I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

40. I’ll Tell my Husband Properly!

Oswald’s expression remained the same.

He silently stared at Charlotte. Despite appearing expressionless, there was a sense of sincerity emanating from him. It might have been a symbol of affirmation.

“Oswald, you told me that you monitored me through magic. To cement that fact, you came to my room immediately after I had unknowingly used my divine power, didn’t you?”

At that time, he coldly warned her.

“I’m sorry to say this… but since then, I’ve used my divine power several times.”


Oswald scolded her when she opened the first page of her diary.

However, after that, Charlotte managed to turn a page. As a result, she saw a glimpse of her past. Not only that, the other day, in Heydemarie’s greenhouse, she healed an injured lady.

Oswald never reprimanded her for them.

“The reason why Oswald hasn’t mentioned my using divine power… It’s because you’ve dispelled the surveillance magic, isn’t it?”


Then, while tightly entwining her fingers right in front of her chest, Charlotte spoke.

“Oswald’s magic is both delicate and wonderful. While it consumes only a tiny bit of magic, your spell can unleash its maximum effect.”

Oswald agreed to let Heydemarie teach Charlotte.

Perhaps, that wasn’t due to her need for education, but more because of his own magic.

“There was also that instance with the Fenrir. I know that the reason Oswald used sleep magic is because you were thinking of the Fenrir. But a second reason, could it be because of the mighty Fenrir? Back then, weren’t you trying to avoid getting into battle with him?”

Compared to offensive spells, sleep magic consumed less magical power.

Oswald closed his eyes and took a small breath.

“…Is that what you were concerned about?”


When asked, she shook her head.

“I want to be honest with you.”

Hopefully, Oswald didn’t notice the trembling of her fingers. While praying inwardly, she then spoke.

“—My divine power is recovering.”


From the incident with the Fenrir, Oswald ought to be aware of it.

At that time, Oswald implied that Charlotte would exhaust whatever was left of her divine power, an act that might lead to her death.

But in reality, Charlotte wasn’t at risk at all.

After that, she used her healing power for Irene.

The reason why nothing had happened—her divine power was steadily recovering.

“When Oswald wasn’t watching, I was able to use a healing spell without any trouble. This… this is concerning, isn’t it?”


Charlotte’s divine power had been sealed by the decree of the king.

At the same time, Charlotte was considered a villain. Therefore, it was only to be expected for the king to issue such a command. The one who was ordered to seal her—it was Oswald.

“As my divine power has returned, you have to seal it. Otherwise, people might think that Oswald failed in his mission—but, I…”

Charlotte squeezed her hands.

She was scared to speak honestly.

The cause wasn’t because she feared being sealed.

The sole reason I lost my memory is because my divine power was sealed.

My divine power and memories seem to be linked.

Therefore, if my divine power is sealed again, my memories will surely disappear.

Beneath her closed eyes, the memories of the short days she had spent since waking up without a single memory rose.

These memories—all the words, facial expressions, and memories that Oswald bestowed upon me… I’m truly scared of losing them.

At the same time, she tried to be sensible.

Still, to avoid any kind of conflict, I’m ready to forsake everything.

Charlotte opened her eyes and looked straight up at Oswald.

This love is certainly very important, but the most important thing for me is to help my beloved Oswald…!

In all earnestness, she told Oswald.

“Please seal my divine power again, Oswald.”


“Magical power is only consumed when magic circles are engraved. Therefore, renewing the seal shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Hence, she was sure everything would be fine.

Oswald would surely be able to re-seal Charlotte’s divine power without delay. Although her memories would vanish, it wasn’t the end.

She might fell for Oswald once again.

If I can fall in love with this person all over again, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Therefore, it’s alright—don’t cry, don’t be afraid… don’t be afraid—…!

She desperately told herself such.

Despite everything, she still trembled. While pursing her lips, she stared at Oswald. She didn’t realize that her vision was blurring.


While quietly staring at Charlotte, Oswald began to speak.

“—Come here, Charlotte.”


She nodded and said yes.

As Charlotte took a step forward, her golden hair fluttered.

The moonlight, which bore the same color, shone through her long hair. She stood right in front of Oswald.

He held out his hand.

Inwardly, she said goodbye—so that it wouldn’t reach Oswald.

…Goodbye, my beloved Oswald.

When she was prepared and had closed her eyes—


Oswald pinched Charlotte’s cheek tightly.



Surprised, she unintentionally opened his eyes.

Then, Oswald started caressing Charlotte’s hair.

Somehow, he looked expressive.

Uwawawa—O, Oswald!?”

She was slightly concerned for her hair, but other than that, she didn’t mind getting patted.

Charlotte also recalled that Heydemarie would stroke the head of her pet Fenrir.

Oswald then pulled Charlotte’s cheeks with both hands.

“—In short.”


When Oswald lowered his gaze, his long eyelashes were emphasized. They were truly appealing.

With his red eyes, Oswald stared at Charlotte before speaking in a murky tone.

“…You want me to kiss you again?”


Her face reddened in an instant.

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