I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

32. I Wish You Well!

When Charlotte though about it, she recalled what Heydemarie had told her before. Heydemarie instructed her to conceal her identity.

Well, that isn’t surprising.

Charlotte looked down and told herself that.

It can’t be helped, for I have done many atrocious deeds!

As such, it was only natural for her to be told so. There was no going around it.

Then, as Charlotte entertained such thoughts, Monica spoke.

“Actually, I heard something from my father. There are rumors swirling around the royal castle. It was said that His Excellency Langheim and that “Saint Charlotte” are married and expecting a child.”


Everyone’s eyes, including Charlotte’s, widened.

“No way, with that wicked saint?”

“That’s just impossible! How unfitting! Even if she’s hailed as the strongest saint in history, she’s still a terrible person! For His Excellency Langheim, the hero of our kingdom, to be married to such a woman…”


Charlotte mumbled under her breath.

However, instead of Charlotte, Elvira took notice of someone else.

“What’s wrong, Irene? Why do you look so pale?”

“Eh? Ah, I, that…”

Irene, who had been silent for a long time, lifted her head in a hurry.

While she tried to act natural, Irene was still shaky. As evidence, Irene dropped the teacup in her hand.


The cup hit the stone paving and shattered.

“W, what am I doing—!?”

“Irene, don’t! Don’t try to pick up the shards like that!”

However, it was too late. Irene reached to pick up the remnants of the cup. Then, as expected—


“A, are you alright?!”

Her delicate hand was scratched. Soon, red liquid flowed from the injury.

“T, this is bad! Someone, fetch Mrs. Heydemarie!”

“That is impossible, Lady Elvira. The teacher won’t return until evening…!”

“W, what do we do? Mrs. Heydemarie is the only person I know that can use healing magic! Irene, you must be hurting…”

“E, everyone!”

Charlotte rushed towards the shaken ladies and raised her hand.

“May I see your injury for a moment?”

“Charlotte? But…”

Charlotte stared at Irene and promptly took her hand. At that, Irene tensed up considerably.

Even though the cut had been made by a small shard, the wound looked deep.

“It’s alright, Irene, please relax a little!”


Charlotte enveloped Irene’s hand with hers and gently poured her thoughts into it.

…Just like with the Fenrir, I have to wholeheartedly pray…

I want this painful wound to heal.

I want it to close.

She kept thinking such thoughts.

Then, Charlotte felt a warm sensation in the side of her chest.

“Look! Irene’s wound is…”

Charlotte had her eyes closed and couldn’t witness the scene. However, she certainly felt that her power had reached her dear friend.


As the light went out, she exhaled. Before Charlotte realized it, she had been holding her breath.

When she opened her eyes, Charlotte saw that Irene’s wound had disappeared.

“I, it healed…!”

“Charlotte, you can use healing magic?! Isn’t that amazing?!”

As they surrounded Charlotte, Elvira and the others screamed in excitement.

Irene stared at her own hand in astonishment.

“T, thank you, Charlotte…”

“It’s totally fine! Are there any other wounds?”

Albeit relieved that she had managed to heal Irene properly, Charlotte stared at her own palm.

As I thought, my divine power is…

Her heart was struck with the same anxiety she had felt yesterday during the Fenrir incident.

While concealing her anxiety, Charlotte smiled at Irene.

“I’ve been worried about you, Irene. During our entire tea party, you seem to be out of it. If you have any problems, feel free to tell me!”


Irene stared at Charlotte in shock.

Although, it may be part of the social etiquette to not stick my nose to where it doesn’t belong.

Still, she was still anxious.

However, as she had learned yesterday, she didn’t want to cause any trouble for her dear Oswald.

“I agree with Charlotte. Irene, I’m sorry for pretending that I didn’t see anything…”

“Yes, if you need anything, just say a word.”


As tears welled in her eyes, Irene gently shook her head.

“Thank you, but it’s not that important of a matter. It’s just… I haven’t been doing well. You see, my love, it’s unreciprocated—”

“—That’s an important matter!!”


All four spoke in a unison. After Irene’s eyes went wide once again, she laughed from amusement.

“Fufu, thank you, everyone.”

I’m glad. Irene’s mood seems to have improved.

As soon as Charlotte rubbed her chest, Elvira shot her a glance.

“Even so, I finally understand. The reason you were summoned by Mrs. Heydemarie must’ve been because you can use healing magic. Are you trying to receive guidance from the former saint?”

Mrs. Heydemarie is the former saint!?

Charlotte was surprised, but didn’t show it. Instead, there was a smile on her face.

“To be able to use healing magic, and to have the same name as that wicked saint, people must confuse the two of you a lot. It must be difficult.”

“U, uh…”

“That’s true. Whenever I hear the name ‘Charlotte’, I’m instantly reminded of that abominable saint. I can’t help but associate that name with ruthlessness.”

“The same goes for me… but now, the overwhelming image has been rewritten?”

“…Indeed, now, whenever I heard the name ‘Charlotte’, I imagined a particular cheerful someone who’s also slightly foolish.”

Everyone stared at the confused Charlotte.

“By any chance, whenever someone speaks the name ‘Charlotte’, does my face come to mind?”


Everyone affirmed through silence.

The greenhouse calmed down.

“Hey, Charlotte, what are you laughing at!?”

“Ehe, ehehe, thank you! I feel like we’ve finally become friends. That makes me happy!”

“I don’t think it’s something to be grateful of?!”

Regardless, Charlotte was happy.

At the same time, she was also scared that they’d discover her true identity.


At that time, Charlotte didn’t realize that someone was intently staring at her.

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