I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

38.2 My Husband was Also Cute in his Past!

The name of the social technique is, ‘To Assemble and Casually Reiterate Information that was just Acquired’!

She heard that it was difficult to do. However, Charlotte was willing to do anything for Oswald. Therefore, she desperately organized her thoughts and spoke with a stern expression.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ignatius. It’s alright. While I didn’t hear from Oswald directly, it’s only to be expected for the Gimmel family to set their eyes upon Oswald. …Those women, they seem infatuated with Oswald.”


Ignatius, who went wide eyed, spoke.

“I’m glad… I am relieved to hear that. As expected of you, Charlotte! Despite sheltering yourself in the temple for so long, you’re knowledgeable to the trends of the world!”

Finally, I did it! As it is, I can ask him to tell me more about Oswald!

She wanted to raise her hands and jump. Then, Charlotte tried to lead him along.

“I wonder, have you had a long relationship with Oswald?”

“That’s correct. Ever since we were enrolled in the Magic Academy at the age of ten, it’s been ten years. Although Oswald was born to a baron family, once his enormous magical power came to be known, the Duke of Langheim adopted him. During his teenage years, he was much more uncouth and unruly than he is now. He can be said to have been somewhat of a problem child. It’s hard to belief, isn’t it?”


Charlotte gently lowered her gaze while concealing her mouth behind her fan. It was a graceful gesture from the outside. But of course, it was different inside.

10-years-old…! Oswald…!

She imagined the 10-year-old Oswald.

He must have been angelic!

“He’d always pick a fight with the seniors. He also refused to listen to the teachers. Although, those seniors bullied the juniors while the teachers were inhumane. Not only was Oswald strong in combat, he had excellent grades. In the end, no one could complain.”

Even though he was young, he had already experienced the harshness of life…?! It must have been difficult for him…!! But, as long as he grew up fine…

…Thus, ten years after that, the result is the current Oswald!?

“Since that time, he was already popular with girls. Although, he didn’t seem to be happy about it.”


Ignatius asked Charlotte, whose chest was about to explode.

“But Charlotte, you’re no longer envious of him anymore, it seems.”


“From what I can see, instead of obeying Oswald due to your divine power being sealed—the reason seems to have been because you truly like him.”


At that moment, Charlotte was a little lost.

Towards that statement, she didn’t know how her former self would react.

Maybe, she should’ve interjected. Perhaps, it’d have been even better if she were to ridicule Ignatius and say, “You’re mistaken.”

However, she couldn’t deny his words.



Then, Ignatius smiled.

Ignatius was very good-looking. The few women who were sneaking glances at him seemed to be fascinated.

“Who would’ve guessed that Charlotte can also act like a normal 18-year-old.”

The smile that fascinated many women was directed towards Charlotte.

However, Charlotte was instead focused on his remark.

…I’m 18-years-old…!

She discovered one more thing. She wasn’t actually interested in her own age. However, for the sake of Oswald, she had to know it.

After all, if she didn’t, she might hinder him. Just like with the incident regarding her maiden name.

“But even if your husband, Oswald, were to talk to other women, you seem to have the patience to forgive him.”

Charlotte then burst into laughter.

“That’s because there’s nothing to forgive.”

Then, Charlotte told Ignatius of a certain thing:


Those certain words were Charlotte’s true intention.

In response, Ignatius stared at Charlotte with his eyes wide open. His expression was filled with insurmountable shock.

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