I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

19. The Target of Attention

“P, Phil, why don’t you just let go of my hand…”

“Nope, this is a great opportunity for me.”

E, eeeh?

Indeed, that day I was wearing a dress that I normally wouldn’t wear. It was actually encouraging to have an escort.


Everyone was looking at me.

“…Why are they staring at me so much?”

“Because Lucia is so beautiful.”

That’s not true.

I immediately thought so.

If I were to judge, only half were surprised. The rest stared at me for a different reason altogether.

Perhaps, the story of my engagement with Gorman being annulment had spread. However, I felt that wasn’t only the reason.

…It was because their gazes weren’t warm. Instead, they were piercing.


I knew one emotion that could evoke murderous intent.

It was part of basic knowledge—

“—Are they, jealous…? Of me?”

I felt that wasn’t the actual reason.

…Ah, that’s right.

It was Phil. The women were probably cursing me because I was being escorted by Phil. Alves had foreseen that.

Well, as long as it isn’t my fault, it doesn’t matter.

The marriage between Gorman and Irena was carried out in a strict manner, one befitting that of a marriage between a count and a viscount.

The altar was luxuriously made with plenty of gold to demonstrate the wealth belonging to the family of Count Orfels. It reflected the light of the candles brilliantly. Looking up from my seat among the attendees made my eyes weary.

I was impressed by the count family.

…However, even if I tried to distract myself, I still felt anxious.

The marriage ceremony was about to commence. I thought that none of the attendees were looking at the groom.

They were definitely focusing on our seats.

As expected, they were being discreet about it. Glancing over my shoulder, I spotted a person who was whispering to his seatmate. When they noticed my gaze, they abruptly stopped. Regardless, the moment I turned away, they continued whispering to each other.

I could feel their gazes piercing against my back.

…Of course, there were also those who stared at me with ridicule. Their eyes were asking why I was there even though I had been abandoned by my former fiancé. But most looked either startled, suspicious, or jealous.

What kind of situation was that?

Was it my simple yet beautiful necklace? Or, was it the pair of pearl drop earrings?

They were definitely eye-catching.

Some might also be focusing on me due to the irony of attending my former fiancé’s wedding.

But, this is definitely…

I gently looked to my side.

I wanted to know what kind of face Phil, the absolute target of attention, was making.

…The person with beautiful silver hair and a good-looking face—had his eyes closed.

While maintaining a firm posture, he kept his eyes closed. It was as if he were indulging his own thoughts—

but he’s definitely sleeping!

Did he usually sleep at such times?!

Moreover, he was getting a lot of attention!

When I stared at him, Phil opened his eyes.

He should had been asleep, but when he looked at me, his eyes were clear. He looked prepared to swing a sword.

…As expected of a knight.

Phil smiled and whispered into my ear.

“Lucia, if you stare at me so much, I won’t be able sleep because I’ll get shy.”

…No, in the first place, you shouldn’t be sleeping.

I pushed Phil’s face back.

In the end, Phil slept throughout the whole procession.

Well, he had been busy with work, so it couldn’t be helped—was what I kept telling myself.

I hoped the people around me who saw him dozing off would understand…

When I was thinking that—

“—Welcome to our wedding!”

The bride and the groom who had just finished their wedding and Count Orfels approached our seats.

More than half of the people had already left the altar. However, it was still crowded near the entrance. The eyes of those people turned towards us all at once.

Shocked, I hurried to greet them.

But, when I tried to stand up, I couldn’t because Phil pulled my arm.

…Eh, what should I do?

I was confused for a moment, but Phil kept tapping my shoulder.

Distracted by his gesture, I calmed down a little. I noticed that Count Orfels, Gorman, and even Irena weren’t looking at me.

The three people were staring at Phil.

***T/N: Phil is the live definition of uno reverse card in that ceremony.

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