The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

173. The Endless Surprise Attack Operation (2)

“Where’s Jill?”

When Hadith had asked the knights of the Dragon Princess who had come on their own, they showed dubious expressions.

“It seems that she’ll be late~”

“Please go ahead first.”

“It’s unusual for Jill to be late. She’s always excited to eat.”

The evening party was about to commence. When Hadith got up from the sofa, the costume clerk who instantly appeared helped him put on a cloak. After checking his appearance on the mirror, all he had to do was enter the venue.

Hadith, who confirmed the time through the wall clock, turned to Camila and Zeke.

“Tell her that there’ll be roasted pork today.”

“Ah, it’s impossible~ we are not allowed to go in or out~”


The melancholic Camila gave Hadith sigh, who blinked in turn.

“…Princess Natalie kicked me out~ Even though I wanted to help~ If it’s this bear, it’s still fine, but isn’t her kicking me out terrible~?”

“Who are you calling a bear?”

“Then, what about Jill’s escort?”

“She’ll be with the two princesses. Therefore, she’ll be directly escorted by Her Highness Elynsia.”

In other words, Hadith’s precious wife would be going alongside his sisters.

Thinking about the composition, Hadith frowned.

“…Wouldn’t Jill be the one escorting them instead?”

“Anyway, we’re supposed to be there when they enter the venue~”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let the important Dragon Princess become an escort for no reason.”

Hadith found the strong Jill to be dependable. His heart would beat faster whenever she pulled some cool stun. Since the Dragon Princess was the one who protected the Dragon Emperor, it was only expected for her to be strong.

However, if she went too far, some people would misunderstand. They’d think of her as nothing but a soldier.

After all, his wasn’t the only passionate, watchful, gaze that was directed at Jill. When people saw how she beamed at the sight of food, some were tempted to take advantage of her naivety. There was no saying that they wouldn’t take advantage of the Dragon Princess loathing towards her childish self. No matter how much Jill had proved her strength, some only considered her a brute.

I don’t want to force Jill, it’s difficult…

“…Because sometimes, she truly appears like a child.”

Hadith smiled bitterly at Rave, who spoke from within his chest.

It’s just that, it’ll take time. Sometimes, it’s more convenient this way.

“Well, better than being manipulated.”

While the Dragon Princess wasn’t an enemy, she was still a child. No matter how much the Dragon Emperor cherished her, she still couldn’t get pregnant. As such, the Dragon Emperor was properly looking at other ladies. Soon, he’d find a child to be unsatisfactory—

—if Hadith managed to make everyone believe that, Jill would be exposed to less danger.

Vissel had the child Jill attend the evening balls not only because he wanted her to get used to them, but also because he still despised her. Listeard and the others found the issue complicated because they didn’t want to yet put such a burden on the child Jill. Hadith silently acknowledged their concern.

“The fight of women is scary.”

Rave’s conclusion seemed to be about right.

“I wonder if Jill is tired of attending evening parties. Maybe, it’s coming to be time to have a leisurely lunch or go on a picnic so she can rest.”

His muttering was drowned by the sound of the trumpet announcing the emperor’s arrival. Rave came out of his chest.

“Are you okay? Are you perhaps tired of acting nice?”

“Hmm? I’m fine. Both Vissel and Listeard will help me and make the needed adjustments.”

“Is that so? I’m glad.”

“Yes… don’t sit on my shoulder, you’re heavy.”

“It’s okay, I’m planning to eat something today.”

“Don’t eat without permission. If food disappears into thin air just like that, it’ll raise a ruckus.”

As he entered the venue while talking with Rave, applause rose. Whether or not he was listening to Hadith’s advice, Rave casually flew away.

Listeard arrived beside Hadith. Hadith sighed and accepted a drink for the time being.

“What happened to Lady Jill, Hadith?”

“She seems to be taking some time to prepare.”

“It seems that Frida will be attending, as well. Let’s conclude this early.”

“Isn’t Frida getting used to it?”

It was Vissel who called out to them from behind. Listeard turned around.

“She’s only 8-years-old. Merely showing her face will suffice.”

“What an overprotective brother you are. Hadith, are you tired?”

Hadith smiled at Vissel who gently asked the same thing as Rave.

“I’m alright, my brother.”

“If anything happens, just talk to me.”

“…Now who is the one being overprotective.”

“Did you say something, Listeard?”

As the three casually conversed, Hadith could sense that someone was approaching.

I’m sure she’s the child I’ve danced with before. Oh, she got pushed away… Should I help her? Except, won’t that lead to her getting bullied even more?

As he overthought it, he began to feel exhausted. However, it couldn’t be helped. At least, until Jill grew up, that was the only way to go.

A trumpet rang to inform the arrival of the Rave royal family. The sound blocked his thoughts.

Ah, his cute bride had arrived. Surprisingly, with that thought alone, he felt that he could do his best again. What a simpleton he was.

Thinking so, he turned around.

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