The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 14]

Chapter Fourteen: Green Tentacles are Grown with Water and Love

The green tentacles are grown with water and love… It seems.

Although it existed in nature, it could be grown with just water if planted in soil.

However, if humans desired to raise it by hand, they told me one needed to add love to the equation.

It’s green, so it should use photosynthesis… I think?

Even though I was in a fantasy world, that fact probably wouldn’t have changed, right?

I heard if you placed it somewhere that had no light at all, then it would wither.

However, tons of bright light was unnecessary, it seems.

It would grow well in a dark and gloomy place, they say.

That’s because it was an erotic tentacle, right!?

So bright sunshine wouldn’t fit.

I got that information from Ella. I also obtained and studied a book written about dryads.

The author’s name of the said book felt like it was the same as the elf quest person, but I think it would be better if I acted as though I wasn’t aware of anything.

Yes, I am still Anna, inside the praised and pregnant Crown Princess Annelier.

It felt like I had rushed through a stable period, and now some time had passed. I think soon it should be fine to announce my pregnancy, but it still wasn’t being disclosed to the public.

Since the attempted assassination, I’d been continuously shut in under the guise of medical treatment, so I didn’t really need to worry about any official procedures. I didn’t get much attention, so I’m unsure when the visually visible pregnancy phase will be.

Honestly, at this rate, it felt like no one would know until the baby’s born.

We’re still at the pre-announcement phase, so as usual, Prince Reinhardt came to me for our sex training every night.

Even with the tentacle slime… Every. Night. It was to the point that I’m getting friendly with it… However, in the end, it’s still just a slime.

The dryad still hadn’t grown into an adult.

That’s the reason why I was staring at the dryad flowerpot I received from him.

It was just a bud when I got it from Prince Reinhardt, but now it’s become a sprout.

It also seemed to now be rooted.

It had leaves on its twenty centimeters long green stem with six shapes branching out from it.

It’s still got a long way to go, but the six shapes made me worry for the future…

However, I needed it to grow.

Soon, I should probably replant it in a larger pot with support stands just like how Japanese people planted morning glories.

“As I expected, it’s not growing.”


He spoke in a deep and resonating voice so close to my ear that it made me jump.

“Prince Reinhardt! You came… Since when have you…?”

“The maid called out to you, but you didn’t notice.”

“Pardon me…”

When I looked around, the maid wasn’t there.

Prince Reinhardt often disregarded my attendants… He usually starts exposing their little imprudences here and there, so she quickly retreated to safety, I think.

“I thought I would ask in person, but I see the dryad isn’t growing well. Are you taking care of it properly?”

“I’m taking care of it…!”

“For humans to raise a dryad, other than water, you need to add love. Are you giving it that?”


Prince Reinhardt asked with such a serious face that I was at a loss for words.

Should I just say that I have…?


He came here just to ask that… Then I suddenly realized!

The book didn’t say anything specifically technical… I thought “give it love” was figurative, but perhaps it was in a literal sense.

That would not be very good.

I am NOT doing it.

“You haven’t been doing it?”

“Uhhh… Uhm… It’s just that I’m not sure how to do it.”

“I didn’t think such a person would exist.”

Was this possibly a popular thing!?

…But Ella also didn’t know.

So it was something ordinary people wouldn’t know, maybe that’s why only Prince Reinhardt…?

“Neither the maid nor I know.”

“Hmmm… You really didn’t know?”


“Just do it now.”


Do what!?

Didn’t I just say I didn’t know how!?


“If you think a little, then you’ll be able to figure it out.”

Prince Reinhardt took the pot in his hands and sat on the bed.

“A grown dryad hunts for necessary nourishment by itself.”

Hunts… What do green tentacles eat?

“Dryads like human essence. Wild ones catch humans in the middle of the forest, give them pleasure, and wring out their essence. On occasion, they prefer women over men because they can easily get more bodily fluids.”

“Bodily fluids.”

Tentacles hunt body fluids.

If it prefers men over women, then…

“My researcher friend tested if anybody’s fluid was fine, but it seemed as though blood can’t raise them very well.”

Was that friend the target-elf-someone…?

“A grown dryad can acquire it by itself, but a young one must be given some to obtain nourishment.”

In other words…

Giving love meant giving bodily fluids…!

“I will watch to see if you can give it properly, so do it now.”

That means…

Another masturbation show…!

“Hu…! Ah…!”

I couldn’t put the flowerpot on the bed, so I put it on the floor.

I got naked and straddled it… Fingering myself in the process.

Prince Reinhardt elegantly sat on the bed with his long legs crossed as he watched me from behind.

He was nearby but not to the point of being at a close distance from me.

Prince Reinhardt was a prince, so perhaps he didn’t like doing things such as kneeling on the floor.

Was I at least correct in choosing not to be on the bed?

