I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

39. I’m Worried about my Husband!

“…Is that so?”

“That’s right. Hence, I’m not jealous.”

Then, Charlotte turned towards Oswald.

The beautiful ladies seemed to be in a good mood. Not only were they speaking a lot, they’d also smile and touch Oswald.

As Oswald had his back towards her, she couldn’t see his expression.

Nevertheless, Charlotte thought to herself.

…Beautiful women look great next to beautiful men.


Ignatius, who seemed about to say something, spoke to Charlotte after glancing at the ceiling.

“…Uh, Charlotte. If you have any problems with that friend of mine, do feel free to confide in me anytime.”

“…To you?”

Most likely, Charlotte wouldn’t have the opportunity to have any problems with Oswald in that lifetime.

…While he was so cool, she was often the one in trouble. Still, she was sure about it.

But Ignatius grinned and said in a very bright voice.

“Yes, I may be able to provide some useful information. For example, the type of woman he likes…”


“Therefore, feel free to nominate me as an alternative escort for the saint at any time.”

“That… yes, I might do that someday—”

“—What are you talking about?”


At that moment, Charlotte wanted to turn around with all her might.

However, she desperately suppressed that urge. Then, Oswald, who had returned, quietly stared at Ignatius.


“Ignatius, you haven’t said anything outrageous to Charlotte, right?”

“Pardon? I merely told her that right after you enrolled in the magic academy, you beat 100 senior students with your magic.”

“Well, you shouldn’t!! Also, you’re exaggerating.”

At Oswald’s words, Ignatius turned towards Charlotte and shrugged.

Charlotte endured her desire to swoon from Oswald’s cuteness. Once again, she pictured the 10-years-old Oswald. On the surface, she appeared to be smiling gracefully, though.

“Fufu, such a nice conversation we had. Ignatius, please talk to me again at a later date.”

“Yes, by all means. Then, Oswald, see you tomorrow at the royal castle.”

Ignatius waved to Oswald and then bid Charlotte farewell. After giving a bow, Ignatius left.


Then, Oswald stared at her with an unreadable expression.

“…Ignatius is a cat person.”


Oswald then clutched his forehead and murmured.

“Dammit, what the hell am I talking about?”

By the way, regardless of whether I’m a cat or a dog, I’d still love Oswald!

…Anyway, Oswald seems to be concerned about something.

Perhaps, he was worried that she wasn’t feeling well.

That concern of his wasn’t new. For a few days, he had been concerned about Charlotte.

Just then, Oswald said.

“…I want to breathe in the outside air a little. Charlotte, let’s head to the garden.”

“Alright, Oswald.”

As Oswald wanted to take a break, she was worried was might be unwell.

Oswald and Charlotte went out to the terrace through the open door.

Relying on the moonlight and the flower-shaped lamps shining at their feet, they descended upon the garden.

After they had stopped in front of the fountain, Oswald deployed a magic circle under his feet.

“This …is a magic circle with a soundproofing effect.”

“Yes, although the effect is very weak. If I were to completely block the sound, it’d be apparent that I’m using magic. But with this level of soundproofing, it’ll be difficult to notice.”

In other words, Charlotte could drop her pretenses and speak like usual.

“Oswald, are you alright!?”

In her original tone, she rushed to ask Oswald.

“Is it a cold!? Or are you having a headache!?”

Then, after a moment of shock, Oswald stared at Charlotte.

“…You don’t have to be so concerned.”


“I’m not sick, I just thought that you needed a break.”


Towards his unexpected reply, Charlotte was in shock.


“During the evening ball, you’ve been being forced to give your all the entire time. No, to be exact, from the preparation phase. I’m aware that it takes time for women to prepare for parties. Therefore, I suspected that you haven’t rested once all this time.”


His concern made her chest warm.

Oswald was very kind. Not only did he pay attention to her performance during the evening ball, but also to her efforts during the preparation phase.

“Thank you, Oswald, but I’m alright!”

“I wonder about that.”

Then, he peered at Charlotte and said.

“It seems like you’ve been worried about something ever since the Fenrir incident not too long ago?”


Her shoulders bounced, but only slightly.

Oswald didn’t miss it.

After some contemplation, Charlotte decided to yield.

“…I’ve been enjoying myself every single day.”


In his suspicious gaze, Charlotte lifted her head and said.

“Since the beginning of my newly-married life with Oswald, every day, it’s as if a rainbow has been shining in the sky! Oswald has always been at the center of it. Oswald’s voice, Oswald’s expression, not to mention…”

She recalled the warmth of his embrace, and there was an unbearable pain in her chest.


After fleetingly averting her gaze, she raised her face once again.

Then, after taking a deep breath.

“…Isn’t your magical power depleted?”


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