The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 16]

Chapter Sixteen: First Intercourse of the Year 2019

“Princess Annelier, should I prepare?”

Ella called out to me once the sun was up enough while I was still nonfunctioning in bed.

…I wasn’t that comfortable, so I didn’t think that I was going to sleep in.

“…Please do…”

I stirred around as I got up. With a sheet wrapped around my body, I turned toward the bathroom connected to my room.

There, hot water was already being prepared.

Since there weren’t any extensive plumbing services in this world, warm water preparation was considered complex.

The water wasn’t brought down the hall; instead, it was brought up by buckets from the floor below. Each one was transported vertically to this room.

To add water in the boat-like bathtub, I needed to open a door on the wall to pull up a bucket from below via rope.

There wasn’t… A hot spring underneath… It was just coming from the room where they manually boil water.

Walking and carrying water to the tub would have been difficult, so when I saw the mechanism, I was impressed by the ingenuity of their makeshift shortcut.

On the other hand, all excretions were dropped from a bedpan-like toilet to be collected and lowered down… Obviously.

I always wondered what was going on under the toilet… So when I got the chance, I peeked and watched Ella and the rest of the maids from behind. I confessed the reason for my suspicious behavior, and they told me.

Once I was aware, I thought, “There are people under here!?” I shuddered, but after that point, there were no more collection people.

What’s down there now was… What felt like the presence of an actually a slime…

Yes… The thing everyone was familiar with… Mr. Tentacle Slime!

When I was made aware of the switch, I shuddered for a different reason.

…It won’t crawl up, right!?

A tentacle was creeping out from the toilet. To think this wasn’t a horror movie…

It was a different species compared to the dryad already in my room.

That’s right. That was always in my room now… Hehe…

On a serious note, waste disposal seemed very difficult in a castle with many people.

Until toilets with usable flushes and sewage systems become available, it will undoubtedly be challenging for everyone.

In the countryside, there were other ways to handle it… There should be a proper way to use it as fertilizer, but the vegetable garden and orchard in the castle weren’t that big, so they didn’t find an optimal use for human excrements.

I was surprised when I first heard about the vegetable garden and orchard in the castle… They used to deal with it by taking it just outside, but it smelled terrible, so that was a problem.

However, it seemed in the last year or so, the way of keeping a tentacle slime that liked human excrement had been formally introduced.

They were still waiting to see if it would be too much food, making it overly proliferate or anything, but the part where it only had a slight smell had given its value a favorable reception.

The people responsible for the installation of this seemed to be Prince Reinhardt and some tentacle slime researcher.

More or less, it was research to help people…

As I even had a child in this world, I learned more about it little by little… I likewise realized that I needed to bring in the knowledge I possessed that didn’t exist in this world.

After being washed clean and washed dry by the army of professional maids… “Princess Annelier, right this way.”

…They began to wrap a large sheet around my body.

Prince Reinhardt still wasn’t allowing dresses, down to underwear, to be brought to my room, but luckily he didn’t ban sheets.

That’s why I’m now living my best life clothed with a sheet as if it were the Ancient Greek’s togas or the saris worn by the Indians.

I didn’t really know how to put on a toga or sari, but I knew they were composed of a single cloth… And through much trial and error with the maids, we finally found a way that made it work.

However, if I moved too roughly, it’d still get dropped off. Prince Reinhardt allowed only a sheet; pins nor strings weren’t allowed… When I was finally given this small progressive step away from nudism, I actually cried out of happiness.

Though I still definitely couldn’t go outside like this!

I’ve been turned into a shut-in again…

The summers in this country didn’t get too hot, nor did they pass quickly… However, winter could sometimes grow too cold, so I earnestly hoped Prince Reinhardt would forgive me soon.

Basing it off what I remembered from last year… It should be soon.

I did have a fireplace, but just wearing a sheet was too harsh.

Maybe if it were a toga made from wool…? Ah!

My son Wernhardt was growing up well.

