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7.1 A Smart Man Knows he is a Fool While a Foolish Man Doesn’t Realize he isn’t Clever

Side: Wagner

My fiancée, Sofia, came from a prestigious family. However, that was her sole worth.

She may be good-looking, but her hair was a dull brown color. I also considered her as a boring woman because she wasn’t glamourous. All she did was read. All the dresses she wore were plain.

It was as if she didn’t realize she was the fiancée of a crown prince (me).

Ever since the day I met her, I had been frustrated. I wondered why instead of Aries Heldin, that woman was my fiancée.

Although Aries was a low-ranking baroness, her appearance was pretty cute. Not to mention, after she had lost her parents, the Duke of Lark had decided to adopt her. Therefore, she’d soon become a duke’s daughter. Afterwards, she’d be a suitable fiancée candidate for a crown prince like me.

I had decided that a cute and gorgeous woman was better than the plain and dull woman that was my fiancée.

Aries had also told me that Sofia was harassing her. Therefore, it should be possible to annul our engagement.

“My, Wagner, what you did was truly interesting.”


A man with red hair and cobalt blue eyes—the proof of his royal heritage—spoke. Both his ears were pierced.

He was Vitoselk Liembourg.

Only the crown prince was given the surname of Liembourg. All the other princes used the mother’s surname.

The crown prince should had still been in his office. As such, meeting in a corridor of the royal palace shouldn’t have ever been possible.

“What are you talking about?”

Wagner wasn’t good at dealing with him.

Vitoselk would always make him feel small due to his intimidating and direct attitude.

Even though you were only born a little earlier than me…!

If not for his brother, Wagner would have definitely become the crown prince. That way, his brother wouldn’t have been able to take such an attitude towards him.

“Don’t go astray, Wagner.”

My brother put his hands on my shoulders and brought his face closer.

Due to his smile, we could be perceived as two amiable siblings. However, my brother’s eyes were chilly. His hands, which were placed on top of my shoulders, held me firmly. It was as if he was preventing me from escaping.

“To cut a woman’s hair—wasn’t that a great performance? At the very least, it can’t be called a mediocre one.”

“But Sofia stole Aries’ hair accessory—…”

“You should’ve given word to the party organizer. I know you wanted to surprise everyone. I mean, I was surprised, myself.”


I had a good reason. If he were to listen to my story until the end, I was sure that my brother would agree with me. I was positive that if he were in my shoes, he’d have done the same thing.

Nevertheless, my brother interrupted me. He didn’t listen to me at all.

“Thanks to that performance, the face of Count Mildred has been crushed. The count’s long family history of noblesse oblige was erased by that single uncouthness. It was such a good learning experience.”

“Such a reputable count family—”

“—Because of you, the third prince, the workload of the crown prince, me, increased. Have some self-awareness and exercise restraint.”


Although Vitoselk was visibly smiling, the aura he exuded was murderous.

My eyes naturally turned to the sword hanging from my brother’s waist. My older brother was the crown prince, and at the same time, a soldier. I was sure that the people around me were merely exaggerating. However, the knights kept saying that my brother was a genius. It was said that not even the current knight captain could compete against him.

“There’s no need to fear.”

When he noticed that I was glancing at his sword, he whispered in my ear. It was as if I were making a fool of myself.

“There’s no way I can cut my precious brother. My sword would rust.”

My brother retreated a few steps and stood in front of me. At the same time, he reverted back to his usual self. I exhaled. Without even realizing it, I had been holding my breath the entire time.

“As you wish, I shall annul your engagement with Lady Sofia Lark and advise His Majesty to permit you to become engaged with Baroness Aries Heldin.”

I was angry at his wording. He made it sound as if he were doing me a favor. Even though he became the crown prince out of luck! Despite that, Vitoselk misunderstood like a fool.

Even without your advice, my father will grant my wish!

Sofia was a villainess who tormented Aries. That kind of woman wasn’t suitable to become a princess. It was only natural that I annul my engagement with her. Aries, who was kind and beautiful, was suitable to become my fiancée.

You’re the crown prince. How could you not be aware of that?

As expected of someone who became the crown prince through sheer luck…

“My brother, Aries is no longer a baroness, for the Duke of Lark has adopted her. Don’t be mistaken, for she’s a fine duchess.”

My brother snorted at my protest. It seemed that he even refused to admit his mistake.

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