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6. I’ll Have my Cute Little Brother Travel (2)

Our surroundings were already dark. The streetlights along the common streets went out before the end of the night. It wasn’t a time for teenagers to go out. Even more so, the daughter of a duke. As soon as the lights went out, she’d be kidnapped in no time.

At the brink, I screamed.

“Please! This child is a genius painter! Only once, can you please look at his paintings properly?!”

“No matter how many times you come, I can’t afford to take any more disciples.”

“Please, do something—”

“Shut up!”

I relentlessly brought up the apprenticeship for my brother—

well, until the huge man hit me, that is.

—Even though he had such a gorgeous beard for a man his age! He turned out to be such a ruthless man!

I could only spew curses inwardly. As soon as I reached home, the door of my house, which was a little more beautiful than my surroundings, closed with a bang.

“S, sister!? Are you injured!?”

Rufus rushed towards me in fear. Since he was carrying a large rucksack, I wanted him to exercise caution… but indeed, what happened was sudden. It couldn’t be helped.

“I’m alright.”

After all, such mishap was a daily occurrence in my training with Zafield. More importantly, it seemed that Rufus’ paintings, which had I brought with me, weren’t torn. As a matter of course, I couldn’t bring all of his paintings. I brought only two of his best pieces. One was a landscape painting of a lake… I was ashamed to admit that I was also depicted within said painting.

The lake itself was a landscape of a neighboring kingdom we visited on a family trip five years ago, before he started secluding himself. Perhaps, that painting was meant to be a reminder of the time when our entire family was still on good terms.

…Uu, he is such a gentle boy! What an eye-opener!

As an older sister, I absolutely must prevent a future in which my cute brother got trafficked! Anyway, I wanted to bring about a future where he could laugh boisterously.


Therefore, I mustn’t give up. With a small laugh, I raised my hips.

“Unfortunately, it’s already late tonight. Let’s end our search for the day.”

“…Are we going home?”

“No way.”

To go home after a day of leaving our home, where was the coolness in that? As of now, our parents should be making a fuss after seeing our letters. If we went home during the middle of that, we’d be severely punished. Rufus seemed to also be aware of that.

“If so, should we rent an inn? Is it possible to find one at this time without reservation?”

In that respect, we were naïve. At first glance, staying at an inn sounded refreshing.

Still, I looked up at the home and atelier of Rufus’ master (potential). That its owner had adopted foreign culture was self evident from the brick-like, slightly flashy, house. He used to be a baron’s son, but due to his passion for art, he left home and single-handedly created an atelier. I heard that he recently got into contact with my parent’s house. I wondered if there were any other ateliers like that.

“It’s okay, I have a good guess.”

That level of difficulty wouldn’t break my smile.

Leave it to your sister!

Fortunately, the aristocratic academy I attended was within Elcage’s territory. Since it was a traditional academy right next to the royal capital, there were villas nearby. High-ranking aristocrats and members of the royal family usually stayed in them for three years at a time.

Regardless, even if it was considered nearby, it took a quarter minute by carriage to reach. It was difficult to get there unless one was within the territory. Therefore, many students used the dormitory on the academy grounds.

Still, there were many students who opted to stay in the villas. After all, there were many academic institutions in Elcage territory. Therefore, there were many cases of aristocrats with a professorship or research position owning a villa. There were also many ladies who had been taken in by such fathers and relatives for their three years at the academy.

In my case, well—

“—I’m sorry for the inconvenience, especially considering that it’s late at night.”

“No, my daughter will always be indebted to Lady Lelouche. By the way, have you dined?”

I was talking peacefully with an acquaintance behind his house.

A familiar lady was trembling. From her expression, I could tell that she was full of questions—

—“Why, why is she here!?”, “Why would she come to stay in my house!?”

Thus, I gracefully smiled at her, as if to set an example.

“Forgive me, Ms. Lumiere. Even though you were sick, I am disturbing your rest.”

“Hyaa!! N, no, not at all…”

“By the way, did you read the books I gave you? Since you’ve recovered, let me know your opinions during dessert.”

“Waaah—! I’m sorry—!”

Oh dear, she ran away while crying. But I was positive that she’d read through the books by tomorrow. I should remind her to tell me about her impressions during breakfast.

Rufus asked me in a small voice. “What did you do to her?”


I just helped her study every day.

Thankfully, Baron Alban, who was the host and also the bearer of title ‘Economist.’, welcomed us with a dinner.

“By the way… your parents, is it alright to not deliver a message to them?”

It was the norm to get permission from both parents to stay at a friend’s house.

I felt sorry for what I was about to do next—

—I closed my eyes tightly and shed tears.

“I’m sorry for the intrusion, but as of the present, my parents and I…”

Baron Alban was immediately taken aback.

“T, then, it’s alright! Please stay at my home until you’ve mended your heart!”

“Thank you, I’m indeed in pain.”

I truly wanted Lumiere to witness that—the use of a woman’s tears.

Rufus tugged my clothes from behind once again, but I pretended to not notice. I hoped that he’d grow into a gentleman who wouldn’t be deceived by the tears of such women. I shall be looking after him from above.

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