The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 12]

Chapter Twelve: Reality is Stranger than Otome Games (Part 2)

This world was very similar to the world I knew in 18+ otome games.

Otome games usually have seven targetable characters and hidden ones, and there were likewise orthodox routes and particular tastes.

The Prince Reinhardt route was commonly called the sadomasochist route, and it’s a particular taste-targeting route.

As the players understand his taste and personality, it would become apparent that Prince Reinhardt really wasn’t the main hero.

The main hero was the met and fell in love when you were younger type of orthodox scenario. He’s the eloquent, doting, and obsessive duke’s son.

He was Annelier’s childhood friend, despite her still being the villainess. I was already in the inner palace when I woke up, so I hadn’t had the chance to meet him. I didn’t have Annelier’s memories, so I had no idea if he really was eloquent or not.

The matter at hand was one of the three particular taste routes, an elf’s magic instructor-targeted scenario called the Tentacle Route…

Tentacle. Route.

It solidified its position as 18+ because of the creators who lost their minds and enacted tentacles in an otome game! Setting that topic aside, it’s the most fantasy scenario with an adventure and a quest.

Compared to the other routes, there were enemies the player didn’t meet and instead had RPG-like minigames to defeat enemies.

The love events came from whether the player wins or loses those minigames.

The trap in that scenario was that the player couldn’t reach the actual ending if they kept winning minigames.

If the player loses once, the event won’t happen…

An event where you get saved after being attacked and violated by a tentacle slime, a low-level monster that can’t kill people.

tentacle slime, as the name says, was a slime that can exert a tentacle.

People generally use tentacle slime’s gel for contraception, so they can sell them for a reasonably high price if one managed to hunt them.

However, tentacle slimes liked women’s fluids and discharge.

So if you lose, you’re attacked.

In that event, the player’s hymen remained safe. Still, they’re violated by a thin tentacle and be made to witness the embarrassing situation of being secretly satisfied from having all bodily fluids slurped.

Once that tentacle slime event was flagged, forced events like plant-type tentacles and aquatic-type tentacles attacking the player occurred. After the I can’t believe this is an otome game insane event have passed. The player reaches the actual end. The quest to play with tentacle slimes raised and trained by the actual target was waiting.

A regular tentacle slime can only use one human penis-shaped tentacle, but the actual ending tentacle slime was gigantic and had three thick tentacles…

The tentacles have tips in that shape. It penetrates two holes on top of a double penetration to violate the heroine. The quest and the performance, so to speak, were meant for a surprising climax.

The writer who wrote that and the producers who gave the green light were probably drained… I think?

That insane scenario was only for that target.

In Prince Reinhardt’s route, there were supposedly no tentacles nor anything.

Even though there shouldn’t be one…

Why was there a tentacle slime here!?

Prince Reinhardt said, “A friend brought it.

He said, “A friend raised and trained it.

Were you friends with that elf’s teacher, Prince Reinhardt…!?

I didn’t know.

The game didn’t say anything about that!

“It seems like you know something about this.”

“It’s a… Slime…?”

“That’s right. Common people use small ones, and nobles sometimes keep ones about half this size.”

“Huh? Nobles keep this kind of thing?”

“You didn’t know?”

Prince Reinhardt showed a slightly surprised expression.

“Your knowledge is sometimes imbalanced. Do you know what they are used for?”

I gulped, swallowing the saliva that built up over the suspense.

“It’s… Used as a contraceptive, right?”

“It’s also used for that, but is that all you know?”

What else was it used for?

It’s not for masochistic training… Right?

“They haven’t been in the palace because, as of now, I supposedly don’t have a child. Hence, I wouldn’t use contraceptives in sexual acts. I assumed they would consider me irresponsible to use it so selfishly. This thing’s gel makes a membrane inside a woman’s womb, so if you use it before intercourse, it can be a contraceptive. That membrane is strong and has magic, so it can also be used to protect a pregnant woman’s womb during intercourse. It’s effective even in small amounts, so I hear common people use it, too.”

With a pregnant woman…

The game didn’t even say a word about that!?

Was it because it wasn’t necessary?

That pregnant woman rape type of thing wasn’t in the otome game category!

The reality was stranger than the stories… No, stranger than any otome game I’ve known.

“Uhhh… Uhm. I’m still…”

“The doctor has approved. He thinks it’s about time.”

That old doctor…!

I wish you’d let me know before you’d told Prince Reinhardt…!

