The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

174.2 The Endless Surprise Attack Operation (3)

But, my mental preparation—!

Before Jill could say anything, Natalie screamed.

“Listen, if you wait too long, you’ll just get more worn out. So I’m going to show you off and then go home.”

“O, okay…”

“Even if I talk to you, just smile and don’t open your mouth.”

“S, smile… like this?!”

“No, it should be more composed than that. Yes, like that, you seem more like a beautiful girl.”

…I think I will just nod most of the time.

Like that, surrounded by Natalie and the others, Jill reached the door of the venue.

Feeling extremely nervous, Jill folded her hands in front of her chest.

“I, I will be fine, right? W, what if I get laughed at…”

“You won’t.”

“B, but, what if His Majesty doesn’t recognize me…”

…There was no way he’ll be able to resist looking at Jill.

Frida grinned while saying so from beside her.

“It’s alright, I’m sure Hadith onii-chan will understand.

“E, even if he does, how should I answer if he asks me why I am wearing a wig?!”

“Jill, why don’t you just close your eyes? I will escort you.”

When she blinked, Natalie was nodding towards her.

“If you’re going to get cold feet due to everyone staring, then just close your eyes. All you need to do is walk straight ahead.”

“…Well, maybe, but…”

“Once I see Hadith, I will give you a signal to open your eyes.”

At his mention, her heart leaped. Jill looked down to suppress the feeling.

“Alright, then…”

“Then, let’s go!”

A trumpet resounded.

Taking a deep breath, Jill closed her eyes. Elynsia’s escorting was flawless, and she didn’t feel anxious in the slightest.

But her heart was making a lot of noise.

This is so unlike me… Why am I like this?!

Even if she looks a little grown up, Jill was still 11-years-old, as she would still be tomorrow and the day after. Even if she were to surprise Hadith, the effect would be transient.

She didn’t doubt Hadith’s love for her. She was also aware that he was taking good care of her. Therefore, she shouldn’t be dissatisfied with anything.

What do I want to do…?

She wasn’t sure. But she slowly began to walk. She felt as if she were trying to find a terrifying answer in total darkness.

If she were to wait a few more years, it’d all be resolved—that’s being reasonable.

But she couldn’t wait for a few more years—that’s being in love.

As Elynsia seemed to have stopped, Jill also stopped. Upon being given the signal, Jill took a deep breath.

She gradually opened her eyes. The glittering chandelier lights were shining. It was dazzling.

But above all, her husband was the coolest.

Whether he was laughing with joy, or when he was lonely, or even when he was angry—she was fascinated by him.

But as of the present, Hadith was the one fascinated.

With a blank face, his gaze was fixated at something.

What are you looking at?

Then, Jill noticed that his golden eyes were staring straight at her.

He was looking at her.

She suddenly understood.

What is it that I want?

—…It’s this.

She wanted to be all he saw.

She wanted to fill the entirety of his vision. She wanted to be everything he saw.

…Even if it was for an instant.

“Your Majesty.”

Now that she understood that, she no longer felt scared. She smiled at her beloved.

As if flustered, Hadith stepped forward and removed his cloak.


Once again, Jill’s field of view was engulfed in darkness. Hadith had draped his cloak over her head. Not only that, she was being picked up.

“Your Majesty—!?”


At the end of Natalie’s surprised cry, she could feel magic activating.

She didn’t even have time to understand what was happening, much else resist.

“Hey, Your Majesty, what’s…”

Jill managed to find a gap in the cloak to peeked out her head. She blinked at her pitch-black surroundings.

It was a familiar room—Hadith’s bedroom.

He seemed to have teleported there from the glittering hall along with Jill.

For some reason, in the corner of the room…

“…Your Majesty?!”

Hadith, who slowly drove Jill into the corner of the room as they sat, slowly raised his face. Jill’s scream got struck in her throat upon seeing Hadith’s eyes. They glowed violently in the dark.






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