Since Prince Reinhardt wasn’t around during the day, sometimes the wet nurse would bring him so we could meet, considering I couldn’t go out.

It seemed as though Prince Reinhardt was, at the very least, tolerating that.

…I’m scared, so I don’t even dare to try breastfeeding.

“How has Wernhardt been doing?”

If I asked her like so, after she was done with preparations, Ella would tell me about everything she’s heard from the wet nurse. The information always included what he had been doing since the day before.

“Master Wernhardt is in good health again today. This morning was Master Wernhardt’s introduction for the new year ceremony, so when I visited his room to see if he was tired, he was already fast asleep.”

In her latest report, I felt as though two things happened that I should’ve been aware of…

“Prince Reinhardt…”

“What is it?”

As if it were a routine for a decent conversation starter, on my knees, I waited for Prince Reinhardt on the bed wearing a sheet toga.

Prince Reinhardt entered the room and looked at me… I swallowed my built-up saliva and started the conversation.

“Uhhh… Today there was a new year ceremony…?”

“There was. What about it?”

“Uhm… Was it alright that I didn’t go…?”

In the beginning, I was told to go to a few official events, more or less, to report on my survival.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and after birth were the only exceptions… Although I’m aware of that, it’s been quite a while since the delivery.

There was also the concern of my inability to understand the calendar in this country very well.

I thought a year constituted when the seasons made an entire cycle, but I honestly didn’t know when the year started because I was a shut-in.

It was commonplace, but the calendar never came up in my studies.

Furthermore, since I was made to become a nudist, I had only been self-taught in the latest.

Today was the day I found out… Today WAS the beginning of the year.

It appears as though yesterday was this world’s New Year’s Eve – the Winter Solstice.

In Japan, it would be equivalent to the day one would have taken a yuzu bath.

In this world… At least in this country, it seemed that the day after the Winter Solstice was the start of the New Year.

The first day of the year would only start at sunrise.

From there, the days would get longer as it preceded the coldest season that would follow.

The new year ceremony seemed pretty important…

Since I was pregnant last year, I hadn’t really been offered a choice.

“There’s no need to worry.”

Prince Reinhardt, with a single swing, instantly dealt with my concerns.

“Your recovery after childbirth was poor… You are still recuperating.”

What… What a big lie…!

…Even though Annelier’s body was as strong as ever.

However, even if he said that, wouldn’t there still be problems?

“In Wernhardt’s introduction, wasn’t I necessary…?”

“You don’t need to worry about that either. The wet nurse attended and held him; Wernhardt was very obedient.”


That wasn’t what I meant… Though it was good to know that Wernhardt’s a good kid.

That’s at least a little good.

“Is that it?”

“No. There’s one more…”

I also have to say this…

“Soon, just wearing a sheet would become too harsh, so can’t you give me permission to wear some clothes!?”


A rejection that fast…?

“However, it wouldn’t be good if you hurt your physical health in the coming cold. Since this is the start of the new year, I will grant your wish. On days colder than this, wearing only a cloak is permitted. On that occasion.”

Prince Reinhardt undid the toga knot on my shoulder.

It came undone, becoming loose and coming off me.

“You can’t wear this as well. Only the cloak. Naturally, I wouldn’t expect you to leave your room like that, but if I felt that you were wearing the cloak on top of this, then I’d be annoyed.”

Does a cloak equal a mantle?

Naked mantle…

…Was this compared to naked coat kinks?

It leveled up!?

“Alright, come this way.”


Since today was the start of the new year, this must be the beginning of the first intercourse of the year, huh?

I wondered if that kind of thing existed in this world.

He said it would serve as my new year’s wish; thus, he’d grant it… Still, I wondered if that actually existed.

When I moved, the sheet toga completely fell.

Through all the times I’ve approached Prince Reinhardt, I always end up being completely naked.

Breastfeeding was banned, so after some time, nothing came out anymore.

My breasts and body had already almost entirely returned to normal.

Annelier’s body wasn’t just rigid; it also seemed to be quite resilient.

Was this another otome game villainess cheat?

