The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 15]

Chapter Fifteen: The Time the Sadistic Prince Cheated

The child was finally born.

The princess’ pregnancy was announced, of course, in the final month; Prince Reinhardt hadn’t been unreasonable, so I was allowed to serve him with just my hands, mouth, and breasts. Hence, the baby was born safely.

Should I have praised myself for learning to use my pregnancy-enlarged breasts to satisfy Prince Reinhardt without penetration? Should I honor Annelier’s strong body that was capable of servicing someone up until delivery? Or was it that Prince Reinhardt was just excellent at making me dance over the palm of his hand?


It felt like he carefully picked the time and played me into his hands.

Staying indoors while still not lacking exercise was only possible because… Ah! It was a boy that was born.

The king still seemed lively, so I don’t think Prince Reinhardt will be taking on the throne yet, but when our child was born, the surrounding people kept cheering, “A successor…!

He was just born, but you can already tell that he was a beautiful baby… His face, eye color, and hair color were all precisely the same as Prince Reinhardt’s.

No matter how lewd Annelier was, there’s no doubt that he was the father.

Please don’t resemble your father on the inside and become sadistic…

He also looked pretty energetic and robust.

That was undoubtedly due to Annelier’s gene, I think.

…But resembling your mom and being lewd was way worse than reaching your father’s personality, so please forgive me as you were born a man.

In hopes of growing up normal…!

My son, Wernhardt, to whom I pray for every day, was born in spring.

Passing through winter in pregnancy surprised me a little.

Where did summer go!?

I didn’t know this world, so I hadn’t realized it, but I heard that summers in this country were pleasant but passed by too quickly.

Me waking up in Annelier’s body seemed to have been around the end of spring.

Without knowing, summer and autumn passed, with winter coming at me for a surprise… Lastly, I had my child in spring.

Somehow… I lived in this world, and a year had passed.

Before my son was born, unbeknownst to myself, they already chose a wet nurse. She was the one to give my child his milk.

I also wanted to breastfeed him, so I secretly asked, and they let me do it.

Not being able to sleep together at night was unfortunate.

It hadn’t even been a month since the birth that Prince Reinhardt came and announced that our nighttime was still reserved for servicing.

After service, we would sleep together.

I was being hugged while having my hair pet on a regular basis… Sleeping together was a form of relief for me.

I also got used to servicing, so going on like this was nice… At least… That was what I thought…

“It will be fine from today.”


At night, I greeted Prince Reinhardt as he came into the room. With the usual planning for servicing in mind, I invited him to bed… But then he said something unexpected.


Did he not want me anymore?

Was this a dismissal notice…!?

Ah! No… I wasn’t employed in the first place.

We’re married… So a divorce..?

That reminded me of a year ago… When he said he wanted a divorce because he needed a wife that could give birth to a child… That was what he said!

A child was born… So now I’m being discarded…!?

“What happened? Making that kind of surprised face.”

“Uhhh… Uhm…”

“What is it?”

“Do you want a divorce?”


“Uhm… I want to raise Wernhardt myself, but would that be possible?”



Prince Reinhardt’s face looked kind of stern…



Did he not want a divorce?

“You’ve wanted a divorce with me… Like what you said last year…”

“Hu… Huh…?”

“But I said it couldn’t be done…?”

Things didn’t look so good. 

It was scary…

He had a pretty face, but Prince Reinhardt was…!

“Can you still not comprehend it?”

“Uhm… You said from today on it was fine, so… I thought you were saying I’m not necessary anymore.”

“What I meant by unnecessary was the servicing.”

“Servicing… Is it unnecessary?”


It’s not divorce…


He meant to say that servicing was irrelevant since… Oh.

“The doctor gave his approval. Take off your clothes.”

That old doctor…!

I told him that I wanted to know about this kind of thing first…!

“Undress. Your education, more than I thought, seems to be insufficient.”

Education… What kind of education did he mean…?

I somewhat felt like I was tearing up, but not resisting Prince Reinhardt has undoubtedly been ingrained in me… I gently untied my pajama ribbons.

While my heart thumped as I wondered what would happen, I got bare naked, waiting for Prince Reinhardt. He picked me up and immediately tossed me on the bed haphazardly.

The bed was soft, so it didn’t hurt. However, it had been a while since I was thrown on the bed like this… It was no surprise that I felt a little astonished.

I was startled again when after that, Prince Reinhardt pressed down on me.

Were we going straight for a session…?

“You can never leave me; your body knows it. While recovering after the childbirth, it appears as though you’ve forgotten… I’ll remind you.”

“Uhhh… I didn’t intend to say I wanted to leave…! It’s the opposite! The opposite! I said I didn’t want to leave our son…”

I was already married when I woke up here… I didn’t have room to think about being motherly due to the training, punishments, and services; however, I now fully well where I stood after giving birth.

My son was unbearably cute.

He was a child born with Annelier’s body, but he was still my child.

When I said that, Prince Reinhardt’s eyes narrowed.

“There were already plans for punishment tonight.”


What did I do!?

I have no idea why I’m getting punished all of a sudden…

Was it because the green tentacle plant wasn’t growing?

The green tentacle plant in the corner of the room got much more prominent, but of course, since the last month of my pregnancy, it had stopped growing.

Since it was still receiving water, it didn’t really wither… So for a while, it’s just been like this.

Making someone else raise it… I can’t bear to pass that kind of cruel responsibility to others.

