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32. New Resident

In the royal castle.

“Who would’ve thought a dragon would come…”

To receive Nigel’s permission, I returned with the dragon.

Umu. Quite a neat room—I like it.”

The dragon, who had assumed the human form, was relaxing on a sofa with his leg crossed—even though he was before the prince.

Well, it couldn’t be helped.

A creature like a dragon wouldn’t bow to a mere human prince.

“The situation is as I’ve explained… well, I just thought that I needed to bring this matter to you.”

“I know, good call, Eliane. But… a dragon? A dragon, who would’ve expected…”

Nigel was fumbling—he kept repeating the word, ‘dragon’.

That couldn’t be helped either.

Originally, a dragon was a creature which brought disaster to humans.

It seemed that in certain territories, dragons were worshipped as ‘gods’ due to their sacred and mighty power.

“Anyway, is that person really a dragon? You said he assumed the form of human, but to me, it doesn’t look like that.”

Nigel stared dubiously at the dragon.

The dragon showed a dissatisfied expression,

“Hmm? So, you’re basically saying that I should return to my original form? Now that I’m inside the barrier, something like that shouldn’t be hard—”

“—No, don’t!”

Because the dragon had said something ridiculous, I stopped him in a hurry.

“What are you talking about!? If you return to your original form in such a place, not only would the castle collapse, the city will be in a big panic!”

“Just kidding. Doesn’t matter whether or not I’m inside the barrier, I’m still in your presence, Eliane. I won’t do anything bad.”

The dragon smirked.

Good grief, I noticed it when we first started talking, but that dragon sure was a mischievous one.

It was a little annoying that I couldn’t keep up with his pace.

“Well then, Eliane, what is the best action for me in this kind of situation…”

Nigel shrugged.

“Maybe, you can give the dragon a permission to enter city—even though he’s already inside…”

I looked back at the dragon.

“What about you?”


The dragon put his hand under his chin and pondered.

“Let’s see, all I wanted was to see Eliane, I didn’t think that far ahead…”

“That’s surprising, coming from you.”

“Shut up. Oh well, I’m tired of traveling around the world, and was planning to return to my nest… but—”

The dragon lifted his face and stared at me.

“Eliane, will you continue to talk to me through telepathy?”

“From here to your nest? Since your nest was close to my former kingdom, it wasn’t hard to do. But now that I’m in Lynchgiham, it’s really difficult…”

“…As I thought. So, once I return to my nest, I’ll be bored as hell…”

Then the dragon clapped his hand, “That’s it!” 

What came next, was something outrageous.

“Should I live in here, too?”


“Then I’d be free to talk to Eliane. Of course, not in this royal castle, but a suitable house in the city. If that won’t work, the field is fine with me. This is what I want.”

…What is this guy saying?

Can dragons live alongside people?

I had never heard or imagined such a story.

Well, I was happy to see the dragon again, but that was just too surreal.

“Nigel, of course that won’t do, right?”

“Hmm? I don’t think there’s a problem with that?”

For a moment, due to Nigel’s immediately reply, I almost fell backwards.

“It’s fine!?”

“Isn’t he your trusted friend, Eliane? Helping the people in need is one of Lynchgiham’s principles. If the dragon is in trouble, of course I can’t overlook him.”

Nigel continued to eye the dragon with interest.

…That was right, Nigel was that kind of person…

To be honest, I thought it was unreasonable.

However, my presence was also unreasonable, and yet I was still allowed to stay in that kingdom.

It also didn’t make sense to reject the dragon just because of his race.

“My, aren’t you quite an open-minded fellow? Of course, I won’t freeload. Should this kingdom ever face any conflicts, I shall lend a hand.”

“I’ll be in your care.”

Nigel smiled.

I see. He had considered it to that extent.

As I had said many times—he was the first prince, the man who would carry the future of Lynchgiham on his back.

Of course, he was also a good person—after all, he decided to help the dragon. It’s just that along the way, he had also decided the dragon would be a useful force.

That kingdom didn’t invest much in its military, their taxes were spent elsewhere.

Hence why, having a dragon would surely outweigh the disadvantages.

“If Nigel says so, I understand—however!”

Sighing, I pointed at the dragon.

“You must always remain in your human form! Otherwise, you’d cause a great panic!”

“Of course.”

Besides, if he stayed in his human form, his enormous magical power would be cut to one tenth of the original amount.

It also meant suppressing his power.

“One more, as soon as you do something bad, I won’t overlook it! After all, Nigel has trusted me. At the very least, I have to do this much!”

“I understand. Besides, it’s not like I’d attempt anything outrageous in a kingdom where you’re located, Eliane.”

The dragon smiled fearlessly.

Did he truly understand what I was saying…?

Well, essentially, the dragon was good-hearted. I didn’t think anything bad would happen.

“You’ve heard him, Nigel.”

“Got it. I will relay this to my father. I wonder what kind of face will he make.”

Ugh… I felt like I kept imposing troublesome things on Nigel.

Fortunately, he received it well—however, someday, I must return that favor.

But, when would that day be?

“Then, calling you, ‘Dragon’ wouldn’t do. Let’s decide on a name.”

“A name… I feel like a human being. Well, whatever—feel free to decide.”

Hmm… I crossed my arms and started thinking.

Unexpectedly, a name came to me—

“—Douglas, how about Douglas?”

“Got it. My name’s Douglas—I will remember it.”

The dragon—or rather, Douglas, rested his weight on the sofa—he looked happy.

The dragon had become a new resident of Lynchgiham.


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