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7.2 A Smart Man Knows he is a Fool While a Foolish Man Doesn’t Realize he isn’t Clever

Side: Vitoselk

While Wagner was a child of the same queen I came from, he inherited neither mother’s benevolence nor father’s wisdom. We were raised in the same environment, yet Wagner had grown into a buffoon.

Vitoselk turned his back on his stupid little brother who understood nothing in regards to the significance of what he had done. Frustrated, he walked down the corridor.

“Arrange an apology letter and compensation for the Duke of Lark. Don’t forget to investigate that conniving woman Aries Heldin. I have to thank Countess Mildred for apologizing and cleaning up after my foolish brother. Make arrangements for that, as well.”

Without any sign or sound, a gray-haired man with light blue eyes emerged from the shadows as Vitoselk gave his instructions. Despite being a man, his skin was porcelain-white. He was said to be more beautiful than a woman. It was difficult to grasp what he was thinking, though.

Count Everhart Wischner.

At the age of twelve, he lost his parents to the hands of his own uncle who was trying to usurp the count family. Then, at the age of sixteen, Everhart regained his position as the family head and rebuilt his family in only four years. Therefore, he wasn’t just a quiet man.

The man not only managed to succeed the count family, he had managed to become his exclusive attendant, as well.

“She isn’t a conniving woman, Your Highness. Baroness Aries Heldin lost her parents and was orphaned.”

Despite his careful corrections, Everhart was still smiling as usual. As always, he was difficult to read. But that was what Everhart liked about him.

“A woman who looks down on others is nothing more than a conniving woman. Not to mention, that idiot believed that same woman to be a duchess. Did Lady Sofia Lark accept that woman as her stepsister?”

“No. While it’s true that the Duke of Lark prepared the documents for the adoption of Aries Heldin, his daughter—the Duchess of Lark—refused to sign them.”

“That’s for the best. To adopt such a scheming woman, it could only be called suicide.”

However, the Sofia Lark he knew would have undoubtedly signed those documents as per her father’s command.

She was quiet and obedient. She was always a step behind. No matter what anyone did to her, she had no way of resisting.

There were many aristocratic men whom were attracted to her modesty. She was especially popular among knights.

I wonder what changed her?

Although he was curious, he refrained from going in too deep lest he poke the bush and provoke a snake.

“Hey, it’s been a while. Looks like things are getting a lot more interesting.”

Then, a literal snake appeared.

A man with dark green hair and amber eyes stood under the moonlight. He was the second prince, born from the fifth princess of the country of Viper where the serpent beastmen lived.

He was Weiss Wischner.

Viper was a small country that had been helped by Liembourg after a series of disasters. As such, the fifth princess was welcomed as a consort to the more powerful kingdom. Of course, that didn’t mean that she was being disrespected in the royal palace. She also wasn’t on bad terms with his mother, the queen.

However, Weiss had been abroad for a long time. Only the consort, his mother, father, and he himself knew of the reason.

“As you’ve spent much time abroad, I wonder to how much you know?”

“Indeed…” Weiss deliberately put a finger under his chin and pretended to think. But the real question was—how did he obtain information so quickly despite being abroad?

“—It seems that the beautiful hair of my beloved princess has been miserably cut off?”

It was obvious to everyone that Weiss was quite angry. Though, his eyes were distorted like a ferocious viper in an amusing way.

“Did you attach a guard to that beloved princess?”

For a long time, Weiss had harbored feelings towards Sofia. However, because she was already engaged to Wagner, he decided to study abroad. He didn’t want to see his beloved with another man.

“Had it been possible, that’s what I wanted to do. However, by the time I returned, it was too late. Why, everything isn’t as it’s supposed to be… I wonder why?”

“What are you talking about? Speak in a way that I can understand.”

“Oh, pardon me. Don’t worry, it’s but a soliloquy. After I returned, I didn’t have any opportunity to contact you. I’ve just arrived, and it just so happens that I acquired some interesting information here and there.”

“I thought that you’d never come back. We made preparations that would allow you to remain abroad.”

“That’s what I intended, as well. However, I wasn’t able to protect her because of that very same reason.”


Weiss just laughed sadly and didn’t say anything further. That was my first time seeing him like that.

“I won’t let anyone take anything from me this time.”

‘This time’?

From a while now, Weiss had been spouting nonsenses.

“Vitoselk, won’t you allow her to become my fiancée?”

“That’s honestly a wonderful idea. Your feelings would finally be requited. My mother and father will not oppose it. Besides, fault towards the annulment of her engagement lays with the royal family, not her.”

“Oh, that’s great, then. Had you objected to it, I would have had to just do things my way and silence everyone.”


Does he intend to kill everyone who oppose the idea?

That included his relatives. Weiss was the only person who could utter such a remark while smiling. It honestly felt awkward.

“Don’t touch Wagner, yet. He’s a direct descendant of the royal family. Wait for my father’s death.”

“How troublesome. Why do I need permission to throw garbage in the trash?”

“Because it’d be costly.”

I couldn’t risk the throne for such a reason. If something were to happen to me or Weiss, the direct line of the royal family would be severed. That was all I needed to avoid.

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