Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

81.1 Inside a Locked Room

“Niina, how is Ernea-kun there?”
“Yuffie-onee-sama, why is Ernea-kun there?”
“Ernea-kun was here with us just now, wa.”
“Undoubtedly, wa.”
“But Ernea-kun is for some reason over there.”
“Moreover, Ernea-kun looks to be protecting the magical beast, wa.”

Yep, yep, the twin ojou-sama muse with the same gestures.

Will I be able to even explain this?
Although, before that…

“Hey you, why’d you come here for? This place is dangerous, so go back.”

Gyun,” the great wolf magic beast makes a cute whine at my words, runs off, and disappears.

“Niina, the magic beast escaped, wa.”
“It has escaped, wa.”

How do I explain this to the twin ojou-sama?
While I am thinking hard over what to say, I walk back to where I was earlier.

“Ernea, are you alright?!”
At long last, Ristia, Ceries-sama, and a great deal of soldiers rush here.

Ara ma, looks like you were finally able to break the barrier.”
“As expected of Ristia-kun.”

Didn’t they say something strange just now?

“This is a problem, wa. We have to escape.”
“As it is, Ernea-kun won’t say anything.”

With those words, the twin ojou-sama again take firm hold of my arms and flee.

…from Ristia and everyone else who supposedly came to help us!

I cry out.

Onee-sama-kata, please waiiiit!”
I hear Ceries-sama crying out to them from far behind us just before she vanishes from view.

“Niina, if it’s here, we should be safe.”
“Yuffie-onee-sama, if it’s here, we should be safe.”

Without being able to say anything, I am dragged to and confined in a room within the royal villa. The entrance to the room is locked, the windows are covered with heavy curtains, and the twin ojou-sama for some reason set up a barrier.

Saa, Ernea-kun, explain what that was earlier, already.”
“There is no escape, wa.”

In a room where light cannot reach even though it is still daytime, the twin ojou-sama press me to talk.

“If you don’t tell, you will be punished.”
“Tell, and something good will happen, wa.”

The twin ojou-sama press their soft, large breasts forward.
Flustered, I back away, but they chase after me.

A chest is pressed against me from behind where I can’t see and something trips me by grabbing my leg.

Maa, going so far as to invite us to lay on the bed, you are quite the audacious child.”
“It can’t be helped, wa.  We’ll do something good first, wa.”

With those words, the twin ojou-sama entwine themselves around me.  My mind is racing.

“Pl- please wait. I’ll talk, so let me go, pleaaaaassssse!”
My right hand is within Yufeilia-sama’s chest while my left hand is squished between Niina-sama’s thighs.

Their skin is smooth and warm!
The hell am I thinking!?

While struggling to somehow maintain my self-control, I free my hands.

“It’s fine, we’ll start by giving you this, wa.”
“Finally, our time to allow a gentleman to approach our bodies has also come, wa.”

So- so straightforward.
The twin ojou-sama approach me from atop of the bed, but I run away.

I am not a loser. I am extremely interested in this. But if I lay a hand on the twin ojou-sama right now, things will get really bad!

“Wa-wait, please.”
Maa, teasing us like this.”
“Ernea-kun is also wonderful like this, wa.”

How did this happen?
The twin ojou-sama invite me with their alluring assault, but I somehow manage to endure.

“Be-before my explanation…” I am again caught and the twin ojou-sama press their esteemed breast-sama against me.  “How is it your two respectable selves are able to use the dragon spear?”

My question makes the twin ojou-sama flinch into stopping.

“Ernea-kun knows of the dragon spear?”
“This is just as onii-sama said it would be, wa.”

Fufufu, the twin ojou-sama giggle as they exchange glances.

Mumumu, what are you trying to say?”
“The dragon spear is a high ranking dragon technique.”
“Knowing of the dragon spear means Ernea-kun is familiar with dragon techniques.”

Ohhh, they have good intuition.

Eetto, that is because your two respectable selves said it was the Boisterous Dragon Spear Dance.”

I’ll just play dumb for now.

“Niina, even now Ernea-kun seems to be trying to deceive us, wa.”
“Yuffie-onee-sama, Ernea-kun seems to be trying to deceive us, wa.”

Umumu, it’s like they’re seeing straight through me.

T/N These two twins mirror the ends of their sentences a lot.  I try to make the sentences match when I can, but some don’t translate well.  It makes telling apart who is talking a bit hard, but I believe Yuffie tends to talk first and Niina follows up.  That said, I think the author intentionally wants it to be vague.  Anyway, it has been a while since I last updated.  Hopefully, this won’t be a one time thing, but my schedule has cleared up some recently, so maybe things are looking up for this series. 

~Gandire Alea

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