The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 10]

Chapter Ten: The Trapped Former Villainess’ Sweet Afternoon

I believe Prince Reinhardt just hated being bothered.

Even if he knew that I wasn’t Annelier, he wouldn’t divorce me simply because it would have been a bother.

In the beginning, that was what he said.

If he lost his favorite concubine… If Princess Annelier were to disappear… Then he would have to look for a new wife. It was along those lines.

I’m not sure if he had already noticed that I wasn’t Annelier at that point, though.

Perhaps if there weren’t anything nor anyone that would bother him if he got married, then maybe any woman who could have a child would have been fine with him.

Whether I had the qualities of a high-grade masochistic woman or not, the highly sadistic Prince Reinhardt for sure liked a masochistic woman… For now, I’ll set that all aside.

Quality begets quality, and I just haven’t bloomed!


About the real Prince Reinhardt, at night, just anything outside of the training and whatnot in the bedroom, I’ve barely had a chance to know him personally. However, during the daily princess education and stuff, the gossip I heard was that he was a serious, rigid, rational, and logical person. Exactly like how he was portrayed in the game.

He was rational and logical, so at first glance, he’d seem cold. That was the hard part because once you get close, he’d be affectionate. Once you pass the affection phase, erotically, he becomes very sadistic.

…Yeah, I haven’t seen Prince Reinhardt’s affectionate part yet.

He was instantly in sadistic mode!

He would have a gentle voice and facial expression, but his actions were always cruel!

That was one of the reasons why I wondered if there really wasn’t any love involved here.

Of course, for Annelier, but also me.

My body belonged to the villainess Annelier, and since her entire background was unclear, I felt like there weren’t room for any love to grow anymore.

Loving with just the body, it’s unfortunate, but…

Was it that I’d been trained to like Prince Reinhardt with more than just my body?

Happy to be praised, scared to be abandoned, I listened to what Prince Reinhardt said.

If I thought about it casually, I guess I do like him.

I just thought about how I liked Prince Reinhardt… Why? Of course, I think so, but…

Was I actually trained to think like this…?

I wouldn’t say I liked masochism, but I possess masochistic traits, so maybe I’ve come to like it a bit… I look at it that way, but it’s not a realistic situation for love to be born and grow.

To bring the topic back to Prince Reinhardt… Prince Reinhardt was serious, strict, rational, and logical.

The main thing was the last one: the logical part.

Prince Reinhardt was logical, so he tended to avoid anything that would be burdensome.

I’m not Annelier on the inside, but the people around me believed that I was the same. My body was, so he probably jumped at it and thought, “Why not just have a child with her?”

On the other hand, I don’t exactly know whether I woke up in the past or crossed between worlds and possessed Annelier’s body. What I know for sure is that I definitely have to live as Annelier going forward.

So, it would be lucky if Prince Reinhardt didn’t have a problem with me, who was different on the inside.

I don’t really feel the fear of being found out by Prince Reinhardt, who has had the most interest and contact with me. I felt no stress in that aspect.

…But with the training, presented a different kind of stress.

As for the maids and the original Annelier’s relatives, it would affect them terribly if they were to lose their positions, so I think they would have stayed silent even if they noticed.

Prince Reinhardt already dealt with everyone outside Annelier’s circle, so that was only a problem before he found me out.

I’m doing what Prince Reinhardt wanted, but on the inside, I felt like I was also starting to think that’s what I wanted, too.

So as for what Prince Reinhardt wanted, it was probably my pregnancy to push through without a hitch.

I should probably follow along with what Prince Reinhardt wished and just cooperate.

It would just be my theory, but wouldn’t continuing those intense training at night make it difficult for pregnancy?

I don’t clearly remember when or where, but I’ve heard about it before.

If you’re pregnant or at least trying to be, one should refrain from that kind of thing, so doing it in a non-intense way would make things easier, right?

I should recommend this to Prince Reinhardt.

It’s not because I hated the training nor because I always got squeezed until I felt like I was going to die!

It would only be because of logic!

Furthermore, the conversation with Prince Reinhardt should be right before training.

Prince Reinhardt wasn’t violent, so he would most certainly answer if I started a conversation right away.

However, he usually moved on with things quickly, so there isn’t any room for slow conversations.

As usual, in the middle and after are (omitted)…

Therefore, the perfect time to start a conversation was as we entered the room.

If I were to execute my plan like last time, then that would be an apparent mistake. It wouldn’t be the same this time around, so it’s whatever…!

Today, I sat on my knees on the bed as I awaited Prince Reinhardt’s arrival.

He had allotted my recent training time to dance lessons in nothing but a chastity belt with two thick poles sticking from inside me, so I decided it would buy me more time if I weren’t on the bed.

Additionally, the nighttime tools were already put in a box and brought by a maid in advance.

I wondered if they had any idea about the things in the box, but I wasn’t brave enough to ask.

The box was brought again today, so it’s safe to assume there will be training even if I stayed silent as usual.

Today was different. Before that, as Prince Reinhardt arrived, I instantly started by saying: “There’s something I would like to talk about.”

“What is it?”

