I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

33. Ready to Head Out!

The day of the evening ball arrived.

“We’re going to teleport to the royal castle.”


Before leaving, Charlotte took in the sight of Oswald in formal attire. She tightly clutched her stomach.

“The attendants will include the royal family and high-ranking aristocrats. Most likely, they are coming to ascertain whether or not your divine power is currently sealed.”


“In addition, there’s also your ‘reputation.’ I have many concerns, but the letter given to me yesterday by Mrs. Heydemarie mentioned that you might be able to manage, somehow. Can you believe it, Charlotte?”


“I’ll be staying by your side as your supervisor. Although in some cases, I might have to leave you. When that happens, one of the magicians will accompany you—…”



Oswald, who noticed something unusual, stopped speaking.

“…Wait, why are you holding your breath?”

Mu, I can’t—…”


Charlotte, who was clutching her stomach, was in peril.

“Oswald in formal attire…! F, formal attire, formal attire, n, not to mention, you’re wearing white gloves…!?”

Oswald with side-swept bangs exuded an entirely different atmosphere.

Not only was he clean and elegant, he exuded endless sexual appeal. He was clad in a gorgeous military uniform.

As mentioned, he wore white gloves and had number of medals on his chest. From that alone, it could be concluded that they weren’t going to an ordinary evening ball. It seemed that a lot of people would gather.

However, Charlotte wasn’t concerned with any of that.

She breathlessly exclaimed—

“—Perfume…!! You smell like perfume…!!”

Oswald withdrew about two steps.

“…Only a hint of it. How did you manage to notice the subtle scent from a few meters away!?”

“Oswald, where did you sprinkle the perfume!?”

“…On the nape of my neck?”


Charlotte screamed and then crouched. Oswald’s shoulders jolted.

The- the nape…!? That means, I’ve just smelled Oswald’s skin!? It’s as if I’ve touched Oswald’s skin!! Oh no, now that I’ve inhaled that scent, I won’t allow it to leave!! But, will I die from not breathing!?”

“Are you an idiot!? Breathe!! Or rather, how are you still speaking despite that?!”

Charlotte fervently shook her head. Upon reaching her limit, she managed to breathe through her mouth.

Haa… haa! This evening ball, as Oswald said, what a terrifying place…!”

“…We haven’t even stepped foot inside the venue yet. In the first place, you’re the one who’s terrifying. A mere whiff of a perfume can make you react like that…”

She put her hands on the floor and adjusted her breathing.

Oswald stared at Charlotte and then spoke.

“…Charlotte, do you remember what we practiced last night?”


As Oswald said, they had practiced something in the room last night.

Recalling that, Charlotte answered.

“I, I remember…”

“Alright, let’s review.”

“H, here!? But…”

Oswald paid no heed to Charlotte’s reluctance.

Then, as a matter of course—


“Y, yes?”

She was so nervous, she was about to scream.

Then, he said that word to Charlotte.


“Yes! I will stand!”

From the position of being crumpled on the floor, Charlotte stood upright.


“Yes! I’ll wait like a good girl!”

While maintaining her posture, she earnestly stared at Oswald. No matter how cool Oswald looked, she would keep her position!

After counting a good three seconds, Oswald spoke quietly.



She felt the utmost joy.

Although she was only a few meters away from Oswald, Charlotte rushed to him with all her might.


Wait! Stay, Stay!”

“O, okay!!!”

In a hurry, he tried to stop her. She nodded at once.

She stopped without falling and continued to stare at Oswald.

“I, I did it! I managed to ‘stay’ despite the situation!”

“Even so, it’s strange?! The speed at which you rushed towards me, were you going to ram me!?”

“Such resolve has always been imparted upon my soul!”

“Consider the damage that I’d suffer!”

Then, even though he had a bitter expression, Oswald spoke without looking at Charlotte.

“…Good girl.”


Charlotte covered her own mouth from the reward he had spun within his whisper. She was so happy, she almost cried. However, that’d ruin her makeup.

“~~~!! …!”

“Why do I feel like you’re being noisy when you shouldn’t have spoken a word…?”

Oswald clutched his forehead and sighed.

“Good grief, I’m taking a human to the evening ball, right? Not a puppy?”

“Yes! But Oswald is the one who unexpectedly came to me with such commands last night!”

“—Only reluctantly due to necessity!!”


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