The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 11]

Chapter Eleven: Reality is Stranger than Otome Games (Part 1)

Prince Reinhardt’s training had ultimately become routine for me.

I also got pregnant.

…Or should I say I am pregnant?

Yes. Since I’ve woken up in Annelier’s body, not a single monthly visit came. The old doctor said, “Isn’t it because you’re still recovering from the poison?”

When I noticed, the pregnancy was already almost four months through.

I didn’t notice until that point because the morning sickness was mainly non-existent. There was also the fact that I was being overwhelmed by Prince Reinhardt every day; being sluggish became normal.

My recovery was slow, and besides my requests, the old doctor warned Prince Reinhardt to do it in moderation, but it hasn’t really been very moderate…

On top of that, I didn’t notice any symptoms besides the lack of monthly visits. Hence, I didn’t rush into getting medically examined.

There weren’t any pregnancy sticks or anything in this world, so…

It seemed like if there were still no noticeable symptoms in this world, the slow discovery of pregnancies was relatively common.

Once my stomach started to get a little bigger, only then did I notice.

Being that I was the crown princess, letting the pregnancy be overlooked this far was unprecedented, so the people around me were in a great rush when it was discovered.

Not to mention not recovering, Annelier’s body was even more arduous than I imagined!

That made the baby in my stomach more challenging!

Thankfully, despite the brutal acts of the daily lewd training, though calling it assault was a more fitting word — it managed to survive the early stages of pregnancy.

…When I found out, I was shocked at the reality that I was already at a stable period.

More or less, even in this world, people tend to refrain from sexual activities until you enter the stable period, so once we found out I was pregnant, Prince Reinhardt also didn’t offer any sessions.

Sessions are… You know.


“Anna. Undress.”


Right. About the sessions

The training was still being continued.

Since the sessions have stopped, my training has taken a change of course…

I squirmed out of my pajamas, making them fall to the floor. Afterwards, I was beckoned by Prince Reinhardt.

“Come here. I’ll put it on you.”

I approached Prince Reinhardt. He then wrapped a leather collar around my neck.

Yes, I’ve had a collar put on me like a dog…

This kind of play wasn’t in the original game, though!?

Indeed! If he only puts a collar on me, it won’t be a burden on my body…!

It goes without saying that it wasn’t enjoyable… Since I was completely naked aside from the collar.

Prince Reinhardt lightly pulled on the thin chain attached to the collar.

“Get on the bed.”

Of course, it didn’t end with just this.

“Crawl on all fours and hold it in your mouth.”


It’s also worth mentioning that my pregnancy still hasn’t been officially announced.

The declaration will come once I’m past halfway through the stable period and could no longer deceive people based on appearance.

If there were to be a miscarriage after it was announced, then it would be premature joy. It seemed to be a custom and was aimed to avoid conflict with the other rival houses, among various reasons.

Until then, the husband likewise wouldn’t change any of his behavioral patterns.

For Prince Reinhardt, that meant things should be like before; he would still train me every day.

For that reason, even after realizing the pregnancy… We’re continuing with a type of training that wouldn’t cause much of a burden on my body.

That was as precise as putting on a collar and servicing him with my mouth.

I’m training in fellatio.

I don’t know how Annelier was, but I had no experience. I was terrible at it, but it felt like I’d already gotten a lot better than when we started.

Prince Reinhardt was sitting on the bed with his thing fundamentally pointing up as if in preparation for war as I put the tip in my mouth.

I peeked at Prince Reinhardt, wondering if what I was doing was alright, and he gently stroked my hair to reassure me that I was.

Prince Reinhardt was happy about the pregnancy… I think.

Back then, he said, “Well done,” as he caressed my head, so…

If Prince Reinhardt was happy, then I was also pleased.

Yeah! The petting wasn’t because I was being treated like a dog!

…I think!

I engulfed his length with all the effort I could muster.

The whole thing simply couldn’t fit, so I just massaged the base with my hand.

I occasionally licked his frenulum and sucked the tip.

Prince Reinhardt seemed to like kissing and smacking sounds, so I made them on purpose.



Prince Reinhardt oozed a sexy breath as he suddenly clutched my head.

He shoved the entirety of his cock into my mouth as he came down my throat.

I did my best to drink it all.

It tasted so complex that it made me gag… I don’t think I’d ever get used to it, but Prince Reinhardt said, “Drink it.

I persisted and swallowed all of it. With teary eyes, I looked at Prince Reinhardt.

“Very well… You did well.”

After that compliment, Prince Reinhardt smiled and petted me some more.

This made me happy, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was being trained…

I’m aware that if I angered Prince Reinhardt, then he’d be scarier… So it’s better to be happy that he was delighted than to obey begrudgingly.

I think…? But who knows…

It would be nice if it ended with this, but Prince Reinhardt didn’t ever stop after one time.

