The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 9]

Chapter Nine: The Sadistic Prince Won’t Let the Trapped Former Villainess Go

“Can’t you put up with it any longer?”

Anna was clinging onto my arm, holding back her tears, and pretending as though she could still hold on…

However, she was already feeling convulsions in her lower abdomen, reaching into her legs.

When I whispered, she trembled with fear.

“I’ll have to punish you again today.”

Anna looked up with her moist eyes, asking for forgiveness.

This further stimulated my greed… Anna didn’t understand how irresistible she looked.

Anna really seemed afraid of the aphrodisiacs, so I knew none of it was mere acting.

Anna, who was frightened by, yet still clung to me, appeared unbearably stupid and cute.

To me, it was better not to refuseresistaccept with pleasure, but to be afraidashamed, and obedient.

Anna didn’t really hate it from the bottom of her heart, but she felt confused and frightened by her delicate body… That made me happy.

…She really was worth bullying.

Anna’s face didn’t show any signs of giving up; her head did not fall in shame once.

Still, her body proved to be more obscene than any other woman I’d ever known.

Who thought of putting an innocent soul like Anna in Annelier’s lewd body?

Was it a coincidence or a custom-made just for me?

Was she trying to drown me?

I’ve never been drowned in any woman before, but I’ll admit… I’m drowning in Anna.

I don’t just want to oppress her obscenely, but I want to commit to this girl.

I hope that she’ll be committed to me in turn, falling into the pleasure I gave.

Although I’m aware that it’s better not to fall, I still yearn to.

I want to commit a crime and ruin you with my body.

You can just fall for me and conceive my child.

“Or are you doing it on purpose to be punished?”

“I’m… Not.”

The childish gesture of shaking one’s head looked cute on her…

“You don’t have to hide it,”

I want to make her cry through it all.

“I’ll increase the aphrodisiac dosage today.”


Anna was good now, so it’s not in my intention to destroy her.

But the picture of Anna laying down as she is driven wild by the aphrodisiac – was a step past being irresistible.

I want to be that aphrodisiac.

The shame you would feel after you come to your senses would be good.

The lewder you are while indulging in pleasure with the aphrodisiac, the better.

And if it were because of me that you’d become lewd, it would be worth all the more.

I needed to use it carefully enough for Anna, who was highly affected by the aphrodisiac, to keep her memory alive after the had moment passed.

Still, I wanted to use it more, so I decided to get Anna used to aphrodisiacs.

I let her do tasks that I knew for sure she couldn’t do right and gradually increased the number of aphrodisiacs under the pretext of giving her punishment.

Once she gets used to it and develops a resistance, I’d be able to enjoy her stupor for a longer time. I can further increase the number of times we could do this.

Until then, Anna, frightened by the aphrodisiac-addled punishments, can likewise enjoy it as much as I could right now.

“Are you sure you don’t actually like it?”


I grabbed the ornament on Anna’s chest as she was dancing naked.

She gave a sharp, stiff response that confirmed Anna’s endurance over her body that was vulnerable to pleasure. She was such a mess that I wanted to mess her up even more.

“Do you actually like the aphrodisiac?”


“I should heighten your punishment for having been lied to.”

“Oh, that’s…”

“If you were to have liked the aphrodisiacs, then they wouldn’t be used as punishment. However, since you don’t like them, then they’re your punishment.”


Anna, with her moistened eyes, clung to me.

She didn’t seem to have realized that my words contradict each other, and I further thought that such foolishness was cute.

This was the first time I’ve ever felt this way about a woman, so I figured I was already drowning in Anna.

Taking advantage of Anna’s ignorance of my inconsistencies, I carried her straight to bed.

The punishment had already been scheduled in advance, so I had the tools prepared sooner.

Today’s were handcuffs, foot shackles, and a support rod to prevent her legs from closing.

I removed the key from the chastity belt, pulled out the tension mold, and then placed her in cuffs and shackles.

After putting a support rod between her legs that kept them open, I directed a command to Anna.

“Get on all fours.”

Anna seemed to like to be talked down on from behind, so I often made her crawl on all fours.

Anna wouldn’t… She couldn’t disobey my orders.

She would obey me even if she protested and was against what I wanted.

I don’t think she’s realized that her disdain stimulated my greed more when compared to if she was simply obedient.

While looking at Anna, who was scared out of her mind, I widened her hole and poured the aphrodisiac into her honeyed mouth.

It was a little more than yesterday’s, but it’s still far less than the original quantity I used initially.

There were still many ways Anna was easy to work with.

“It’s a double punishment today, so I’ll add some more aphrodisiacs on the way.”

“No, don’t…”

“No. I can’t spoil the person who is pretending to be Annelier.”

Anna moaned and laid her head down on the bed.

The image of her buttocks raising slightly every so often was intriguingly lewd.

“I’ll see how obscene you really are. Tell me when you can no longer stand it.”

I stroked her cheek as I looked at Anna’s second mouth, overflowing with wistful honey.

It’s been a month and a half since Annelier became Anna.

I didn’t particularly dislike Annelier, but now I don’t want Anna to go back to being Annelier.

–I suddenly recalled the news of Annelier’s downfall.