“It appears that you have given milk to Wernhardt.”


It’s because of that…?


What should I do? Was that kind of absolutely not allowed?

“You’re mine to the very last fiber of your hair. Did you think it was alright to let another man suck on your breast?”

“Huh…? But he’s our son…?”

“Not even our son.”


Was it really because of that?

That was why the wet nurse was raising him…?

I didn’t know the rules and customs of royalty and nobility… There were no nobles in Japan.

Even if there were… I’d be a hardcore commoner…!

“Tonight’s punishment was to remind you of who you belong to, but… More than I thought, your discipline seems to have been completely lacking. From today, until I permit you, you will not wear clothes.”


A nudism command…

“Per… Permission plea…”

“No. Further, starting tonight, we’ll do aphrodisiac overdosage.”


Aphrodisiac… That’s no good…!

When I started trembling with fear because of the aphrodisiacs, something slimy started crawling on my skin.


A tentacle slime?

Once it started slipping around my body, I looked to see where it was coming from; I chased it to its source, and for a moment… My brain stopped.

“Pri… Prince Reinhardt…”

“What is it?”

“You have ten… Prince Reinhardt, you have tentacles!”


I tried to get away by crawling backward, but a tentacle from Prince Reinhardt’s hips coiled around my leg and stopped me from moving…!

No way… No way!

Prince Reinhardt wasn’t supposed to be inhuman!

“I can do this with magic. My friend was researching transformation magic and transferred this to me. Though it did take a while for me to be able to move them at will.”

That… That tentacle mania elf friend…!?

What transformation…

But the elf in the game also didn’t have tentacles!?

This must be the future… After the otome game’s original story ended… That’s the only explanation why things didn’t match what I know…

After that tentacle ending… Perhaps… The tentacle elf…

In my head, I saw an image of the elf that I still didn’t know the 3D shape of… But with tentacles.

I know I’m just trying to escape reality at this point.

That’s because in front of me… Was an actual Prince Reinhardt with tentacles…!

“You were delighted by the slime and dryad, right?”

I… I don’t think what I experienced was enjoyment…

I shook my head, but it felt like he wasn’t able to recognize my denial.

“I thought it would be better to discipline you, not with tools or other creatures, but by directly punishing you myself.”

I wanted to ask why he thought about that kind of thing, but the answer wasn’t important right now.

The more significant thing was why it made him think of growing tentacles… Research meant that it’s something that already existed…

Why did they think to make something such as tentacle growing magic…!?

How did he conclude that he needed to have it handed over to him…!?

If he answered that it was because I felt pleasure from the other tentacles, this would be a big misunderstanding. Probably.

Honestly, it’s because I’m actually a little lewd…


The tentacle that was coiled around my leg spread my legs open.

A thin one prodded my clitoris…


One about as thick as Prince Reinhardt’s rubbed against my butt hole…


It came in… Ngh!

“Ahhh… Ngh!”

The tip moved up my butt…!

“I also practiced magic with the tip of the tentacle. Today’s cleaning, I will do with magic.”

Prince Reinhardt’s tentacle was going to make my insides clean?


One tentacle was wrapped around my breast while simultaneously rubbing my nipple…

The other breast was being sucked on with Prince Reinhardt’s mouth.

“Ah! No…! Ngh! Don’t suck so hard…! It’ll come out… Ngh!”

My milk was leaking…

“This is mine, so it’s fine if it comes out.”

“Yaaa! Ahhh…!”

He bit at it… Ngh!

“Hmmm… The nectar is already flowing. I’ll put in the aphrodisiac now.”


A thin tentacle suspended a vial in front of my eyes.

Prince Reinhardt… How many tentacles do you have…?

You can move them as well as you do your hands…

Wasn’t this kind of a big cheat?

It’s as if he had a bunch of hands!

And they could use magic too!?

Since they’re tentacles, he looked like an actual demon lord!

“No! N…ngh!”

As the tentacles between my legs spread them open, Prince Reinhardt’s finger stretched the hole our baby came out of.

There, the tentacle thrust in a whole vial of aphrodisiac.

“Ah! No…! Aphrodisiac… No…ngh!”

“Don’t lie. You like it, right?”

“No! Nooo… Ngh! I’ll get too sensitive…!”

“Don’t worry. It’s alright to indulge.”

After it poured the medicine inside, the tentacle pulled out, and I felt my body steadily get warm.

Every part of me immediately began feeling itchy…

“No! Nooo…!”

“Indulge yourself.”

Prince Reinhardt thrust his entire length in me…!


“Indulge in me.”

Ah! Ahhh! It felt so good… Ngh!

He was going the deepest he’s ever gone… Ngh!

“Cumming…! Ngh!”

“I’m not asking your carnal self to resist. But don’t forget who the person giving you pleasure is.”

My butt… Both sides… Were being filled in… Ngh!

“Ah! Ahhh…!”

“…Anna, do you know who I am?”

“Prince Reinhardt… Ngh!”

Prince Reinhardt was going at it on both sides…!

“That’s right.”

“Prince… Reinhardt… Ngh!”

“You are mine. You must not forget.”

Rubbing… Ngh…!

Inside… Cumming… Soon… Ngh!

“Cumming…! Nghhh…!”

Everywhere… Felt… Good…!

When I woke up, I noticed that all my clothes in my dressing room next door were all really removed…

“I’ll return them once you’re pregnant again.”

I’m going to remain nude until I’m pregnant with his second child…!?