I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

35. The Result of the Lessons!

Charlotte’s current behavior could be called very graceful.

Although she was feeling proud, she remained quiet about it.

She wore a slightly stubborn, high-spirited, expression. Those headed to the hall tended to look down and bocame silent upon encountering her.

However, the chest of the graceful Charlotte wasn’t calm at all.

This hand has once been held by Oswald…! I feel very complicated, like I want to concentrate all my attention on this hand. At the same time, I want to avoid attracting everyone’s attention…! Oswald’s leather shoes are carving out footsteps that echo off the marble floor and walls. They are creating a wonderful tune.

The one who had an inkling of Charlotte’s agony was only Oswald. Or perhaps, that was only a natural result, for her fingertips—which were held by him—were trembling immensely.

“Hey, are you alright?”

“N, not really, especially not after you’ve asked me that. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me…”

“Hold yourself together…! Stay, stay!”

“O, okay! Stay! Stay, the contents of my stomach…!!”

While shivering, she affirmed his command with a calm expression. Albeit it was only on the surface.

Oswald continued to whisper to Charlotte who was in such a state.

“…But, I didn’t know that you’d be so impressive.”

“Is that so?! I was properly taught by Mrs. Heydemarie! She said that everyone has no choice but to fight with the weapons they currently have!”

“…Heydemarie mentioned that your weapon is your overwhelming unpredictability, but who would’ve thought that you’d be able to ignore the surrounding gazes…”

That’s right.”

Charlotte opened her eyes and answered gracefully.

“The wonderful sight of Oswald at the castle entrance hall has been seared into my eyes. I couldn’t care less about the surroundings…!”

“…I see, with that kind of mindset, you could even ignore the world.” Oswald continued, “Perhaps, that’s your true weapon.”

She felt complimented.

“I’m not complimenting you.” Added Oswald upon noticing.

However, she was happy at his admiration.

“Not to mention, Mrs. Heydemarie also said, ‘Show off your maximum ability with a cool face.’ So, I gave my best to demonstrate such behavior.”

“…You mean the action of removing your jacket?”

“Yes, I didn’t only ensure that the movement of my fingertips were graceful, but also that the hem of my dress would spread beautifully without any rustles! Also, through my expression, I made it seem like it was barely an inconvenience! That way, those watching would think, ‘She’s such a natural. She’s more amazing than we thought!’”

Oswald, who listened to the explanation, muttered as if confessing.

“…Basically, even though you were doing your best, you acted as if you weren’t.”


Perhaps, he had something to think about.

“The teachings of Heydemarie are correct.”

“Yes, as expected of the teacher introduced by Oswald!”

While replying so, she stared at his profile.

If what I imagined is correct…

At that time, Oswald halted.

The red carpet leading to the hall where the evening ball was being held.

Many people had already gathered. The performance of the orchestra could be heard.

“From here, there’ll be people who’ll directly converse with either you or me. Be on guard.”

“Yes, Oswald!”

“You won’t be appearing in front of the royal family right away. They’ll probably use surveillance magic to observe you from a distance until they’ve confirmed you’re harmless.”

“I see! That’s reasonable! I’ll do my best! I’ll behave!”

Charlotte replied in a whisper.

Mrs. Heydemarie told me to fight for my goal at the evening ball. That’s it! First and foremost, don’t be an embarrassment to Oswald! I have to behave so that Oswald won’t be ashamed! As a lady, I have to be graceful!

Towards her determination, Oswald laughed.

“…That’s not how it’s supposed to go.”


Her heart leaped at his fearless smile.

Then, Oswald uttered.

“‘Saint’ Charlotte, I don’t care what you do, for you are the cruel saint.


Towards his words, Charlotte was rendered speechless.

When she thought about it, Oswald was right. Thus, her shoulders relaxed.

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