Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

8. Resignation Strengthens People

“—Oh, Milady, your hair…”

As I came home late yesterday, I didn’t meet anyone in the house. That was why, Gilmer, whom I summoned to my room, saw me with short hair for the first time.

Gilmer Redfort, he was the spy that grandfather planted in our house.

He, who always perform everything in a composed and straightforward manner, paused when he saw my appearance.

“For the time being, please come inside.”

“Oh, right, excuse me…”

Gilmer found himself standing outside the open door. Then, with a dashing move, he entered my room. As he took in my appearance, confusion was apparent on his face.

“There was a slight accident at the evening party yesterday. Because of that, my hair…”

With a mere glance, it was clear that my hair had been cut by someone. Gilmer was about to say something, but he decided against it in the end. As expected of my grandfather’s hand. His discipline was perfect. He didn’t stick his nose to where it didn’t belong.

“Please trim my hair.”


He combed my hair with his fingers. His movements were so gentle that for a moment, I believed that he was incapable of harm. Then, he started trimming my hair.

“Even though your long hair was beautiful…”

He sounded truly disappointed. Even if he was merely being police, it made me happy.

“…His Highness often spoke of its mundaneness.”

“His Highness Wagner did? He isn’t supposed to say such words to a lady.”

“I understand what he’s trying to say. Brown hair is a usual found amongst commoners. As such, it may not have been suitable for him, a member of the royal family.”

What Gilmer did to my hair was impressive. He was dexterous. I never knew he had such a skillful side to himself. After all, in my previous life, we barely had any contact with each other.

“My head is now light while my neck feels weird.”

But it wasn’t a bad feeling.

I thought that I’d resemble a man. However, even with short hair, I was still lady-like. At the same time, I was still embarrassed. As my nape was now exposed, what if people thought I was some sort of sleazy woman?

“It suits you well.”

“Thank you, Gilmer.”

He must had been trying to comfort me.

Since he was my grandfather’s spy, I shouldn’t trust him too much just yet. Still, I was sure that he wasn’t an enemy—which was fortunate.

“There’s another reason as to why I summoned you here. I want you to show me the books regarding the territory’s management.”

“…The books.”


His expression transformed from that of a gentle young man to one of an appraising merchant.

“My father has been buying a lot of gifts for Aries. As it’s an amount that my father shouldn’t be able to afford, I’ve become concerned.”

“Are you suspecting him of embezzlement?”

“Well, I can’t say anything, yet. Despite that, to presume that he did nothing is also difficult.”

“Indeed. In the first place, his exhibiting such behavior without your permission should be impossible. He’s but a middleman.”

Wow… did he just refer to father as…?

He did it on purpose. He wanted to gauge my reaction.

Since I was aware of his existence, I didn’t sign the documents to adopt Aries. As for him, he knew me as a person who’d have signed those documents without hesitation. In fact, in my previous life, Aries became the adopted daughter of the Lark family and got the debts owed by her parents were paid in full.

She hadn’t needed to return even a single cent.

He must had decided to identify whether or not I had changed. Whether or not I was suitable for the Lark family.

“—Then, it’s only natural to doubt where it comes from. I want to eliminate the possibilities one by one. For that reason, I need those books. Would you grant me my request?”

“Of course. Also, refrain from requesting—order me, instead.”

“Thank you.”

I thanked Gilmer, whom was a servant. That was something neither my father nor I ever did in my previous life. Slowly but surely, my future and relationships were changing.

“May I ask a question?”


“What if Duke of Lark is indeed involved in embezzlement?”

“…Such a silly question. Then, I shall make my judgment according to the law.”

“To your own father? Are you sure about this?”

“While I’m certainly the daughter of the Duke of Lark, I’m also the sole legacy to the Duke of Lark—Sofia Lark. Instead of erasing it, I have to rectify what has been done.”

“You may be resented by your father.”

I laughed at Gilmer’s words.

“You’re mistaken.”


The whole time.

“From the beginning, he never loved me. I am resented.”

At my words, Gilmer glanced at me.

“To him, I’m just this daughter who was born to him, who exists—I’m just ‘the daughter’ of the Duke of Lark.”

—To be killed.

“Besides, it isn’t like you can just expect someone to refrain from unreasonably disliking something, right?”

“You’re right. …You’ve changed.”

“I just gave up on being loved.”

“Have you?”

If I were to remain weak, I’d only be killed by my father, sister, and former fiancé. Therefore, I had to be strong. If I couldn’t achieve what I wanted from them, then I could just throw them away. To give up, let go, and make sure that I survived.

This time, I won’t let them do as they please.

For I am the head of the Lark Family.

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