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8. Isn’t Misunderstanding Wrong?

Afterwards, I went to see Baron Alban again and thanked him for the help.

Then, I amiably entered the carriage with his cautious daughter. The sadder I felt, the more enjoyable it felt to go to school. Also, Lumiere was such a good friend. She had read the book I recommended overnight. I was happy to hear her answers to my questions about the contents of the book.

When I got off the carriage in front of the school gate, there was a person enthusiastically waiting for her. Paying no heed to the coachman, he went straight to her.

“Lord Sazanjill!”

Oh, my. It was an embrace. An embrace had taken place. From the start of the morning, they are passionate with one another, I see.

No matter how I looked at it, that was a hug, right? They were casually displaying their intimacy in public… I felt like a speck of dust. No, I was a speck of dust to them, right?

I wanted to pass off as air and pass by them unnoticed—unfortunately, my gaze met with the other party.

As such, I had no choice but to smile and bow.

His Highness Sazanjill gently separated himself from Lumiere and greeted me.


“Good morning to you, Your Highness.”

“…Good morning. Have you been with Lady Lumiere since morning?”

Oh, my, Ms. Lumiere, why are you staring at me so tearfully? I won’t bite, you know.

I smiled bitterly and responded to His Highness.

“Yes, I stayed at her place last night. It seems that her health has improved… Afterwards, I recommended some books to her. Being able to discuss them on our commuting to the academy was entertaining.”

“…‘entertaining,’ you say.”

Your Highness, why are you staring at me so begrudgingly?

Is he annoyed at being left out?

…That couldn’t be. His expression was too intense for merely that to be the cause.

“…I’ll ask you once again, is there nothing wrong?”

“None. Thanks to you, every day has been fulfilling.”

“…That’s good. Let’s go, Lumiere.”

“O, okay!”

Prompted by His Highness, Lumiere hurriedly followed him.

Seeing off his serious, unfriendly, back, I exhaled a little.

—Yesterday, His Highness had inquired of me;

“Is something wrong?”

—Were I to answer, “I’m saddened by your affair,” would he be troubled?

Being honest, that was my only one problem.

Truly, what a sinful lord you are.

“This morning’s romantic play, I saw it.”


Had such a love-hate drama occurred?

That day, I was having lunch with His Highness’ younger brother—His Highness Zafield, who oversaw my sword practice. While leaning on against the wall of the flowerbed, he smiled bitterly.

“…Weren’t you having a problem with my older brother? As always, nothing is going well.”

“…Certainly, we haven’t talked a lot these days.”

I was the one who declined the offer.

As I answered so, I got reprimanded—

“—The tip of your sword is shaking!”

He continued.

“C’mon, concentrate. Even if they are just practice swings, you’re wielding an actual weapon. You’ll get hurt.”


But you’re the one who talked to me. How unreasonable.

Well, what he said was understandable.

Zafield had suggested I use a wooden sword to avoid getting injured.

The problem was… I didn’t have time.

Even if it was a bit unreasonable, wouldn’t it better for me to get accustomed to the real thing?

Thus, I stopped swinging and complained.

“Then, don’t talk to me about unnecessary things! You’re distracting me!”

“When the time comes, will you know what kind of obstacles will come flying at you?”

“…That’s true.”

 I had undeniably acted immaturely. A distraction of that level was enough to interrupt my focus.

Even so, when he saw how unconvinced I was, Zafield stood up.

“Hey, Lelouche, why don’t you file a formal complaint against my brother?”

“…A complaint?”

Zafield came straight up to me. His eyes were sapphire blue, the same as my unreachable fiancée’s. Those eyes, which were bluer than the sky, were looking at me seriously.

“…Things don’t have to stay this way forever. You deserve better. You can talk to your father. If it’s difficult, I can talk to him in your stead if need. Above all, he hates unreasonableness, so I don’t think it’ll go badly for you.”

“…I’m not forcing myself or anything.”

“That’s a lie.”

Although I told the truth, Zafield dismissed my words.

Even though it was the truth—

—it was the truth, but I felt that he was also dismissing my efforts in educating Lumiere and taking up the sword.

Certainly, getting someone to understand without bringing up the god’s revelation and my life expectancy would be difficult to.

Therefore, I held the sword once again.

“I can think for myself. If you don’t like it, I’ll ask someone else to train me. You don’t have to waste your time on me.”

“Don’t get angry. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not angry.”

I started swinging my sword. Zafield, who desperately put his hands together, looked a bit comical. I was secretly amused by his reaction.

“I’m back.”

Later, I went home after spending some time with Lumiere. As expected, I returned late that day. Since it was already dark, it should be time for dinner.



As soon as I went through the front door, my mother, with a depressed look, jumped at me. My mother was a tall woman with lavishly adorned black hair. Even though she should be entering her forties, she looked youthful.

It seemed that the former ‘Foreign Beauty’ was touted as the ‘Beauty Witch’—probably because of her uncommon black hair.

That mother was currently clinging and crying to me.

“Lelouche… I’m glad, you came back!”

“I have. Did Baron Alban contact you?”

Last night, I convinced the baron through waterworks.

Although I managed to convince him, I honestly believed he’d secretly inform my family. Then, once my father officially complained, I’d have no choice but to return home.

His beloved daughter, Lumiere, seemed to lack that common sense. But I didn’t think the baron himself wasn’t aware of that. On top of that, he must had been thinking of me.

…I had found someone I could trust.

Resolving myself, I assured my mother.

“I’m sorry for having worried you. I was staying at Baron Alban’s house with Rufus. Please don’t blame the baron. I forced him to not contact you.”

“Is that so…?”

My mother, who had a snotty nose, was terribly young. She looked like Lumiere. When I thought that… I became even more baffled about Sazanjill’s feelings. My mother and father had always been close with each other.

My father fell in love with my mother, who was a ‘Foreign Beauty’, and desperately pursued her. Furthermore, while my mother was the third daughter, it was still an affair with the duke of a foreign kingdom. My father’s old friend, the king, couldn’t help but be amazed at how my father smashed through all those dozens of high walls with passion.

In the end, the present king took off his hat. He made my mother’s kingdom look good by naming her the ‘Beautiful Princess of the Foreign Kingdom.’ Thanks to that, the couple were successfully married and were now the legendary flirtatious couple.

That was the reason I was engaged to Prince Sazanjill…

…Really, with that kind of king around, I couldn’t get careless.

As I thought about that, I kept patting my mother on the back.

“What about Rufus…?”

…Time to slowly exhale.

I didn’t have time to dilly-dally. There was still a lot of work left.

What I was going to do now—it’d be more difficult than merely dealing with Rufus.

I spoke to her with a serious expression.

“I have to report to father about that.”

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