Prince Reinhardt put a robe over his pajamas, sat on the bed, turned his body toward me, and waited for my response.

“Uhhh… Prince Reinhardt, I think you want to have a child with me, but…”

As I said that, Prince Reinhardt slightly widened his eyes as if he were surprised. He then squinted.



Was I wrong?

“You’re saying this now?”

“Was… Am I wrong?”

“You’re not wrong.”

Ah, good.

I was right.

“I thought I told you I would impregnate you but was it that you did not hear?”


Now that I thought about it, I felt like he said something about if I were to get pregnant, then it’ll buy time… It was along those lines.

“Sorry… I… I forgot.”

Uhhh. He’s staring at me.

“I kept pouring out that much seed every day, and up until now, you didn’t think that was my intention?”

“Uhm… It was more like it didn’t cross my mind.”

There really wasn’t any room to think, to be honest.


Uhhh… Prince Reinhardt’s eyes were half-open.

“And? Is that not what you wanted to say?”

If you looked at me like that, it’d only be natural that I’d find it hard to speak, Prince Reinhardt.

“Uhm… I heard that it’s difficult to have a baby if you’re too rough every day.”


Ah. He slowly started to smile.

That’s a good sign.

“Therefore, if you wish for a child, I felt that it would be better to refrain from doing a little bit more at night.”


This wasn’t good.

…That smile looks scary, Prince Reinhardt.

“This is the first that I’ve heard of how refraining will make pregnancy easier. This isn’t just a lie that you’re just saying because you dislike me, is it?”

I shook my head from side to side.

“Uhhh, uhm… When you’re pregnant, you refrain from that kind of thing, right?”

“That’s right. I’d heard it would certainly hurt the child in your stomach, so until the doctor gives permission, we’re not allowed to be strenuous.”

“So before noticing you’re pregnant, it should still apply…”

“I see. That’s consistent with reason.”

With a scary face, Prince Reinhardt reached his hand out to touch my cheek.

I trembled as he gently caressed me.

“That means you want to have my child, right?

…It’s embarrassing if you put it in such blunt words, Prince Reinhardt.

I realized that to live as Annelier meant I’d have to depend on Prince Reinhardt. It also seemed like I was trained, but still, saying it in that way was embarrassing.

“Anna. Answer. Now.”

Prince Reinhardt accurately sensed that I was embarrassed and was precisely forcing me more into it.

I nodded in agreement, but as expected, that wasn’t enough.

“Answer properly.”

“…I want Prince Reinhardt’s baby.”

Even this wasn’t enough.

Prince Reinhardt smiled in a way that wasn’t scary, but still, it seemed to be the wrong answer.

“Anna, beg me properly. In this kind of moment, what would be the right thing to say?”

I didn’t intend to, but I fully understood what he wanted to say.

If I don’t say it with embarrassing words, he won’t accept it.

…Since he’s the sadistic Prince Reinhardt!

“I want to be im… Impregnated with Prince Reinhardt’s baby. Please impregnate me…!”

“Very well. Let’s adopt your opinion, but you can only choose one. Do you want to be gently violated every day or to be violated roughly once in a while? Decide.”


Pick one?

Weren’t both terrible?

Not rough or not every day…

It’s Prince Reinhardt, so I have to say it in a humiliating way, huh?

“Which is it?”

What should I do?

If I repeat something that embarrassing, I’ll probably die of shame… But I might regret it later if I don’t think about it seriously.

If I said I wanted to be violated roughly, then will it become rougher than before…?

That wasn’t good.

I might die… And even if I didn’t, I’d probably break.

Even for the intense and passionate Annelier… More than that was impossible, wasn’t it!?

Every day won’t be more than what I’m used to – that is – not more than now.

If it doesn’t become harsher than now, the status quo would still stand, even if the severity wouldn’t change.

The result of the short meeting in my brain was unanimous.

“I want to be violated every day.”

…I ignored the embarrassment I felt.

“Anna, is the reason why you keep on inadequately begging me because you wanted to be punished?”

“N… no.”

“You’re a bad girl.”

“I’m not…”

I’m not…!

“I will allow a redo. However, punishment’s a punishment.”

“What is the… Punishment…”

“Take off your clothes, open your legs, and spread your hole with your fingers. Can you do that? I’ll have you do the same thing Annelier did on our first night. Afterwards, I want you to beg me in that position.”

It got worse…

Whenever Prince Reinhardt spoke, it wouldn’t end well if I were to disobey.

If I resisted, I just knew it would only intensify things.


It’s embarrassing…

“Can’t you do it?”

“…I can.”

While I could feel my eyes tearing up, I started taking off my thin pajamas.

My clothing that was only being held up by a string was removed in no time. Since I wasn’t wearing any underwear, I was instantly naked.

It may be too late to put this out there, but in my opinion, risque poses always felt so uncomfortable…!

I opened my legs as I took a peek at Prince Reinhardt.

He was staring intently.

…While feeling his gaze, I slowly spread my hole wide open.

“Prince Reinhardt… Please violate… And impregnate me every day…”

“Very well.”

Prince Reinhardt nodded his head in satisfaction.

