The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 17]

Spinoff #1: The Enslaved Witch Falls Victim to the Tentacle Elf

Author’s Note: Anna and Reinhardt do not appear in this story. This story, however, does take place in the same universe. Earlier in this tale, a tentacle elf and an enslaved Japanese witch were mentioned. This is their story.

This forest was teeming with tentacles. Over the past few years, there has been a marked increase in tentacled slime, green tentacled beings often raised by dryads.

If you walked through the woods, you’d wind up by the sea. Along the coast, a herd of medium-sized, tentacled Kraken seemed about ready to jump around.

Just so we’re clear – a small Kraken was basically a squid. I’d never seen a large Kraken before, but I’d heard that giant squids do exist. Medium-sized Krakens were slightly smaller than humans, but if you were to be attacked by a squad of this size out in the open ocean, you would almost certainly drown, so they do pose a significant threat. Therefore, I never go near the sea.

“Why do I avoid the sea?” The real question was why the tentacles became so fond of me.  

I wanted to tell you that I had absolutely no idea, but I think I might know the reason if I had to choose. My body contained the soul of someone from a parallel universe.

The soul of Aya Hanamura resided within me.

As I mentioned previously, my soul, or my consciousness, was otherworldly, but my body was essentially from this world. Aya’s soul possessed my body the same as any ghost. You may pity me for being possessed, but she somehow took possession of me just before I died.

In reality, just because she possessed my body didn’t mean she could see nor feel anything. Therefore, she had trouble knowing what was real or not. At least that’s what my master told me—that and how the cause of my death and soul transmigration somehow led back to this girl.

Aya was a witch, so now I am one, too. Instead of leading a free, independent life, I’d been bound to an older witch.

In this world, people who used magic were rare. Aside from nobles who possessed magical abilities and strong wizards who held a special status in the metropolises, those who showed magical skills in the superstitious countryside were persecuted and brutally murdered. Occasionally, you would even happen to come across places where parents sold off their daughters who possessed supernatural abilities. Those were where the buying and selling of apprentices usually occurred.

That is how Aya, an incredibly gifted witch, ended up as an apprentice. A unique item from a parallel universe sold for an enormous profit… That was to say. Initially, she was interested in using her magic to transport things between worlds. Although she never actually told me that last part, that was how her magic went awry.

Or maybe it was a success after all? Although she couldn’t summon materials, she succeeded in summoning my soul.

As a result, she lost her life, and she entered my soulless body.

She awoke in a strange land in a stranger’s body – my body. My master told me that Aya’s magic had backfired. She also said to me that there was no way for Aya to return home. At least there was nothing she could do to assist me with that task.

There was no point in crying about it, but my master did give Aya one sliver of hope – her magical abilities would manifest in the body that she now inhabited. Even though her memories would never return, she would know the chants, and she would be able to use magic.

In other words, if she could train the body she now inhabited, she might even be able to return to her world that way.

From that day on, my life as a witch’s apprentice began…

Enough with all the sad memories. I just wanted to mention how I ended up like this quickly.

Returning to the story about why tentacled beings held such an interest in me – the reason being that they could sense that I was from another world.  

Beyond that, I had absolutely no idea. The tentacles were drawn to my otherworldliness. It was the same way as how a cat would be drawn to a cardboard box.

Therefore, if I were to leave the safety of the forest, I would be attacked by them. As it was, my life as a witch’s apprentice was filled with being assaulted by tentacled slime and dryads daily!


The prospect of being dragged beneath the ocean waves was terrifying, but the tentacled slime and the dryads didn’t kill people. That wasn’t to say that there hadn’t been fatal accidents involving these creatures, but from what I’ve heard, you were far more likely to die in a traffic accident in Aya’s world than you were to be killed by one of these creatures.   

Moreover, while the immobile creature defended itself from assault, it was not uncommon for the hunter to be attacked mid-battle by some other beast.

These beasts attack from the front, but they would also try and attack from behind as well.  

My body may still be that of a young girl, but Aya was reasonably mature for her age in her world, so she wasn’t inexperienced in the least…

Suddenly a tentacled slime and a tentacled dryad appeared at the same time…! Their tentacles were even protecting their rears…  

How many tentacles were there!?

I can’t let them drag me into the middle…

I’ve never participated in tentacle play before…

Oh… Right!

There were no such tentacled beings in Aya’s world…

Ah! Ahhh! Stop…!

Once you’re in the middle, the tentacles begin to chafe…

They chafe against your clitoris and your skin, peeling it away…

Even if that happened, the tentacles wouldn’t stop.

No one’s ever actually died from having too much sex with one of these tentacled beings, however… To keep their prey alive, the tentacles would stop their sexual activities right before they actually killed their chosen victim.  

So it’d stop sooner or later… Right…?

Did the tentacled slime and dryads manage to capture you again?”

I was helped out of this situation by a handsome elf magician. He always came to the forest almost daily to research these tentacled beings.

Ah… Ah…!

Stay still. I’ll get them to release you.

One could instantly tell that he was an elf by the looks of his long ears.

Thank… Thank you, Lucian…

The tentacled slime and dryads hadn’t released me of their own volition. Instead, Lucian, the elf, pulled them off me one by one.   

This was the Nth time he had saved me from these beings. The first time we met, he heard me crying out while these creatures were molesting me. I was so mortified at the time that I could have died, but I’ve gotten used to it now.

It’s a shameful thing to get used to, but I’ve gotten used to it nonetheless…

But really… This was getting too ridiculous!

Even though Lucian kept finding me in these compromising situations, he had never once taken advantage of me…!

This was probably because Lucian was one of the potential romance interests in this otome game. I’m not sure if this was all taking place before or after the game, but I was the target of an R18+ otome game in the other world.  

Lucian was so handsome that he’d be impossible to forget. Regardless of whether he’s in 2D or 3D, I’d know his face anywhere.

Can you stand?


With Lucian’s help, I managed to stagger to my feet.  

You’re in no shape to do anything more. What about you head on home. I, too, have business with the witch, so I’ll accompany you.


Fixing my clothes, I stumbled forward.

Despite my slow, haltering gait, Lucian, the elf, walked beside me. Although he was the love interest if you followed the tentacle route, I thought he was still a good person… No… A good elf.   

I wondered what business he had with the witch.

After stumbling along for some time, we reached the witch’s house in the middle of the forest.

Oh, Professor! What brings you here?

The witch stood in front of her house, drawing water from the well.

About what we talked about earlier… I wanted to discuss it again if you wouldn’t mind.

What we talked about…?

The witch’s eyes darted to me.

Yes. I think it’s necessary for my research after all.

His research…? What…?

Hmmm. Well, it seems that you have helped me out again today. I swear… This child lives such a hard life here in the forest. This really is for the best. Well, as we discussed previously, it’ll cost you ten gold coins for the care I’ve provided up to this point.

That… That’s…

Here you are.

Lucian took a pouch from his breast pocket and handed it to the witch.

Ah, this is it.

The witch handed something to Lucian.


Lucian turned to me…

I’ve bought you from the witch. I want to study you.

I… I’ve been sold!?

I never thought of myself as simply an apprentice, but now I see that my body was for sale. I am no better than a slave. Lucian recognized the unique fondness that tentacled beings had for me, and he set about negotiating my purchase before he’d even decided to study me.

I understood now that the reason he never laid a finger on me was that he considered it dishonorable to engage in sexual relations with someone else’s slave. A slave was someone else’s property, after all

Now I found myself being resold to the elf…

From here on out, my erotic (and tentacled!) future as a slave and target of an otome game lay before me…


How does all of this relate to an otome game!?

What ended up happening with that game?