The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 13]

Chapter Thirteen: Manjuukowai~ Tentacles Aren’t Made in a Day~

“Ah! Ah…! No…! Ngh!”

My name is Anna, and I’m inside the Crown Princess Annelier in the middle of a tentacle route run.

About that… Stories of soul transmigration often make you get used to your name and personality after the transmigration, but I don’t have Annelier’s memories. If no one else was around, Prince Reinhardt called me Anna, so Anna still felt like my own name.

However, I get the sense that it has lost its kanji.

Ahhh…! I know I’m avoiding reality too much.

But it’s because…

“Ah! Hnnng! Ngh!”

The slime’s tentacle violently twisted and turned as it went in and out, making all kinds of terrible lewd noises.

It’s not just my fluids; it seemed like the sounds were also coming from the slime’s gel…

I’m not using a balm today, but my butt was likewise making wet noises.

Two tentacles that seemed eager to join my backside were at my front; they kept pushing at my insides towards my butt. The lone one not only kept torturing the inside of my butt, but it was also cleaning it… Ngh!

If we’re to have anal sex, then using the slime is most convenient,” said Prince Reinhardt as he stared at my two holes being defiled by the tentacles.

“Ah! Ahhh…! Ngh!”

My butt, being ravished, felt good… Ngh!

It’s my first time having two holes attacked simultaneously… Any more than this, and I’d go crazy! Ngh!

I had something in both holes while wearing the chastity belt that didn’t move!

The only time it rubbed on me was when I moved… But the tentacle slime was different.

Even though they weren’t as big as Prince Reinhardt’s, they were still tentacles… They were long… Violently twisting and turning as they went in and out, so I just couldn’t… On top of the width being…

The tentacles made me feel too good… It was a disgustingly sweet pleasure!

What would I need to do if the other tentacles came out from the tentacle route?

In the game, there was a green, ivy-like, octopus-like monster, too.

There was an event where the player was restrained and violated by tentacles.

If that kind of thing happens…

“Ah! Yeah…! Cumming…! Ngh!”

I’ll surely cum repeatedly… Ngh.

Even now, the number of climaxes and twitching I’ve felt towards these tentacles were transcendent.

If this continues, I’ll cum constantly…

If I continued cumming this much, would the baby be okay…?

This was an 18+ otome game, so…?

Were other pregnant women really using these tentacles…?

The thin tentacle kept pulling back the skin around my clitoris. It poked at and teased it…

Being teased everywhere…

Cumming nonstop…

It was even poking my urethral opening… Ngh!

I can’t…

Anymore and… Ngh!


When I thought about wanting to give up, the tentacle suddenly pulled out of my butt.

“Cleaning is about done, it seems.”

As he held me from the back, Prince Reinhardt made me witness my debauched self with the mirror he brought earlier.

Of course, Prince Reinhardt was also looking.

I was afraid of the tentacles, but he said I needed to get used to them.

No… No! The translucent tentacles that kept defiling me were too nasty.

I could even see my insides…

I don’t want to get used to this…!

“Today, for the first time in a while, I’ll ravish your anus.”

As he pulled out the tentacle, my twitching butt hole could be seen quivering.

Prince Reinhardt lifted and lowered me down on his member.


The tentacle slime gel also served as a lubricant, so Prince Reinhardt’s length easily slid in my back hole.

This was the first time I’ve actually witnessed Prince Reinhardt entering my butt…

Of course, my front still had the two tentacles in it.

While several thin tentacles poked and teased my clitoris… Ngh!

My butt started slowly rocking back and forth as my hole swallowed Prince Reinhardt whole.

“Ah! Ahhh…! Ahn! Ahhh!”

Even though he moved slowly, I already felt that I’d cum soon!

…But didn’t I just cum?

It’s because the slime was still violating my front hole…

As to how I felt back then, two holes being entered simultaneously was not going to work out…!

“Ah! Nghhh! No! No… Ah…! More!”

Two holes at the same time were just too much, so why…!

“Cumming…! Ngh!”

The tentacle that was previously in my butt suddenly entered my front with the other two… Shloop!

It entered with resistance…!

I’m cumming…!

“Two…! Not good…! Ngh! I…! Ah…! Ngh!”

“Ah. You had two… And then mine… So now there are three. Anna’s very gluttonous.”

Prince Reinhardt whispered into my ear.

His voice was somewhat sweet.

“But it’s also nice to see you greedily taking it.”

Being violated by three at my front… It has pushed me to the point where I almost couldn’t breathe!

“What do you want to do…? How do you want to be done…? Say it, Anna.”


“Take it…”


“Three… Is… Too much…!”

I’ll break.

If I don’t, then I’ll go crazy…

I’m lewd, but this was too much…

“Take what out?”

“Tenta…cle! Ngh!”

“Is that so?”

The reflection in the mirror revealed Prince Reinhardt’s smile that showed his delight. It seemed significantly dashing than the norm.

“Even though it seems that you’re feeling terrific?”

“Not good…”

Cumming too much was no good…!

I couldn’t talk properly, so I just shook my head.

Prince Reinhardt said to get used to the tentacles, so if I asked him to take them out, wouldn’t he be mad?

Would he…?

I thought about why he didn’t seem angry, but I still didn’t understand why, so I turned and took a peek at Prince Reinhardt.

He kissed me.

But Prince Reinhardt didn’t like… Kissing… That… Much…?

His tongue came in contact with mine and raged as ours became entangled.


At that moment, every tentacle at my front slipped out.

I was cumming again…!

“You’re a bad girl, Anna.”

A string of our mixed saliva stretched as I unintentionally jerked away.

“That kind of face…”

What kind of face?

Even as I looked at the mirror, I still didn’t understand what he meant…

Lewd face…?

I thought about it again, but I still didn’t understand.

“Ah! Ahhh… Ngh!”

He suddenly started moving again, maneuvering me up and down, making my head blank…

“Do you hate the tentacles?”

“Nooo… Ngh!”

As he lifted me off from his member, I nodded my head.

The slime route was scary.

Slimes… As well as the others that came with it…

“Tentacles… They’re no good… Transparent ones… And green ones…”

“Green…? Dryad?”

Did he just say dryad? The plant monster…

“Have you used a dryad before?”



I shook my head.


“Is that so?”

The tentacles were scary enough…

I woke up and saw the box still on the bedside table.

Oh, come on! Prince Reinhardt’s tentacle slime box was left there.

He was probably planning to use it again soon, so taking it away all the time would have been a bother… Huh?

There was something next to the box.

…A flowerpot?

“Are you awake, Princess Annelier?”

Ella approached when she noticed that I had woken up.

“Would you like to take a bath?”

“Yes, uhm… About that flower pot…”

“It’s a gift from the Crown Prince Reinhardt. He said to give it water, and it will grow.”


“It seems to be a dryad sprout.”


A grow your own tentacle route…

What kind of…!