I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

23. My Husband is Really Popular!

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Her body was engulfed in a warm and fluffy magical power.

The next moment, Charlotte and Oswald were in a cityscape of bricks.

Under the deep blue winter sky, the city where many people came and went appeared lively.

Light fluttered from time to time, and people who had also used a teleportation spell arrived. They would then set off into the flow of people. Perhaps, they were at a gate meant for those who could use the teleport spell.


Rather than from the sight of the city, Charlotte beamed at Oswald’s splendid teleportation spell.

“You’re amazing, Oswald! Just a moment ago, there was a fluffy sensation. Then, we arrived at this place! Far from getting dizzy, there was no shock!”

“It’s nothing.”

“That’s not true, and oh!!”

Seeing the shocking sight, Charlotte held her face with her hands.

Oswald turned his turbulent gaze towards her while tidying the collar of his clothes.

“What’s wrong…?”

“O, Oswald…!!”

While trembling madly, Charlotte squeezed her voice.

“O, Oswald’s breathe!! Because of the cold, I can see it!”


Then, he pointed out something obvious.

“It’s winter.”

“I, I can’t! This is a difficult situation! In other words, the exhaled breath, which comes from Oswald’s body, will be clearly visualized!?”


To be able to witness the breath of her loved one the moment it was flowed from his lips…

How could such a wonderful thing happen? Charlotte’s heart bounced as she desperately begged Oswald.

“Oswald, please! If you don’t mind, won’t you exhale again!?”

“…You don’t have to tell me to breathe. Normal people are constantly exhaling.”

“Ahhh!! That newly-born white color is like a painting!!”

While suppressing her strong emotions, Charlotte reached forward with a pounding heart.

A little… yes, just a little, just a fingertip…!!

She tried to gently touch the white breath with her index finger.

“U, uhhh…!”

As expected, her conscience and guilt hurt so much that she had to retract her hand.

“I can’t, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for trying to touch Oswald’s breath…! I’m sorry for doing such a shameful thing… For me to try to do something utterly devious…!!”

“Stop, you’re apologizing too loudly. It’s scaring people.”

Passersby whispered as they watched Charlotte’s behavior.

“…Damn, we stood out! Charlotte, we’re moving from here!”

“T, the Oswald’s footprints on the snow…”

“Let’s go!”


Charlotte began chasing after Oswald.

What a big city!

The snow-covered brick road was lined with shops along both its sides.

People with bags in their hands were walking while happily laughing with each other. Looking at those smiles, she felt happy as well.

Most importantly, Oswald is at the center of my sights!

Charlotte pressed her cheeks with her gloved hands.

Even so…

She noticed something.

The lines of sight from the people on the road.

The women were mainly concentrating their gazes on Oswald.

I can hear them, I can hear their voices as they praise Oswald’s beauty!

Seemingly fascinated by Oswald, those women were blushing. Rather, men and women of all ages seemed to look upon him.

“Hey, that man is truly handsome, don’t you think?”

“Yes! Is he an actor? He’s stylish. Not to mention, his cool expression is also something…!”

They are right! If I were them, I’d also want to talk to him!

Suppressing the desire to shake hands with every single one of them, Charlotte could feel a tingling sensation on her lips.

Besides, what made Oswald beautiful wasn’t only his appearance.

“…Charlotte, wait a minute.”

“Yes, what is it?”

Oswald stopped a few meters away from her.

Then, Oswald called out to an old lady at the end of the road.

“Excuse me, Madam.”


The old lady raised her face with a look of bewilderment.

Oswald, who stared at her expressionlessly, asked with a sincere voice.

“Pardon me, but are you lost?”

Oh, Oswald is so formal!

His gentlemanly behavior caused her love to overflow. The old lady took a breath before answering Oswald.

“Oh, my! Well, you’re correct. I’m ashamed to admit.”

“Do you have a map? Oh, that place isn’t too far from here. If it doesn’t bother you, let me show you the way.”

“Oh, thank you…! I’m grateful! How should I thank you?”

“It’s not a big deal.”

Oswald then told Charlotte.

“Charlotte, I’m sorry, but I’m going to show her the way.”

“Then, let me accompany you, Oswald!”


Charlotte walked up beside the old lady.

She took the lady’s hand and gave her the cane that was leaning against the wall of a building. It seemed to belong to the old lady.

“Let’s walk slowly together.”

“Thank you… For such younglings, my pace must be slow…”

“No, I’m not used to snowy roads, either! I’m very happy that we can take it easy!”

After all, the slower she walked, the more time she could spend with Oswald.

When Charlotte smiled, the old lady appeared to be relieved. Charlotte was also delighted her feelings were conveyed.


Before she knew it, Oswald was staring at her.


“…It’s nothing. Lady, you may leave your bag with me.”

Without batting an eye, Oswald carried the old lady’s bag. As she followed after Oswald, Charlotte walked alongside her.

The Oswald, who helps others as a matter of course, is very cool…!!

However, it didn’t end there.

After guiding the old lady, Oswald said, “Let’s head to the dress shop we’re looking for.” Yet along the way, Oswald noticed something again.

“That child over there is crying. Let’s see what happened.”

“Yes, I will help you, Oswald!”

After finding the child’s lost mother, Oswald helped another.

“The boy over there, apparently the teleportation spell didn’t work. Let’s approach him.”

“He’s at a loss! I shall come with you, Oswald!”

“…Did that lady tear her shopping bag? I shall help her pick up her oranges. You may wait here.”

“I will come with you, Oswald!”

“There appears to be a dispute this time. I will mediate. You should stay some place safe.”

“Is that so!? Please wait, I will accompany you, Oswald!”

Then, after helping people here and there, they finally caught a break.

“…How strange.”

Oswald muttered while clutching his forehead.

“A long time has passed since we arrived, how have we not reached the dress shop, yet…?”

“Eh? …Well, that’s because…”

Not knowing if it was alright to point out frankly, Charlotte gently tilted her head.

“If I may ask you a question…”

“What is it?”

“Oswald… have you ever been told by anyone that you’re infinitely attracting people in need?”


With a dismayed expression, Oswald stared at Charlotte.

“…How did you know?”

C, cute!

Her chest was bursting with love.

***T/N: This series is really good at making me feel torn. On one side, I want to root for Charlotte, on the other side, I’m skeptical of her because of her shady past and is wondering if she truly deserves such happiness (At least, Innocent Post-Seal Charlotte, does…) I get the feeling that in the previous chapter, author wants to emphasize that even if she lost her memories, it doesn’t mean that her past misdeeds disappeared. As such, I wonder how she will balance out everything from now on. I’d love me some dilemma and contradictory feelings towards our leads.

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