The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

7. I’ll Have my Cute Little Brother Travel (3)

Afterwards, in the fluffy bed of another person’s house, I closed my eyes.

I was truly tired that day. It was my first time recommending someone that vehemently—and honestly, I didn’t think it suited me.

“Are you going to continue tomorrow?”

“Oh my, did you read my mind or something?”

“I’m still a god.”

“Fufu, well, you’re correct.”

In the fluffy world of dreams, I bowed to the pure white god.

“It seems that my parents were also taken care of by the church. Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for taking care of my whole family. Thank you.”

“…Then, can’t you enjoy your days a little bit?”

Towards the unexpected reply, I lifted my face. God had a truly awkward expression.

…As for his previous line, I couldn’t say that I fathomed it.

“As I mentioned the other day, I’m having fun every day?”

“But, didn’t you say that you aren’t good at making promotions?”

“Except, making new discoveries and obtaining new experiences for the first time in these few tens of days I have left—that still counts as happiness.”

“…Does that include barging into your brother’s room with an ax?”

“That was my first time ever doing that! My hands wouldn’t stop shaking!”

“Wasn’t that simply because the ax was heavy!?”

God retorted, then lowered his shoulders with a sigh. …I sincerely thought that it was rude to sigh like that. When I puffed my cheeks a bit, god looked at me from the side.

“…Your younger brother, do you want to do that much for him?”

“I’m going to do something about my house. But for the time being, there’s no loss in giving him the ability to live alone. Moreover, since there’s a high possibility that my family will fall into ruin, I think he should have a path for becoming independent.”

Moreover, I had chosen a former aristocrat to be his tutor. The bonds of nobility were understandable.

“—Since he’s the former son of the Alban Family, if you meet the current head now, it’ll serve as insurance in the event of an emergency?”

“That’s true. If my brother is going to be sold either way, it should be with grace. He should at least be taken care as the servant of the Alban Family. …Hmm, did you read my mind again? How shameless.”

“That’s not the case—!?”

I purposefully complained, making the god retort once again.

What a wonderful god, teasing him is so much fun!

Once again, the god sighed.

“Alright fine… I understand… It seems that I will need to take care of you.”

“Oh my, did I cause you any inconveniences?”

When I tilted my head, the god glared at me.

…It seemed that our conversation had been concluded for the day.

“Then, good night.”

“Okay, okay, good night.”

Oh, dear.

I felt that god had become more difficult these days.

Either way, it was nice because I was comfortable with him.

The next day, my push sale activity continued.

Early in the morning—…

…It seems that Ms. Lumiere is still sleeping, so I won’t be able hear her impressions of the books. Apparently, she read until dawn. Good.

Thus, I went to the atelier with Rufus. His master (planned) stared alternately between us with a fed-up expression.

Oi, show me.”


“Not ‘huh’, show me the picture you drew. You’re old enough, already. Why are you still hiding behind your older sister?”

That’s justifiable.

It might be more worthwhile if the person in question was the one who did it. As such, I handed over the painting to Rufus. Then, Rufus gave it to his master (planned) with his own hands.



His master (planned), who was as unfriendly as ever, looked over the picture while caressing his fine beard. Rufus mumbled beside me, “As I thought, it’s impossible…”

“…Young fellow, when do you want to enter?”


“Not ‘huh’, if you don’t stop with your young master attitude, you won’t survive in this world. Of course, if you want to stay that way, you can hold your sister’s hand as you go home. Choose whichever makes you happier!”

“B, but, is, it truly alright…?”

“Fix that habit of replying foolishly right now! If you are told something, the answer should be ‘Yes!’, I won’t accept any other reply—do you understand!?”

“Y, yes!”

“Once again!”


In response to Rufus’ shout, his master (official) snorted.

As I held my chest in relief, the master asked me.

“But, are you sure about this? Is your place alright with this arrangement?”

Oh, my.

Did he decide to agree despite knowing Rufus was the Duke of Elcage’s heir? It seemed that he’d be a more wonderful master than I imagined.

Naturally, I’d respond to that kindness with utmost courtesy.

“Of course. The child has already been entrusted to your services. Please feel free to use him from this moment onwards.”

“Stop bowing like that.”

“How rude.”

When I returned to my usual posture, the master sighed.

“Well, I’ll take care of this one. However, once he becomes a hot seller, I can’t promise I will return him to you.”

Then, the master pushed Rufus’ back. As they entered the atelier, I raised one final question.

“Uhm! Why did you decide to take a look at my brother’s painting today?”


The master scratched his head awkwardly. Even so, he answered.

“…I had a dream. A man who looked like a god made me do it. Dammit… as if I can get rid of him after seeing that. For even a god to take his side—what a mad lad.”

Dream…? God…?

The god’s words from last night resurfaced within my mind.

“It seems that I will need to take care of you.”

Involuntarily, I laughed.

“Fufu, I’m honored.”

“I’m not praising you!”

The master turned his back.

I waved to Rufus who glanced back at me.

“Good luck!”

“Yes! Thank you, older sister!”

Towards my little brother, who was advancing towards his dream, did I manage to properly send him off with a smile?

—Only 64 days remained for me.

…Thus, I was sure that was our farewell for this life.

Wringing out tears was a noble lady’s expertise. So was suppressing them.

Alone, I turned on my heels with a smile on my face.

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