I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

24. I’m Glad I Fell in Love with my Husband!

“I’m not attracting them… it’s merely a coincidence.”

“Ehe, ehehehe, that’s right…!”

“Besides, my duty is to maintain the security of the kingdom. By listening to the individual voices in this manner, I’m merely performing my duties…”

“You’re right! Ehehe…”


Oswald sullenly explained to the grinning Charlotte.

“…Why do you keep laughing?”

“Uwah! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

However, the feelings overflowing from her chest were unlikely to be suppressed.

“I’m sorry, I just think that Oswald is truly kind!”

“What? What do you mean?”

While suppressing her love, Charlotte explained to Oswald.

“I agree, you aren’t attracting those in need… Actually, you’re reaching out to them, right?”

Oswald had a perplexed expression.

Thus, Charlotte explained her thoughts.

“I’m sure people in need are always there.”


People who were in need, children who got lost, people who were likely to get injured.

Just by walking down the traffic, she already met a countless number of them.

“But very few people will notice them. Most of the time, they’ll just pass by or act like they never saw anything. But Oswald notices each one of them and reaches out to all of them.”


To calm her bouncing heart, Charlotte squeezed the left side of her chest.

“Despite wearing such a nice-looking cloak, you didn’t hesitate to help the fallen boy. As a result, your cloak got soiled.”


The area around the hem of his gray cloak was soiled.

That was because earlier, Oswald didn’t hesitate to kneel on the snowy road and lift up a crying child.

“Of course, Oswald’s concerned expression is also wonderful! Your appearance, which is the result of helping everyone without the slightest moment of hesitation is so beautiful it can’t be substituted…!”


Hence, Charlotte was happy.

Such a beautiful man existed, and she was also fortunate enough to have fallen in love with him. Every time she was reminded of that fact, her chest felt full.

“I’ve fallen in love with such a respectable husband… I’m so happy from the bottom of my heart, I can’t help but smile.”


Oswald sighed while clutching his forehead.

“…You’re the most overestimating person in the world.”

“No, I’m merely stating facts!”

“…At the same time, you’re also a person who didn’t hesitate to help me in this cold.”

“Is there anything more important than helping Oswald?”

Besides, that was still not enough. Charlotte didn’t feel like she was being helpful enough.

“Just you wait, I will do better in the future!”

She clenched her fists tightly as she swore. At that moment, she saw an unexpected sight.



Oswald’s expression had softened. Not to mention, there was a hint of a smile on his face.


“…Good grief. You always say the most unexpected things.”

She couldn’t reply to his words.

J, just now! If I’m not mistaken, Oswald showed me a fluffy and very gentle smile…!?

She replayed the scene she had just witnessed many times in her mind.

Oswald looked at Charlotte’s feet. At that moment, his smile was extinguished in an instant.

“…Because you’ve been helping me, you’re also drenched.”

“Uh, this…”

“Heating it would be better than drying it magically. Before it gets even colder, let’s head to the dress shop—wait, why are you crying!?”

“U, uwaaaaah—!! There, there it is—!! Oswald’s coolness seems to have melted my soul—!!”

“I merely pointed that your dress is wet!”

Charlotte snorted through her nose. Led like a lost child, she managed to reach the dress shop.


At the dress shop, Charlotte began choosing the dress she’d wear for the evening ball.

The most surprising thing was, Oswald helped her pick the dress.

He put serious thought in when asked what kind of dress would suit Charlotte. Charlotte utterly revered that Oswald.

She was going to pay for the dress with gold coins she had found in her bags. However, by the time she had finished trying on the new dress and had changed back to her original one, the payment was already finished.

She tried her best to refuse it, but Oswald stated plainly, “Since I’m the one who brought you here, I decided to pay.”

Now that it has come to this, it’s time to search for an opportunity to slip the gold coins into Oswald’s pocket!

While swearing so, they left the store.

At that moment—



Oswald had a somewhat different atmosphere.

His eyes were looking straight ahead down the road.

A man stood in front of them, slowly waving.

He had red eyes and silver hair. He was good-looking and was tall in stature. On his face was a gentle smile.

“I’m sorry, please go somewhere else and wait for a moment.”


When he helped various people earlier, Oswald also told her to wait. As of the present, Charlotte somehow understood that the situation was different.

While Oswald’s expression remained calm, there was a certain sense of urgency.

Thus, she replied.

“Okay, I’ll wait forever, out of the way!”

“I’ll be back as soon as possible. I’m not telling you to be a guardian stone… Make sure to wear the tracker properly.”

“Eh? Yes, I’m wearing it!”

Oswald nodded when she showed the brilliantly shining necklace.

“I’ll pick you up when I’m done. Make sure you don’t stand out.”

“Of course, I’ll refrain from doing anything that attracts attention and stay quiet! Be safe, my beloved Oswald!”


Oswald began to walk towards the silver-haired man after making a distrustful expression.

Because he told me to go somewhere else, leaving would be better than waiting here, right?

Charlotte thought so, and looked at the silver haired man.

The man gently smiled while waving at Charlotte.

That face, why does it feel familiar…?

While thinking that, she curtseyed to the man and walked away.

It’s truly strange… I don’t remember him. At the same time, I’m certain I’ve seen him somewhere…


…I, I love Charlotte in this chapter.

She just grows on you man. And at this point, it can be said that this is just how New!Charlotte is. She saw the good in everyone and would reaches out to anyone in need without the slightest hesitation, instead of merely being a character that is made for Oswald.

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