“If the pot isn’t overflowing to the point your fluids start dripping from the sides, then it isn’t enough. It’s still insufficient.”

…He’s a little far, but it seemed like he could see it clearly.

“Ngh! Nn..ngh!”

I rubbed circles on my clitoris while Prince Reinhardt observed my spread-out hole.

Honestly… I think I’m getting used to it.

It’s still embarrassing now, but my reluctance wasn’t the same as the first masturbation show he made me do.

I remember being tied up as a punishment just because I couldn’t do it.

Was that the beginning of the training…?

“What’s wrong? It seems you aren’t very wet.”

Ooops… It’s because I was thinking about something unrelated.

“It appears as though you can’t look after the dryad by yourself.”

What should I do?

Did I make Prince Reinhardt mad?

I felt like I would cry if he were… I turned my head to see, but I couldn’t see very well since I was on all fours.

So far, I’ve never seen Prince Reinhardt get mad.

He never acted violently, and even if there were punishments, he hadn’t pushed me away once.

Was I also in the clear this time around…?

“Hey, your hand has stopped.”

There was a creaking sound, a sign that Prince Reinhardt had gotten up.

Still, I couldn’t see his face.

What to do…?

“Uh… Uhhh… Ah…!”

“What a hopeless girl you are.”

My boundlessly stupid self panicked as I frantically masturbated while still on all fours. Prince Reinhardt came and picked me up under his arm… I think?

It was my first time being picked up under someone’s arm, so for a second, I had not been sure of what was going on.

His arm was wrapped under my chest, and there was a lot of pressure. My vision suddenly lifted from the floor, so I was pretty sure he raised me.

Probably, with one hand.

Prince Reinhardt was this strong…

Was he avoiding putting pressure on my stomach to be careful with our child?

I was being carried with one arm while masturbating on all fours… Stupid wasn’t a strong enough word.

As I remained dumbfounded, I was carried a short distance and placed on the bed.

I couldn’t stay on all fours, so I sat straight and finally saw Prince Reinhardt’s face.

As soon as my eyes met his, the corners of Prince Reinhardt’s mouth formed into a smile…

I was so nervous that I felt my heart almost pound out of my chest.

I’ve only seen Prince Reinhardt smile like this when it was time for punishment.

“If you aren’t able to do it yourself, then there’s no choice. I’ll help”

Prince Reinhardt brought over the flowerpot.

Without care, he placed it on the bed.

“Straddle it.”

“Ye… Yes.”

I was already straddling it almost immediately.

But since it was Prince Reinhardt’s command, I felt that regular straddling wouldn’t be good enough, so doing so didn’t make my heart settle down.

“Lower your hips more.”

More… If I do that…

I fearfully lowered my hips, and as expected, something touched me.


Just being touched made me scream.

Even if they were weak, they were still tentacles…

Even if they were short, they were still tentacles…

If I gave it nourishment like this, then it would move…?

“It’s probably not good for your womb to strain yourself. Cling to me.”

The tentacles started to touch me wantonly; Prince Reinhardt just took me into his arms.

As he stated, I tightly clung to him.

“Ah! Ahhh…! Ngh!”

Tentacles… They were indeed tentacles that sought my hole. They opened me up and wiggled inside, playing with my clitoris in the process.

No way… Weren’t they way too long…!?

Long… They’re definitely long.

Longer than before…!

“Yah! Ahhh…!”

The tentacles crawled in, rubbing and poking at my G-spot… Ngh!

“Agh! Ngh…! Ah…ngh!”

“You’re lewd, so you’ll be able to climax quickly. Do it now so we can leave it at this.”

Again, Prince Reinhardt suddenly lifted me. This resulted in the tentacles being pulled out of me.

While catching my breath, I leaned on Prince Reinhardt.

Tentacles were scary…

I came just like that

“Look, the dryad is finally growing.”

When I glanced over, the green tentacles were restless.

New and short shapes grew… While the first few became about as long as an arm… No way…!

With only that, it grew this much!?

“I assume you know what to do now. It was short, so I thought it would be fine, but from now on, just in case, use the slime before you do it.”


“Be… Before what?”

“What are you talking about? If you don’t continue to give the dryad fluids from now on, it won’t grow. So before that…”

“The slime tentacles before the dryad’s tentacles.”


“If you aren’t used to it, temporarily, I will watch. However, so you can learn to do it yourself, from tomorrow I will only watch. Ah, but of course, I will do the part where I violate you.”

Prince Reinhardt pulled the slime box closer.

“So tentacles after tentacles…!”

But even the tentacle route didn’t have continuous torture from two types!

No… There wasn’t even tentacle masturbation or anything!

This was against my will!

However, it being against my will still wasn’t an excuse…

Even though I wasn’t in the tentacle route, this further surpassed it… What should I do…!?