

…You sure know a lot despite being ten years old. Damn, this is too out of my expectations. This guy…

“…Well, I don’t really care. For now, I’ll return the test you took to measure your academic abilities.”

Those words caused me to become alert. The test had been nothing more than proof that Kaname was senseless.

…You see, when someone is reincarnated, wouldn’t they possess cheats from their previous life because they have the brain of an adult? Additionally, because a child’s brain is flexible, you could combine the knowledge from your previous life while learning new concepts at an incredible pace. In other words, you’d become a genius!

I remember my previous life, but I’m only 10 years old, so I can’t expect much from art-related things, but if I study, then I should make it in time. Even though I was stupid, I was still decent at studying. Furthermore, Empress-sama’s brain had originally been excellent. So, if I do my best from now on, then by the time that I reach high school – the game’s stage – then I’d be quite the genius!

…There was a time that I’d thought like that.

“For the time being, the answers for the elementary school problems aren’t bad. Your foundations for middle school are also well-established… The problem is for the high school curriculum. But aren’t the math questions quite easy?”

…Am I expected to know how to answer advanced math and physics questions when I’m only ten years old…!

I’m a humanities person! In high school, I almost abandoned my science subjects aside from Biology. (Well, it might be more accurate to say that they were completely beyond my scope, to begin with!)

“…We, well, it’s it okay to just focus on the middle school lessons for now? To become a middle school student, I’ll have to take the entrance examination.”

During this time, I learned some new facts that were not mentioned in the game.

[Surprised] First, Oudou Academy, the school attended by Empress-sama, was a dormitory-based academy. This was where “Prisoner of the Minatare Garden” would unfold.

…That setting was definitely a surprise.

Second, since Kaname was to be the de-facto ruler of the academy, he had a group of followers – most of whom he had known since kindergarten – who currently attended the same school as him. (The dormitory life begins at High School, and the Oudou Academy consists of kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school!).

I would be transferring starting middle school. I knew Empress-sama was new to the school, but that would mean that although Empress-sama was a stranger to the school, she created a caste system while keeping the highest position for herself, all within the three years it takes to complete middle school.

…What a scary girl.

As for a reason for transferring, my family wanted me to attend the same school as Kaname. When I thought that I’d finally be able to start treating him like my dog at school, I was thrilled!

…But then my father made me swear to “follow whatever Kaname said” Damn it!

Anyway, back to the main topic. Right now, I’m a fifth-grader at an all-girls school. Ufufu. Before lunch, we say our prayers, but, in fact, I’m not religious at all! (Wait, does worshipping the god who reincarnated me into this otome game count as being religious?)

Though they’re quite stubborn and the sisters scold me sometimes, everyone there was kind to me, so I was actually quite sad to leave. Everyone would often bring me fancy snacks and stroke my head. (What? Wait a minute… Am I being treated like a dog?)

…Well, but it is a sacrifice that can’t be helped if I want to rule as the academy’s Empress. First of all, it’s a transfer that my father is forcing on me! (I said it twice because it’s important) I can’t go against it!

“First, you have to study for the transfer exam. When you get into middle school, you can then focus on high school studies… I don’t think it’s too late for you.”

Wow, that’s quite some preemptive learning. It’s no wonder that the pace of the lessons was so fast.

However, I definitely won’t put off working on sine, cosine, tangents, vectors, or newtons anymore! In the past, my brain would completely stop functioning whenever it came to mathematical formulas or scientific symbols, but that doesn’t have to be the case here!

I sighed deeply, throwing the excuses in my heart away.

“… I’m saying this because you shouldn’t have a problem with the transfer exam.”

What? I didn’t understand what he meant and blinked. Meanwhile, Kaname had a bitter expression on his face.

“Listen carefully, idiot… You’re doing pretty well compared to your age group. I’m just surprised because I honestly didn’t think you could solve even basic middle school problems, let alone high school ones. So the rumor about your grades being good, even though you act like an idiot, was true.”

As soon as I registered his unexpected words, I was so relieved that I fell back into my chair.

…That’s right! It’s because I’m an adult and have Empress-sama’s brain! My studies as a rich kid are progressing, but there’s a monster beside me! No matter what, I cannot lose to a ten-year-old kid!

Ah, I’m so glad. Kaname had been really mean just then, but since I’m relieved right now, I’ll just give him a special warning!