The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

174.1 The Endless Surprise Attack Operation (3)

174.1 The Endless Surprise Attack Operation (3)

Jill, who had officially become Hadith’s fiancée, had knights, but no maids or a lady-in-waiting. Because of the imperial castle’s lack of personnel, and Jill’s own lack of backing, some time was needed before she’d have any.

Therefore, Jill was being helped by a servant prepared by Elynsia on a daily basis. However, Natalie told her that shouldn’t be possible in the first place.

“I mean, this is Elynsia-ane, you know—!? Shouldn’t that be obvious—!?” Said Natalie.

“Natalie, I can hear you…” Said Elynsia.

“At the evening party that Elynsia can’t miss, an elite care group will be dispatched by Duke Noitral. I can rely on them.” Said Jill.

“Indeed.” Elynsia spoke with a distant gaze. “I refuse to depend on them every time, but… Even if I were to escape, they’d catch me.”

“…I’m surprised to see such a side to Elynsia-ane, someonewho’s supposed to be a dignified and graceful princess. I don’t know who this person is…”


In front of the impressed Jill, Natalie stood tall with a smile for some reason.

“But we won’t lose.”


Behind Natalie, who had clapped, a bunch of smiling servants appeared.

Afterwards, Jill could barely recall anything.

All she could remember was that the preparation started from morning, and also her feelings of sympathy towards Elynsia.

Showering, polishing, wiping, make up, tapping, swaying around here and there—

Before she noticed it, the sun was setting. She didn’t know why despite the fact that they had started from morning, it still hadn’t finished, yet.

I’m… tired…

For lunch, she only had water and bread.

“No matter how hungry you are, don’t touch the food at the dinner party. Otherwise, it’ll ruin your makeup!”

“I don’t even have the energy to do that…”

“I understand how you must feel… But that’s the way it is.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that… it’s okay…”

“It’ll be fine. Fetch me a mirror. Okay, open your eyes.”

Jill gently opened her eyes, which had been closed for a long time due to makeup and fatigue.

At first, she wondered who that was standing before her.

However, as she blinked, the girl reflected inside the mirror did the same.

“…Eh? Eh, could it be, me…?”

“That’s right.”

Natalie, who appeared from behind, nodded with satisfaction. Frida, who came along as well, beamed.

“Jill nee-chan, you look lovely…!”

At the same time, Natalie’s maids, who had been attending to Jill the whole time, raised their voices.

“What do you think, Lady Natalie—!?”

“Will this increase the budget for our palace—!?”

“Natalie, is that your true objective…?”

“…I merely wish for it to be increased.”

To help escort Jill, Elynsia arrived. She laughed upon seeing Jill’s reflection in the mirror.

“Now this is the level of beauty that’ll make me involuntarily kneel and reach out to. By the way, is that a wig?”

“You are correct. We need it if we want to achieve this much.”

Jill touched the tip of her hair which extended down to her waist. It was the same color as her actual hair. Therefore, it seemed as if her hair had grown suddenly. She then touched her cheeks. It still felt like flesh. The makeup had given her a three-dimensional look. She had a smoother contour than usual. Her eyebrows had been trimmed to a thin shape. Because of the additional layer of eyelashes, her eyes seemed deeper than they actually were.

Her outfit was completely different from usual. She wore a simple calm color. There were adornments such as lace hanging from her chest and also her hem. Perhaps the reason why she felt that it looked childish was because of the puffy skirt. However, the skirt only reached below her knees.

“Is showing my legs alright?”

“It’s alright because the main attendees of today’s ball aren’t male. Besides, if you’re short, long skirts won’t look good on you. It’ll be better to maintain the length to below your knees and it’ll be best to wear high-heels. Jill, try to stand up. Be careful, the heels are higher than usual.”

“O, of course…”

“Elynsia-ane, lend me a hand.”

“…Princess, this way, please.”

With the help of Elynsia, who was smiling, Jill stood up quietly. At the same time, the girl reflected within the mirror also did the same.

Jill finally acknowledged it—

that girl is me.

Natalie, who had finished preparing well before she knew it, nodded with satisfaction.

“It’s fine. I think you’ll have no problem walking, but do tread carefully. Make sure that your posture is straight.” Said Natalie.

“Yes.” Said Jill.

“Then, shall we go?” Asked Natalie.

“I, I’m a little nervous, but I think I can manage somehow…” Said Jill.

“After all, if you have good motor nerves and core, you can walk beautifully even with high heels. The same is true for Elynsia-ane, despite her dislikes for high-heels.”

“I can always teach you everything about self-defense.”

Natalie frowned at Elynsia’s suggestion.

“Don’t need it! Anyway, time to go.”

“E, eh, already—!?”

“It’s about time, but it’s alright. It’s better to be fashionably late.”

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