I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

37. Meeting my Husband’s Friend!

From that point on, they continued conversing with the approaching guests.

Aristocrats would approach them based on a wide variety of emotions and speculations.

Somehow, while imitating the behavior of her former self, she managed to greet them.

Oswald assisted and escorted Charlotte properly.

Of course, he occasionally checked her situation as well.

“Oi, how is it? Can you still keep going? Hold it in for a bit longer.”

“I, it might be impossible. Since earlier, Oswald, who talks with influential people in an awe-inspiring tone, is too awesome—I’m reaching my limit…!!”

“Alright, hide your face with a fan and take a deep breath. Yes, that’s right, do your best to retain your sanity.”

“O, okay…! Oh no…! Since we’re so close, I ended up inhaling air that was previously dyed with Oswald’s breathe…!”


Despite the contents of their exchange, no one noticed a thing.

“—Look, His Excellency Langheim is commanding the saint.”

“—Does this mean that he has complete control over the saint? W, what skill…! Looks like he doesn’t only excel in the battlefield…!”

None of the aristocrats would’ve thought that something within Charlotte was about to collapse.

Then, a man came.

“Yo, Oswald.”



Noticing the apparent change in Oswald’s tone, Charlotte looked up at him without hesitation.

He directed his gaze towards her, implying, “Look at the man standing in front of you, not me.”

T-that’s right.

Uh, this person is…?

At the an evening ball, the young man was an unusual sight.

He could be said to be of the same age as Oswald.

His straight red hair was tied into a ponytail. The man, who had sleek eyes and a smile on his face, place a hand against his chest and spoke courteously:

“This is our first meeting, Lady Charlotte. My name is Ignatius Raymond Wertmuller—the Marquis of Wertmuller.”

“…Oswald, who is this?”

Ignoring Ignatius, she looked up at Oswald.

Then, while dropping all semblances of formality, Oswald spoke.

“He’s a magician colleague. His personality can be said to be rotten.”


Ignatius immediately raised his voice.

“What a horrible introduction! Even though we’re comrades?! We fought together during war! I’m your f-r-i-e-n-d!”

“How noisy. Regardless of what you said, our relationship is rotten at its core.”

Wow, Oswald’s “friend”…!!

So, does this person know of the sides to Oswald that I don’t? As it’s his well-known friend, Oswald is acting more casual!

“I definitely want to talk to you, but… First of all, Oswald, don’t you have to say a few words over there?”

Charlotte and Oswald turned to the direction where Ignatius had casually gazed.

At a distance, three prettily dressed women were staring at Oswald with stern gazes.

“They’re the three sisters of the Gimmel family.”


As expected, they were amongst the only few noble ladies attending the evening ball. Most of the guests were middle-aged men.

I also felt it. They’ve been staring at Oswald for some time, now…

“Since a while ago, their gazes are… how do I say this, passionate? Considering your position, wouldn’t it be terrible if you don’t say a word to them?”

“…I know.”

Oswald bitterly glanced at Charlotte.


After pondering for a moment, she suddenly noticed.

I see! Oswald, you want to talk to those women, don’t you? Maybe, he was hesitant to do so since he’s with me…

Ignatius suddenly shrugged his shoulders.

“C’mon, otherwise, it’ll turn into a bigger mess. If you’re worried about Charlotte, then I can accompany her for a while.”

“No, that’d be difficult. Charlotte only heeds my words…”

Charlotte interjected his word.

“It’s fine, Oswald.”


Oswald was astonished.

Charlotte removed her hand from Oswald’s arm and instead stood beside Ignatius.


I’m sorry, Oswald.

Inwardly, Charlotte remorsefully apologized.

My behavior may have bothered Oswald…! After all, we’re trying to show that I only listen to Oswald’s commands…!

Despite that, on the surface, she continued to stand proud. For some reason, Oswald lifted an eyebrow.

“She won’t listen to anyone’s words but mine.”

It was as if he was reminding her. In her heart, she nodded.

What he didn’t know was, if it was for Oswald’s sake, Charlotte would listen to absolutely anyone.

“I’ll listen to this person, as well. He seems to be quite talented with magic.”


However, Oswald’s expression grew bitter.

…Dammit, what is this feeling!? It’s like I’m seeing a stray dog I’ve been taking care of eating food from the hands of another! Seriously, what is this feeling!?”

??? Oswald, what happen…?

He seemed to be muttering something. But the hustle and bustle of the venue prevented her from hearing it.

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