I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

36. Pretending to be my Former Self!

The hall was so massive she couldn’t make out the faces of the people standing near the edges. At the same time, it was also crowded with guests. Most of them were older men.

Remember what Oswald said last night…!

Most of the invited guests were either the heads of aristocratic families, or successors.

In addition, high-ranking noble ladies and other influential aristocrat were in attendance.

In other words, most of the guests here are representatives of aristocratic society.

Of course, neither Elvira nor the others were participating in the party. Most probably, Charlotte was the only young lady within the venue.

Underneath the glittering chandelier, the first person to approach them was a middle-aged man. He had just entered the hall.

“This is my first time ever meeting you in person, Lady Saint.”

While the man was smiling, Charlotte felt uneasy. It must had been his sharp gaze.

At the same time, his greeting also served as a trigger. Despite their nonchalant demeanors, the guests were staring at her.

“I’m Thomas Gotthard Marx Brauer.”

Ah! I saw him near the teleport checkpoint earlier!

“It’s a great pleasure to be meeting you. Not only His Majesty, we have also been looking forward to the day where we could meet the saint.”

Then, the man added.

“Now that your divine power is sealed, you seem like an ordinary girl. With such an appearance, don’t you believe it shameless to be facing His Majesty?”

…What you’re currently saying is quite different from what you said earlier.

Nevertheless, Charlotte was enthusiastic.

Let’s do my best! I have to act ‘prideful, untouchable, and cold’! Like how I used to be! As shown in the diary…!

While reminding herself inwardly, Charlotte spoke.

“…I’m Charlotte. Charlotte Leah—…”

Charlotte realized something.

My maiden name!! I don’t know my maiden name!!

She couldn’t use the ‘Langheim’ surname because it’d reveal their marriage.

Oh no, what should I do…!

When she reflexively turned towards Oswald, he also had a hopeless expression.

However, she was probably imagining it.

After all, Oswald didn’t know that Charlotte had lost her memory.

At the same time, it’s not like I can just say to Oswald, ‘what’s my surname’!?

“…Pardon me, Your Excellency Brauer, but I’m sure you’re already aware of her name—”

Despite being unaware of Charlotte’s circumstances, Oswald still interjected. He seemed about to help her.

Should I leave it to Oswald?

…No, that won’t do!

“Your Excellency… apparently, the saint is in a bad mood.”

Heydemarie’s teaching flashed through Charlotte’s mind.

“—Listen, Charlotte. As I said before, the evening party is a battlefield. On the battlefield, be aware that even garbage can be used!”

“…E, even garbage!”

Heydemarie, who had a teacup in her hand, spoke while stroking the tip of the baby Fenrir’s nose. It snuggled up tightly to her.

“Petals that fell from the vase. A dress that was spilled with wine. Unscrupulous remarks and vanity from hostile opponents. Take advantage of those negative factors.”

“Basically, using those negative elements against them…”

“—You’re good at it, aren’t you?”

Then, Heydemarie smiled softly.

I’m not confident that I can do it…! Anyway, I have to help Oswald no matter what! I have to do something, regardless of whatever it may bring!

…Hence, Charlotte tugged at Oswald’s hand.


Looking up at him, she smiled pridefully, dauntlessly, just like the former Charlotte.

“My mood has soured, Oswald.”

As she stated it with dignity, she made an elegant posture.

“I don’t want to greet this person.”

“…Wha—!? L, Lady Saint—!”

“If you’ve truly been looking forward to meeting me, then there’s no need for me to introduce myself. After all, the name of said ‘ordinary girl’, whose divine power has been sealed—you should already be aware of it.”


The twisted face of the nobleman turned crimson. Her surroundings began whispering quietly to each other.

“Because of His Excellency Brauer’s remark, the saint is in a bad mood…”

“How foolish! Even though the existence of the saint will directly influence the power dynamics!”

“Gu, gununu…”

However, Charlotte’s purpose wasn’t to argue with him.

That was why—she pleaded to Oswald.

“Hey, can you forgive me?”


I wonder if I behaved exactly like my previous self…?

Oswald looked surprised.While staring at him, she told him through the movement of her lips, unbeknownst to anyone else.


‘Scold me.’


Oswald seemed to have guessed her intention.

“…That won’t do, Charlotte.”

The surroundings held their breath at Oswald’s remark.

“That’s unacceptable. You need to introduce yourself properly to His Excellency. Name yourself, Charlotte Leah Ainsworth.”


She bit her lips and quickly regained her sanity.

M, moreover, ‘Ainsworth’! Oswald, he—!

With the information she had just obtained, she pretended to be stubborn.

“…Alright, then. As per Oswald’s order, I shall tell you.”

Then, she turned to the man once again.

As she showed him a bewitching smile, the man gasped.

Charlotte showed him the best curtsey she could manage, while acting as if it was child’s play.

“My name is Charlotte Leah Ainsworth. A pleasure to be acquainted with you.”

“A, alright…”

“This should be fine, right, Oswald?”

The entire time, Charlotte was focusing on Oswald. Oswald let out a sigh. But more than anything else, his sigh held admiration.

“Forgive me, Your Excellency. While the divine power of the saint is sealed, her discipline is still lacking.”

“It’s alright.”

“Then, I’ll have to excuse myself. We’re going, Charlotte.”

He extended his arm, which she quietly took.

At that sight, their surroundings murmured once again.

“Did you see that? While the saint seems to be as proud as rumored, she obeyed His Excellency Langheim…!”

“As expected of the genius magician, Oswald, who is hailed as the best mage in the continent! Ever since the saint was defeated by him and had her divine power sealed, she seems to understand that she’s no match for him!”

“Apparently, as long as His Excellency Langheim is here, considering the saint a threat is unnecessary.”

While listening to those words, she exhaled inwardly.

It’s a great success…! By acting like my former self, I managed to conceal the fact that I had lost my memories! Moreover, everyone is convinced that I’m no longer a threat!

Although it was obvious, Charlotte couldn’t help but stare at Oswald.

Furthermore, everyone seems to have come to understand Oswald’s awesomeness…!!

Only Oswald was aware of her beaming eyes.

Then, through the movement of his lips, he praised her.

“Good girl.”

She almost died.

I’m so happy…!

Besides, it was also written in the, ‘How to Discipline Wolf-type Monsters’ book that Oswald read during my ‘training’ last night! [One way of clarifying the hierarchical relationship to the surroundings is by making a show of scolding it.]

“…Again, I’m supposed to escort a human, not a puppy?”

Oswald muttered in a small voice.

Apparently, he remembered that line, too. Charlotte was enthusiastic.

***T/N: An uhm, healthy, consensual, relationship…

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