My thoughts of Prince Reinhardt looking plain as portrayed in the game were a thing of the past.

The real Prince Reinhardt was incomparable.

Maybe it’s finally starting to steer in the direction of being an 18+ otome game…?

Even though there was no meaning in having it in the game, like how Annelier actually had excessively lewd qualities, were there those kinds of settings pointlessly put in?

“Alright, do you know what comes next?”

It’s mouth service round two.

Prince Reinhardt, who was previously sitting, was now lying down.

I slowly crawled up to him and got closer.

Servicing him was okay.

It wasn’t ideal, but I didn’t hate it.

The second round, though…

“What is it?”

Prince Reinhardt smiled while watching me as I moved slowly, clearly abashed.

Prince Reinhardt certainly understood that I was feeling flustered.

I think this was meant for me to be embarrassed in the place.

But if I said I didn’t want to do this, I’m not sure what kind of punishment I would get, so I just have to do it.

It wasn’t because Prince Reinhardt displayed any kind of violence, but because his punishments were more disturbing!

That’s the only thing I can say confidently!

I gave in again today and straddled Prince Reinhardt’s abdomen.

I positioned myself in a way that Prince Reinhardt could see my every move. He was so energetic down there that one wouldn’t know that he already came once before.

As I was straddling Prince Reinhardt’s surprisingly hardy stomach, my legs were pretty much open.

In previous sessions and training, I was too busy being educated and vigorously punished by Prince Reinhardt; it was only recently that I could calmly observe him naked. Seriously!? When does he even work out?

In the day, maybe…?

You keep on exerting yourself this much at night, but you’re still lively enough to exercise the next day, Prince Reinhardt?

Nevermind…! When Prince Reinhardt worked out it didn’t matter!

The problem was that Prince Reinhardt had a surprising amount of muscle. His abdomen was so broad that my legs were very open. Too open.

This was for service round two; like that, I bent forward and put it in my mouth.

With that, I was in the position of being on all fours with my legs wide open.

In other words, I’m in a position that showed off that area to Prince Reinhardt. With that, it can be thoroughly appreciated.

Of course, just normal ogling would be inexcusable.

“You’re quite lewd today.”


“Just from licking me, you’re already this wet.”


Prince Reinhardt put his finger slightly into my wanton hole, making a slight wet sound.

It let me know that I’ve indeed become wet despite him not touching me yet.

And just by being lightly fingered at the entrance, I already trembled and twitched. It went as far as he could tell that I was slightly cumming… 

“You really climax too easily… Even though I still have only touched the entrance.”

Too lewd! This body was too terrible…!

“Cumming’s fine, but you can’t forget your mouth’s duties.”


Once I stopped cumming, I continued moving my tongue.



Prince Reinhardt mercilessly peeled back the skin and teased my clitoris.

“Nnn! Ngh!”

I was stuck on the brink of cumming!

Cumming as he licked me was impossible!

“Didn’t I say you aren’t allowed to rest your mouth? I’ve been lenient so far, but if you stop your tongue, there will be punishment today.”


Once the word punishment left Prince Reinhardt’s mouth, I panicked.

Punishment signified stuff like continuous cumming or losing my mind in ecstasy over aphrodisiacs… It was like torture through pleasure.

Feeling too good and almost going crazy.

might actually be crazy.

I think Prince Reinhardt always knew when I was on the verge of going crazy with pleasure… It would be bad for my belly, but Prince Reinhardt would probably have no problem keeping me cumming without being rough.

While shaking and thinking about what to do, I inadvertently went back to neglecting the fellatio.

“Hey. You stopped again… Is it on purpose because you want punishment? Bad girl.”


I shook my head without my mouth letting go of it.

“Alright. Punishment.”

He pushed me over.

It popped out of my mouth, and I fell to the ground by Prince Reinhardt’s feet.

“Prince… Prince Reinhardt!”

I got up, noticeably shaking from panic. I looked up at the now standing Prince Reinhardt.

Prince Reinhardt was getting off the bed.

I kind of knew that today would turn out like this… Because the box carrying the collar had another box beside it!

On the bedside table was a big, strange box made out of some metal-like material.

As I was scared out of my mind, I dared not look at the contents…

Prince Reinhardt, as expected, opened the box.

“Your pregnancy hasn’t been announced yet, but upon being asked, I said we are intimate. An old school friend brought me something that I thought might be important eventually. I’m under the impression that my friend had raised and trained it. One that is not wild but has been raised this far is very rare.”

Prince Reinhardt opened the box and tilted it to show me what was inside… I was shocked.

No way… That…

But I’m not on that route!

Why was it here… That…

The sadomasochistic Prince Reinhardt route wasn’t the tentacle route!?

Why was that tentacle slime…!