“The doctor also told me that it’s fine without using it, but I was still thinking of ordering one just to be safe. Fortunately, I was given one.”

My mouth was parched, but I still managed a gulp.

What did I swallow? Maybe air…?

The one that filled the box was bigger than the wild tentacle slime I saw in the event picture.

Maybe because it was raised…? I think…?

The ending’s tentacle slime was more oversized, but… That might have been an exaggeration…

It’s not as big as the picture, so maybe it won’t have three tentacles…?

It would be nice if it didn’t…

“You should be relieved. It will prevent your womb from being damaged.”


…Words were about to leave my throat, but I learned saying anything unnecessary was the same as digging my own grave, so I somehow swallowed it.

Words led to disaster.

Words always led to disaster.

“Alright, let us start. Open your legs. In whatever position you prefer is fine.”

“Prince… Prince Reiiinhardt…”

The slime was scary.

I did believe that words led to disaster… Remaining silent was golden. However, my silent obedience soon turned to regret…

I only had memories of this world after I woke up here – that’s not even half of a year.

When I woke up in Annelier’s body, I was already Prince Reinhardt’s princess, so my world was only within the castle.

Despite that being the case, I still didn’t know everything.

It’s safe to say that 95% of my knowledge was confined to my room.

As a modern-day Japanese person, the hurdle of such a strange slime creature was too high…!

However, it’s been ingrained in me that I can’t oppose Prince Reinhardt. So even though I thought it was scary, and even though I know I’d regret it, I’m still spreading my legs on the bed.

The gooey slime was set on my open legs…!


“Don’t stress. It’s bad for your womb.”

Even if you said that…

It’s because it’s moving weirdly…

“Because I’m scar…”

“There’s nothing to fear.”

Prince Reinhardt rubbed my stomach to calm me down.

“This thing doesn’t have the strength to hurt a human.”

“Yes… But…”

I couldn’t stop tearing up.

“It’s alright.”

Prince Reinhardt rubbed my cheek to try and calm me down again.

It was scary, so perhaps it was good that I couldn’t see the slime on my lower body…

The tentacle slime seemed to have extended a tentacle without me realizing it.

“Hie! Ahhh!”

I felt the slimy thing wiggle into me so much that it made me scream.

Not quite like water, but a remarkable thing slithered deep inside me.

It wasn’t as wide as Prince Reinhardt’s thing, and I didn’t really feel any pressure, but…

It was still a tentacle…!

“Ngh! Agh!”

It violated me as it wiggled, twisted, and turned.

It was slippery and scary, but…

“Ah! Ah! Yaaah!”

Annelier’s body was lewd, so it fixated on the pleasure despite it coming from a tentacle…



Another one came in…!

As the second pushed its way in, the pressure made it hard to breathe…!

“Being violated by a slime… Does it feel good?”

“Ah! Ahhh…!”

Slimes were already slimy, so even with two tentacles, they were still able to wiggle smoothly.

One after the other, it kept rubbing deep inside…

It felt good…! Ngh!

“Being violated by something other than me… Making that lewd face… What a bad girl.”

Prince Reinhardt was the one violating me, though…?

However, Prince Reinhardt’s lips took over my voice of objection.

Although I blamed him, I didn’t think I could even complain to Prince Reinhardt.

“You are mine. I can’t allow only a mere slime to taste you.”

After thoroughly playing with my mouth, he grabbed my legs.


The tentacles were still inside…

“No… Nooo! A third one will break me…!”

“Do you intend to deny me?”


I shook my head at Prince Reinhardt’s slightly scary voice.

“Only… Prince Reinhardt…”

I don’t want tentacles…

“Is that so?”

After that, Prince Reinhardt’s voice became calm.


Suddenly, the two tentacles were pulled out.

With that much stimulus, I came. I twitched down to my toes as a rock-hard length came in…


It was Prince Reinhardt.

“Ngh! Ah…!”

It slid deep as if it was lightly knocking on my womb.

Prince Reinhardt was gentle today…

“Prince Rein…hardt!”

“Are you not scared anymore?”

Instead of replying, I simply clung to him.

When I woke up, Prince Reinhardt was happy.


“I had no choice other than to use the slime for your womb, but it wasn’t so bad.”

That was what he said…

“You may have been scared, but it was to protect the baby in you. Just accept it.”


Does that mean we’re doing it tonight too?

Or rather… Until it’s born…?

This wasn’t the tentacle route… Right?