I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

38.1 My Husband was Also Cute in his Past!

For her to miss Oswald’s words… it was the failing of a lifetime!

Despite being aware of Charlotte’s vile reputation, Ignatius still smiled at her. There was no animosity in his laugh.

“Oh, my, I’m glad that Lady Charlotte approves! I’ll do my best until Oswald returns.”

Wow, what a relief! Oswald, don’t worry, I shall accompany your colleague until then!

She waved him off in her heart. But Oswald had a slightly unimpressed expression.


Oh? Did Oswald just make a terrible grimace? Did I make the wrong choice!? Still, his face is truly nice…!!

Ignatius chuckled and then spoke to Oswald.

“Don’t be tardy, Oswald.”


I did it!

With this, my existence won’t get in Oswald’s way!

Besides, Ignatius is Oswald’s friend! I may be able to hear some precious stories!

Then, Oswald said with a sigh.

“I’ll return, soon.”

“Okay, just go, already.”

See you soon, Oswald!

While seeing him off with all her might in her chest, she wore a clear expression on the surface. Oswald began to approach the girls.

The expressions of the pretty girls became bright and gorgeous at once.

Along with that, Charlotte’s surroundings immediately dispersed. Perhaps, it was because her ‘tether’—namely Oswald—was no longer there.

Oh, dear…

Charlotte stared at the empty space around her.

Somehow, everyone managed to slip away in the blink of an eye.

“Haha, they sure are fleet-footed! Lady Charlotte, are you feeling unwell?”

“No? Well, perhaps a little…”

Charlotte was a villainess. Even though she had no memory of that time, she couldn’t escape from that fact.

It was only natural that the others were terrified of her and scampered away.

It’s a little saddening…

At the same time, she was also aware that she had no right to feel that way.

She regained her composure and stared at Oswald who was conversing with the women in the distance. With a calm expression, Oswald politely explained something to them.

The three girls were clad in gorgeous dresses.

Although they each wore a dignified expression, their gazes betrayed their desire for Oswald.

Ignatius suddenly spoke.

“Don’t think badly of Oswald. While his marriage to you was secret, he still has to apologize to them.”


“Could it be, you didn’t know?”

Ignatius covered his mouth with a hand, appearing as if he had slipped up.

“He didn’t say a word to you? Isn’t that awful? You see, the three sisters over there—they were candidates for Oswald’s fiancée.”

“…Oh, I see.”

“Due to his marriage, he has been refusing all the marriage offers that come his way, but he never outrightly states why. As a result, the other party thought that Oswald rejected them for no apparent reason.’ Hence, the need for him to apologize.”


“But the candidates aren’t limited to those three, though. As you can see, he’s popular, ahaha… haha, ha…”

Seeing the expression Charlotte was making, Ignatius could only release some dry laugher.

“…Forgive me, Lady Charlotte!! I apologize for my thoughtless remarks…!!”

No, I’d rather you tell me more?!

Trembling with excitement, Charlotte desperately tried to maintain her composure.

T, the sides of Oswald that I don’t know…!! I want to know what kind of person he is…!! I want to know which parts of him that they like…!! Argh, those women over there—would it be strange if I were to ask them directly?!

While she was suppressing those feelings, Ignatius became more scared.

“I, I understand what I’ve done. I will keep my silence. So please forgive me…”

Oh no! That won’t do! If Ignatius silences himself, I won’t be able to hear anything about Oswald!

Thus, Charlotte decided to use one of the social techniques taught to her by Heydemarie.

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