I wouldn’t say that I lacked exercise, though I do exercise unevenly… Even so, I was still surprised when I noticed that my figure was starting to return to normal.

“Prince Reinhardt…”

“What is it?”

“Uhm… You aren’t… You aren’t going to use the tentacle slime, right?”

“I’m not using it.”

Admittedly, making use of it was now futile.

Though unnecessary, I couldn’t pinpoint it for some reason, but I felt like Prince Reinhardt had been using it as a contraceptive without my knowledge… The tentacle slime box had been there the whole time, and yet for over half a year, it had remained healthy… Where was it getting food?

“…Why do you ask?”

“Nothing, it’s just… I’m not really getting pregnant… So I thought…”

“You’re right. A child is a blessing. Sometimes people don’t get pregnant for years.”

I did understand that, but the fact that I couldn’t go out unless I were pregnant still stood, right?

“While Wernhardt is growing healthy, rushing for the next child is unnecessary. You don’t need to worry about getting pregnant.”

What Prince Reinhardt was saying sounded fair, but was it really just my imagination that he’d been using contraception on purpose to extend my confinement…?

I slowly approached Prince Reinhardt on my knees until finally, I arrived next to him on the bed.

Just from approaching him, I already started to tremble…


At some point, Prince Reinhardt’s magic tentacles went around my back and suddenly penetrated me from below while I was on my knees.

Due to his sudden enterance, I unconsciously stuck out my hips and clung to Prince Reinhardt for dear life.

“Ah! Ahhh…!”

“This is why you can’t be free.”


“Because even getting forcibly penetrated like this without foreplay, your lewd self ends up giving in to pleasure. Aphrodisiacs aren’t even necessary anymore.”

“That’s… Because… That…!”

You trained me to be this way.

That what?”

Prince Reinhardt knew I couldn’t muster to be persuasive when I clung to his side, being rubbed, and squeezed by the magic tentacles.

“That… Prince Reinhardt…”

“Say it.”

Because for over a year and a half…

The whole time…

Prince Reinhardt had been the ruler of my world…

“Say it properly. I will grant your new year’s wish if you do.”

I already knew what Prince Reinhardt wanted me to say.

“I only…be..come…like this…for you… Prince Reinhardt…! Ngh!”

One tentacle inserted itself into my butt… Ngh!


“Ah! Huuu! Ah…!”

Both were thrusting violently in an alternating pattern…!

“You are mine. It would be good for you to understand that.”

“Ah! Ahhh…!”

One was stuck to my clitoris…!

“If you’re obedient, at some point, I’ll return your clothes. For now, mount me.”

“Yes! Yes… Ngh! Ahhh!”

As I was agonizing over the movement of the tentacles while clinging to Prince Reinhardt’s neck and shoulders, I moved to straddle myself over his rock-hard member.

But both my holes already had tentacles in them…

“Insert it in whichever hole you like.”

I chose to swallow him with my front… Having two fit in my butt would be difficult… I think?

Although two in the front was just as tricky…

While clinging to Prince Reinhardt, I grabbed his erect member and somehow guided it to the already occupied entrance.

I had some trouble getting in there, but the tentacle supported me as I went down…

“Haaa… Ah!”

No matter how many times we had done it, the second one was always painful…

Prince Reinhardt, on the other hand, looked delighted.

He’s a blood-born sadist, huh?

While crying, I clung to Prince Reinhardt from the front as he stroked my head and said, “There, there…

We kissed, and I felt myself swallowing something from his mouth.

My memory usually got fuzzy after around this much time had passed, so I assumed it was probably a type of drinkable aphrodisiac…

After falling asleep or fainting, should the tentacle slime be really cleaning me up as I speculated, it would most certainly be pretty challenging to get pregnant again… When I woke up, I was already exceptionally clean.

The first intercourse of the year wasn’t any different than usual.

Furthermore, the naked mantle I was allowed to wear was considerably warmer than the sheet toga… Though the whole situation felt a lot kinkier than I could have ever imagined.