The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

175. The Endless Surprise Attack Operation (4)

Suddenly, the Dragon Princess was wrapped around in a cloak and teleported. A commotion began to erupt in the venue at the emperor’s disappearance. Vissel was who quelled that uproar.

“Excuse me, everyone. Rest assured, His Majesty merely left due to urgent business.”

Vissel’s smile alone was enough to convince the masse. Listeard didn’t even need to say anything. A violin gently began to play as the crowd calmed down.

After exhaling in relief, Elynsia muttered.

“Hadith, what’s wrong…?”

“He sure looks surprised, though.”

She was taken aback at first, but upon remembering how her brother had kidnapped Jill, Natalie laughed. Frida beamed.

“Was it because Jill onee-chan is beautiful?”

“We did it, guys. Let’s make fun of them for a long while.”


Natalie stiffened at the gentle but horrifying voice from behind her. When she turned around, Vissel stood there with a smile.

“Do you know something that I don’t?”

“W, what? I haven’t done anything wrong…”

In the eyes of Vissel, which thinly widened for a moment, Natalie found herself unable to speak.

“Have you ever wondered who’ll take responsibility if Hadith messes up?”


“Good grief, let’s have a talk between siblings.”

Frida quickly hid behind her. Elynsia scratched her cheeks. Only Listeard looked around and muttered, “Do it in moderation.”



Jill’s reaction was delayed due to his voice, which wasn’t as fierce as his gaze.

“Uh, yes? Is something wrong with Her Highness Natalie?”

“Did she put you up to this?”

“…Y, yes…”

“Of course. Only that child is capable of imparting such wisdom onto you.”

Hadith dropped his forehead against Jill’s shoulder as if he was exhausted.

“…What’s this, I truly wish that you hadn’t. I can’t believe it…”

His blaming tone made her heart constrict.

As she answered, her voice quivered.

“…I’m sorry, I thought that it’d look good.”

“Please stop. I thought it’d be a long time before you became beautiful…”

Perhaps because she was being embraced tightly, she was holding her breath.

“For you to become beautiful all of the sudden, it’s sly. I thought my heart would stop…”

“S, surprise—did I surprise you?”

She didn’t think that was actually the case, but she couldn’t choose the right word. Upon realizing that, she realized how lacking she was in the romance department.

“It’s not necessarily that… What should I do?”


“I don’t want to show you to anyone.”

If she were an adult woman, she’d probably play around with the upset man who was full of gaps.

But she was still a child. As such, being upset was all she could do.

“Y, y’know, you don’t need to worry about anything! How troublesome! We’ve been preparing since morning, but it’s fine! I will return to my usual appearance—”

“—Do you think you can go back? After making a point to show that you’re no longer just a child?”

From below, Hadith stared at her. He caught her chin with his thumb and forefinger.

“I love you, Jill.”

Hadith laughed for the first time.

“…You’re shaking. Are you scared?”

“N, no, but…”

“Then, don’t run away.”

Hadith had no intention of letting her go in the first place. Like that, he cornered Jill in the corner of the room.

Jill closed her eyes tightly and held her breath. She didn’t know what else to do—


—besides slam her head against Hadith’s lips.

Towards Hadith who was in agony as he grumbled and held his mouth, Jill stood up.

“Your Majesty, you’re going to far!! Don’t get carried away!!”

“Too far!? Don’t you mean your action just now!?”

“Don’t be rash. I’ll go home. I will take off these clothes and remove my makeup.”

She hung the fallen cloak back over Hadith’s shoulders. Hadith, whom was silent, turned around.

“Then, let me do it.”


“I can’t allow you to clean up without my knowledge and return without my permission.”

He was sulking. Jill shrugged her shoulders in amazement.

“…Your Majesty, you’re a mess.”

“Whose fault do you think is that? I’m not to blame.”

He had just shifted the blame.

…That’s right, he’s always been like this.

It’s just that he has gotten slightly more handsome lately.

The thought made her laugh.

Hadith’s eyebrows twitched.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Because you are like a child, Your Majesty.”

As she laughed, she was embraced tightly. It was a bit painful, but upon considering she was the cause of Hadith’s agitation, she was amused.

“Your Majesty.”

“What? I won’t let you go even if you complain.”

“I used the lipstick you gave me.”

Hadith, loosening his arms, peered at Jill’s face. Seeing the expectation and anxiety in his golden eyes, Jill kissed his cheek.

“…It’s repayment for Your Majesty.”

“…You vixen.”

At his exhausted voice, Jill laughed.

While hugging Jill, Hadith caressed her head. She felt as if she had fallen for him all over again.

So this is what being an adult woman means.

She didn’t think it was troublesome.

I’ll spoil you a lot.

While she was the one who surprised him, she didn’t let him get carried away.

She was sure that was the fighting power of love.


“Uhm, Your Majesty.”


“Don’t you think it’s time for me to leave?”

Hadith had placed Jill on top of his lap. Hadith, who was going over documents at his office desk, laughed as he replied.

“If I take my eyes off from you, you might suddenly decide to dress up beautifully again.”


At first, she thought that the Hadith who clung to her since last night was cute.

However, she was about to reach her limit.

Albeit reluctantly, she softly asked for help from those working silently in the same room.

“Uh, Your Highness Vissel—”

“It’s your obligation to sit there silently until Hadith is satisfied.”

“Y, Your Highness Listeard!”

“I will dare close my eyes as I continue working.”

Please open your eyes as you work.

But she knew that no one would help her. Natalie seemed to have been told off by Vissel, and could only smile at her. Elynsia and Frida, who were good friends with Hadith, also only smiled.

“…How annoying.”

“What did you just say?”

“N, no, just… why did this happen?”

“Because you surprised me.”

That might be so.

But she didn’t want to stay that way.

Not only did Hadith keep Jill on his lap all the time, he also carried her wherever. By that point, Jill was sick of it.

No, no more…

…His Majesty is getting back at me.

This is what happens if you make me uneasy or upset.’

She guessed that was what he was trying to say.

She was happy about wit, but at the same time, it was plain troublesome.

Love itself, too, was difficult.

Jill stared at Hadith’s writing before her. She thought that it was beautiful. Suddenly, her cheek was pinched.

“If you behave, I’ll let you go.”

“R, really?!”

When she heard that, she couldn’t resist crying out.

“Have you learned your lesson?”

As expected, Hadith seemed to be having fun for some reason.

“As I’m an adult, I’ll forgive you.”

Even though he was so upset back then…

Feeling defeated, Jill became quiet in the fit of anger.

How do I destroy this man’s composure?

She won last night. As such, she was sure that she’d win again.

This time, it’d be perfect.

It wasn’t long before Jill realized that the so-called ‘returning to the beginning’ wouldn’t solve her problem in the slightest.


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