I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

34. I’m Going to Heed my Husband’s Instructions!

Oswald made a slightly difficult expression and reminded Charlotte.

“Alright, at the evening ball, refrain from eccentricity and listen to me.”

“Yes, Oswald!”

Yet, he still dubiously stared at her. That appearance of Oswald was also cool, her chest tightly constricted.

“At the evening ball, I’ll do most of the talking. You should take a ‘prideful, untouchable, cold’ attitude towards other people as much as possible. It’ll be less troublesome and helpful that way.”

Hmm, in other words, the same behavior as my former self!

Charlotte noticed it.

Surely, I’m going to meet those familiar with the rumors of the ‘Cruel Saint’. In fact, some might even recognize me there!

As Elvira and the others said, the former Charlotte and the current one seemed to be completely different people. If said differences were too conspicuous, her memory loss might be revealed.

…I wonder if Oswald has noticed that I’m behaving differently?

His red eyes stared at her with concern.

“…Can you do it? Can you act like a prideful, untouchable, and cold woman?”

“Yes, I’ll do my best! Wow, Oswald’s expression of concern is really, really, cool!”

“…All I can understand is that it’s impossible for the time being. Please keep your mouth shut as much as possible.”

Oswald spoke with a face resigned to failure.

“Also, Charlotte, about the fact that you and I are married…”

“Yes, Oswald, I remember it properly.”

After a clear reply, Charlotte smiled.

“Us being a married couple is supposed to be a secret, isn’t it?”


The truth was, of course, she didn’t remember.

However, Oswald must had ordered Charlotte to keep it a secret before she lost her memory.

“…As long as you are aware.”

I’m glad… As I thought, he doesn’t want the world to know.

She understood it and didn’t want to bother Oswald.

Charlotte gently closed her eyes and nodded.

Oswald, with a stern expression, changed the topic.

“By the way, what’s with that hairstyle?”

“Oh, this?! Elvira, a student of Mrs. Heydemarie, helped me!”

“Well… there’s nothing wrong with it. It suits your dress.”


She was still wearing a cloak over her dress. While nodding with confidence, Oswald extended his hand to her.

“Let’s go, your hand?”

Hyeeeee…!? W, wait!! Lemme wash my hands again!! Can you give me about 30 minutes!?”

“Then we’d be late for the evening party—hand.


“Don’t bark!”

Despite the fact that she was screaming all over, Oswald still took Charlotte’s hand.

The teleport spell expanded beneath their feet. She was engulfed by a unique floating sensation.

Shortly after blinking, they had arrived at the entrance of a luxurious hall.

“We’ve arrived.”

Despite being told so, she had to organize her thoughts, first.

O, Oswald’s hand, I’m holding Oswald’s hand! Even though he’s wearing gloves, I can feel his fingers…!!!



The moment she returned to reality, Oswald was right in front of her.

Around her, people who had arrived through the same means were all staring at Charlotte.

This is…

The first thing that greeted her was contempt.

Afterwards, the gazes of her surroundings transformed into wariness—and then suspicion, curiosity, disdain…

Men dressed in high-quality clothes and a very small number of women were observing Charlotte.

“…That’s the saint, Charlotte. Only her appearance is beautiful. It seems that she has finally decided to appear in public.”

“Her divine power is currently sealed. As it is, she’s no more than just a young girl. To appear in front of His Majesty, the concept of shame must be foreign to her.”

“Is it truly safe? Although, it seems that His Excellency Langheim is the saint’s overseer.”

What was collectively pouring out from all of them was—yes, hostility.

As I thought, I’m hated.

Amidst the murmurs, Oswald spoke with his usual expression.

“Remove your jacket and give it to the person in charge.”

How wonderful of Oswald, he can still speak calmly…

His mere behavior made her feel as if she was being protected.

At any rate, I now walk beside Oswald. I have to make sure that I don’t embarrass him.

Charlotte looked up.

Then, she smiled calmly.

“Of course, Oswald.”


Then, one by one, carefully and swiftly, she undid the buttons of her jacket.

She proceeded to remove her left cufflink using her right hand. Afterwards, she gracefully slid her arms out of the jacket, one after another.

She did it with ultimate grace.

Upon removing her black cloak, the hem of her dress softly fluttered out.

“What a…”

The aristocrats’ gazes were tinted with a subtle hint of admiration.

The dress she wore was of the same blue color as her eyes.

It was of minimum exposure. However, the design made it so that her collarbones were visible, creating a refreshing atmosphere.

A clear chiffon fabric was used as the material for the dress, one with layers of drapes.

The embroidery on the chiffon fabric was beautiful. But perhaps, the most striking part of the dress was the aurora-colored luster of said fabric.

The luster of the aurora, which seemed purple or pink depending on the viewing angle, brought a delicate change to the light blue color, and transformed its atmosphere each time.

Such was the dress chosen by Oswald in the city.

Charlotte’s rippling gold hair had been brilliantly braided by her female friends.

“A, as the rumors said, Saint Charlotte is indeed an eye-catching woman.”

“Who is that woman? Doesn’t the saint loathe social gatherings because she doesn’t want to bother with learning etiquette?”

After leaving her cloak, she spoke with her pale crimson lips.

“Let’s go, Oswald.”


Oswald, who seemed surprised for some reason, immediately regained his composure.

Heydemarie told her that in that kingdom, she’d only exchange formal greetings with other invited guests upon entering the venue.

In all actuality, Oswald didn’t speak to any of the aristocrats. He merely acknowledged those around him with his gaze. Afterwards, he devoted himself to being Charlotte’s escort.

As Charlotte held Oswald’s arm and began to walk towards the hall, the bustling grew louder and louder.

“Is that truly Charlotte, the cruel saint?”

“Actually, I’ve heard that Saint Charlotte remained graceful, even on the battlefield. It doesn’t matter even if she were to be bathed in the blood of her enemies or her allies.”

“Then, doesn’t it make sense that she’d appear imposing? There’s no way this evening party can compare to an actual battlefield!”

The aristocrats kicked up a riot.

“Still, that doesn’t make Saint Charlotte innocent…”

“What kind of judgement will His Majesty and His Highness give…?”

On the other hand, Charlotte was restless.

However, it wasn’t directed towards the uncertain future.


Of course, it was instead directed to her surroundings.

D, did they acknowledge me as a wonderful escort for Oswald?!

She managed to suppress the urge to cry out and maintained a calm expression.

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