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9. Isn’t Misunderstanding Wrong? (2)

When my father struck the table, the tableware on top of it rattled.

“Rufus left—!?”

“Yes, I truly apologize for doing something utterly selfish.”

I had assisted my little brother in running away from home…

…In fact, I was the one who urged him to do so.

Regardless of anything, what I did was bad.

Thus, I put down my cutlery and bowed my head. My father, who sat across from me, let out a great sigh. Next to him, my mother was weeping.

Well, their reactions were to be expected.

I straightforwardly told them that it was what Rufus wanted, and that I had also entrusted him to the most credible artist. I had decided that it’d be better than keeping him here.

Then, my father asked me.

“…Why didn’t you talk to us even once?”

“Wouldn’t you have just turn it down?”


My father wavered. While wiping his sweaty scalp with a handkerchief, he sighed, “Haa…”

If you wipe it roughly like that, your head will become even glossier…

However, my father, who tucked the handkerchief within his breast pocket, didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. Then, he put his hands together on the table.

“What are you going to do about the next successor? Is Lelouche planning to take over?”

“No, as it is, it’ll be proven more beneficial for me to marry into the royal family.”

In the Kingdom of Lapisenta, the successor of the family didn’t have to be male. Of course, most of the heads were male. But, some of the emerging aristocrat families these days were inherited by girls. In houses that focused on women’s commerce, there were cases where women had succeeded the family. Just like male heads, female heads also had a penchant for business.

The Elcage Family was a traditional aristocratic family. Its descendants were in charge of governing the academic territory near the royal capital. As long as they weren’t some knightly duties, it wasn’t like a woman weren’t up to the task, but…

…I was unsuitable to be the next successor.

Needless to say, for someone with only had a few dozens of days remaining in that world to succeed the family would be outrageous.

Aside from the latter, my father also wasn’t a fool who didn’t know the obligations of the family head. It was quite a complicated role, one that Rufus wasn’t suited for.

“If so, should we adopt someone? It isn’t an impossible thing to do, but…”

For a long time, the Elcage Family hadn’t been given the rank of ‘Duke’. My uncle had a cousin, while my aunt had three brothers. If I recalled correctly, the third son was unmarried. Father’s direct lineage was good… but we were facing the possibility of ruin. As such, I wanted my father to understand. I wouldn’t do anything that would cause him to go bald with worries.


As I apologized in my heart, I made a proposition to my father.

“Why don’t you create a new existence that you can love in Rufus’ stead?”

“Oh, dear!”

It wasn’t always a good idea to substitute love for something else. It depended on the timing and situation. However, since both father and mother took good care of their health, I was sure it was a good proposal.

But why is my mother bright red?

“B, but, we’re already old… my husband, what do you think?”

“That’s right… recently, my legs have been weakening…”

Certainly, neither my father nor mother could be considered young. Since they were in mid-forties, they might have physical problems that no teenager like me had.

…Regardless, one mustn’t succumb to hesitation!

“Then, how about training!? Recently, I’ve begun training myself! After all, it’s good to sweat!”


Oh dear, my father seems stubborn…

As I thought, I wanted my father, a gentleman, to actively work on it…

…Then, I’d have no choice but to begin!

“I’ll also look for medicines that are good for nourishment. May I order them next time?”

“W, why do you insist on pursuing this matter…?”

“Shouldn’t it be obvious!? Let’s do our best together! If we work together, I’m sure we’ll succeed!”


The two were astonished by my determination.

Hmm… am I acting out of the character?

As expected, I had never been so adamant with them before.

…Nevertheless, it wasn’t like I had time to persuade them slowly.

“…Is it no good?”

…I never thought I’d use it against my parents, but—

I moistened both of my eyes, and stared intently at them.

…After gulping, the two of them finally relented.

“Well… if Lelouche insists that much… I should try my best?”

“W, well, my, Lelouche! How you have matured!”

‘My, my!’—while saying so, my mother kept hitting my father’s shoulder.

It seemed that the two of them had become closer.

…Also, under the table, it had become rather fussy—

what are they doing?

Anyway, my strategy seemed to have progressed smoothly.

“Then, let’s do our best starting from tomorrow!”

I smiled wholeheartedly while the two of them still seemed reluctant.


“You’re a truly sinful person, do you know that?”

“Oh, my, is this about His Highness?”

“No, it’s about your cruelty in general.”

“Well, I’m a villainess, aren’t I?”

Truth to be told, I was reluctant to accept it.

But, since the person who said it was a god, there might be some semblance of truth…

In my dream, the god was as harsh as always.

No matter how good-looking you are, you won’t be popular like this, y’know?

Then, I proceeded to ask him.

“Was god also a god in his previous life?”

“What do you mean?”

“I wonder if since it’s god, he’d be popular.”


In the first place, the concept of being ‘popular’ was a modern thing. Therefore, given the noble characteristic of god, it might be reasonable for him to become confused.

Yet, the answer he reached as he touched his chin was surprisingly sincere.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have much memory of being favored by the opposite sex. It isn’t something I prefer to talk about. …I, don’t recall having a comfortable life. Unlike what most think, my previous life was nothing remarkable.”

“…I see, I’m sorry for my uncouth question.”

“No, you don’t have to apologize, what I’m saying is—”

God suddenly stopped talking. When I stared at him, he averted his gaze. While hiding his mouth with one hand, he started mumbling.

“I see, so that’s how it is… but, for real?”

Oh, my.

For even a god to use the slang, ‘for real’…

In that case, should I start speaking informally as well?

But my parents would become even more suspicious of me…

Since I was already aware of my life expectancy, I didn’t want to give them even more sad memories.

At the same time, I didn’t want to spend the remainder of my life being cared for.


if I could, I wanted everyone’s memories of me to be a happy one, ones where I was smiling.


“What’s the matter? Why did you suddenly laugh?”

“…So, at times like this, you refrained from reading one’s mind.”

“Didn’t you tell me not to?”

Oh, my, is he being considerate? How kind…

I also wondered what I was struggling with. In the end, I decided to not bother.

“…I just thought that I’d do my best tomorrow.”

“I think that as it is, you’re doing fine.”

“I beg to differ.”

That night, in the pure white world, I laughed.

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