Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

80.2 The Three Princesses

While the women in the banquet hall all scream, many of the men calmly confirm the situation. As expected of soldier-san. Grave-sama in particular is already surrounded by robust soldier like people who have taken a defensive formation.

In exchange, no one has come to protect these princess-sama.

“Nina, there is a dangerous smell in the air.”

“Yuffie-onee-sama, something fun seems to be happening.”

Arere, these twin princess-sama, for some reason, are responding differently from everyone. Even though the people in the banquet hall are considerably uneasy and can be seen trembling, the eyes of twin princess-sama, who haven’t let go of my arms, shine as they speak.

Then, zuun, a second impact echoes.

“It came from the south, wa.”
“Something is happening, let’s go.”

Quite unexpectedly, the twin princess-sama joyfully slip out the banquet hall.
Of course, they still haven’t let go of me!


Due to the unexpected turmoil, Ceries-sama’s strength seems to have loosened. Yufeila-sama and Nina-sama lead me away and bring me out of the banquet hall.

The twin princess-sama step into the wide corridor. Then, just like that, they kick open a window and jump out to the royal villa’s garden.


I’m shocked, their behavior is unbefitting for princess-sama.

“Nina, look at that.”

“Yuffie-onee-sama, over there.”

The twin princess-sama, having jumped out into the garden, point in the same direction at the same time.


In the direction the twin princess-sama are pointing, a demon beast is rampaging. The people surrounding it must be the guards of the royal villa. Wearing the armor of the military, they are struggling against it.

“Your Highness, this place is dangerous. Please, fall back.”
A guard instantly notices the twin princess-sama and hurries to their side.

I, however, don’t have the time to worry about the guard-san or the twin prince-sama who have taken hold of my arms and refuse to let go.

“Nina, what a frightening demon beast.”
“Yuffie-onee-sama, that is a wolf demon beast, wa.”

What is this?
Rampaging in the garden of the royal villa is very, very, familiar large, ashen grey, wolf demon beast.

What are you doing heeeeeere!?
I scream out in my heart.

“Your Highness, please take shelter!”
The guard-san is getting frustrated. That too is to be expected. 

At the howl of the large, rampaging, wolf demon beast, an explosion occurs. The soldiers are able to somehow avoid it, but they can’t capture the swift footed demon beast. It only looks like they are running around back and forth.

“The one going down is you, wa.”
“Since you’re being a nuisance, be gone.”

The twin princess-sama, however, seem to be enjoying themselves. They smile in response to the guard-san’s order. 

The guard-san’s expression then tenses. He shouts out, “The twins-sama are about to act up! Ruuuuuuuuuun!”

All the other guards realize what is happening at that cry and run away with all their strength.


I am so confused by what is happening that my mind stops. The large wolf demon beast also stops. In his case, it is because those who were chasing him suddenly ran away as fast as they could.

The twin princess-sama then act without any thought towards me or the large, wolf, demon beast. They let go of my arms and instead take one another’s hands. Then, from beside me, the two happily begin to spin around.

“With Yufeila!”


Zat’s!” My hairs stand on end at what I feel welling up from the twin princess-sama. Then, at the same time, from around the two, countless flying dragon shaped spears appear.

I’ve seen this before. It is a high ranking, release system, dragon technique that Gild-san has been teaching me recently. How are the princess-sama able to use dragon techniques!?

My doubt disappears in an instant.

I take everything I have and release it at once.

“”Dragon Spear Boisterous Dance!!””

The words of power spoken by the twin princess-sama overlap.

Then, the countless dragon spears zip towards the large, wolf, demon beast.

The large, wolf, demon beast, dumbfounded, is slow to react. The dragon spears will be on him in an instant and he no longer has time to react.

A large explosion blazes up.

The blast sweeps beyond where the large, wolf, demon beast was rampaging and violently shakes the royal villa.

Smoke rises, stealing away everyone’s vision.

“Nina, we over did it.”
“Yuffie-onee-sama, we went too far, wa.”
Ara ma, Ernea-kun is gone, wa.”
“What should we do? Was he blown away by the blast?”

Despite the poor visibility, I can hear Yufelia-sama and Nina-sama talking to each other.

From behind me, the large, wolf, demon beast is groaning out an apology.

The large, wolf, demon beast is already a friend of the Dragon’s Forest to everyone, including me. He’s Priscilla-chan’s favorite, in particular. I don’t know why he came here, but I’d be troubled if he died. If possible, I don’t want him to get hurt either.

For those reasons, I space jumped between the large, wolf, demon beast and the twin princess-sama at once. Then, I used all my strength to defend against their attack with a barrier.

The current me can use the dragon spear. I’m familiar with how destructive it is. Hence, I had a feeling I might be able to stop the countless dragon spears of the twin princess-sama if I went all out.

The smoke gradually begins to clear away and the twin princess-sama come into view. They are still holding hands.

Then, when the twin princess-sama see me, they are shocked.

T/N: So Ernea does remember he can teleport.

~Gandire Alea

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