Immediately, he got on the bed and pushed at my shoulders.

I fell over and found myself looking at the domed ceiling.

“Hold your legs up.”

In this position…?

“Like so. Pull your knees up to your shoulders and stick out your butt.”

Uhhh… Another embarrassing pose, huh?

I knew that he would violate me as I was in the following position, so repositioning myself was extra embarrassing.

However, just by obeying him unquestioningly, Prince Reinhardt looked like he was enjoying it more today.

I wonder if there’s a cure for sadism.

It couldn’t be helped, so I posed as Prince Reinhardt had ordered me to.

…It seemed like I was saved from dance training today.

“You’re lewd again tonight, huh? I’m not even touching you, yet you’re already wet.”


Prince Reinhardt suddenly thrust his finger in.

There was a resounding Schlick! noise that confirmed I was wet even before being touched.

“It seems preparation is unnecessary. As you pleaded, I’ll violate you. Watch as your filthily lewd lower mouth takes me.”

The purpose of having me in this pose was to let me see my hole as it took him in.

If I avoided looking, he’d surely be mad, but this kind of dirty play was too…

As I was about to close my eyes, I realized.

Prince Reinhardt followed my plea for daily violation, but I didn’t specify that he shouldn’t violate me roughly…!

“Uhhh… Uhhh!”

“What is it, Anna?”

“Be gentle… Please.”


Just before entering, Prince Reinhardt stopped, leaned forward, and looked into my eyes.

“Gentle, in what way?”


Was there any other way of being gentle?

“State it specifically.”


“Uhhh… Uhm…”

As if it were the first-time-around-sex-reward with the heroine…

No… I can’t say reward!

When I said reward to Prince Reinhardt, he made me cum for a tremendous amount of time!

That was torture…!

Not reward!

Not like a reward, but like… Like it’s with the heroine.

“…Like I’m your lover.”


“Please be sweet.”

Ah… I made a mistake.

If I remember correctly, he said he wouldn’t be nice about it…

“I’ll consider it.”

Was that not a mistake?

“But that will be later. For now, I’ll violate you.”

…What a terrible man.

“Na… Ahn…!”

I could hear the sound of my wet hole being pushed open as Prince Reinhardt came in.

“Take a good look at who’s violating you, Anna.”

I was deeply swallowing Prince Reinhardt’s thing.

“Ah! Ah… Prince Rein…hardt…!”

He pulled out his enormous dick, leaving just the tip in, and repeatedly thrust it back up to the hilt.

“Ah! Ah…!”

The more he violently thrust it in… The harder it rubs inside…! Ngh…!

“Don’t grind against me…!”


“I’ll cum…!”

Prince Reinhardt went deep in me as he incessantly ground down on my insides.

“Ah! Ahhh! Cumming…! Ngh…!”


Grinding on all…! The good spots…!

“Ah! Ahhh!”

“…Even if I’m not rough, you’re still lewd, climaxing so quickly.”

I can’t take any more…!

No more! Grinding…!

I was mistaken.

Even if Prince Reinhardt wasn’t rough, Annelier’s body was just too depraved, so even in moderation, it still felt intense to the point of relentless orgasms…

On top of that, it seemed like Prince Reinhardt was in stamina preservation mode… He continued even after I lost consciousness.

“You continued cumming even after you lost consciousness.”

That was what I heard as I woke up.

I hoped, and at the same time didn’t, that someone out there could understand this miserable feeling I was having.

After being crushed as I woke up this morning, I wasn’t good for anything outside of bathing and getting dressed.

However, following the afternoon princess training studies, once tea time started, something that hasn’t happened so far finally happened.

Prince Reinhardt called me to his office.

Tea-time together… What was this strange turn of events?

Perhaps he thought about how I said like a lover yesterday?

Although he didn’t take it as gentleness in bed, I was happy for our first tea-time together.

“Prince Reinhardt, she has arrived.”

As I entered, I thanked the maid who brought me here and opened the door.

“Annelier, come here.”

He called me Annelier as we were outside. I felt a little sad as I approached Prince Reinhardt.

I was surprised to see that there was already tea prepared for two on his office desk.

…But tea on his office desk?

There didn’t seem to be enough chairs.

As I was thinking, Prince Reinhardt suddenly lifted me in his arms.


“Last night, you begged me to do this right, so why are you so surprised?”


Right now, I was on Prince Reinhardt’s lap.


Was this really what I begged for?

Be friendly as if I were your lover – was this it?

So, it was this kind of thing.

I became teary and looked around at my surroundings.

This was the crown prince’s office, so even though it was break time, the chamberlains and officials were still doing different things, but…

I’m supposed to have tea on Prince Reinhardt’s lap while all those people could see!?

That’s too embarrassing…!

“I sent off the young and unmarried people, so it’s alright.”

No… No!? That’s not the problem!


Prince Reinhardt brought snacks up to my mouth.

If I don’t eat this…

I swallowed the saliva in my mouth as preparation for eating the snack from Prince Reinhardt’s hand.

I can’t seem to taste its flavor, Prince Reinhardt.

I’m sorry… I was mistaken.

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