I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

22. My Husband is Also Cool on Outings!

That afternoon, Charlotte, who had finished preparing, jumped out of her room five minutes before the appointment time.

She rushed through the long corridor while tucking up her cloak and holding the hem of her dress. Afterwards, she rushed down the stairs.



By the first floor entrance, the most beautiful person in the world stood.

Oswald was dressed differently than usual.

Charlotte had to crouch down.

Instead of the after-work version of Oswald, she had seen Oswald, day off ver.

Oswald in plain clothes…!!


That day, he was wearing an elegant gray cloak.

Looking at his slender contour, he appeared to have a fairly fine figure.

The long cloak, which reached past his knees, suited the tall Oswald. She was sure that the cloak would vividly flutter with every step he took.

His collar was subtly embroidered with silver thread. Other than that, it had a very modest design. Still, it enhanced Oswald’s beauty.

In other words, Oswald was still beautiful that day.

Looking at him, he also wore cufflink-like earrings on his ears. She wasn’t able to still the beating of her heart because he had unexpectedly put on some jewelry.

“Oi, Charlotte…”

“~~~~!!! —!!! …!!!”

“…Why would you cry when you see a person?”

Oswald approached Charlotte who was holding her mouth and quiver. He was peering into her face.

“Uh, uuh, uh…! It’s as if I’m seeing something entirely out of this world! Thank you, thank you for still recognizing this humble me…! For someone like you to exist in this world! I can’t believe how precious you are, Oswald…!”

“…Are you doubting my existence?”

Oswald’s red eyes stared at Charlotte.



As soon as he approached, Charlotte spread her arms apart. She had ensured to choose clothes with little exposure.

Her amethyst-colored dress didn’t only cover her valley, but also her neck.

The light blue cloak she wore was also shaped like a dress, one with fluffy fur on the cuffs and collar.

“The exposure has been kept low! Please gaze as much as you want!”


It felt warm. Best of all, it shouldn’t fall into the category of clothes that Oswald disliked.

With glittering eyes, she stared at Oswald. However, Oswald averted his gaze and turned away.



The fact that he wasn’t angry must had meant that she passed. Pleased, Charlotte nodded with a wide grin.

After making a slightly awkward expression for some reason, Oswald spoke.

“Give me your hand.”

“? Okay!!”

She immediately extended her hand. Oswald placed something on it.

It was none other than an accessory with a light blue stone attached to a thin golden chain.

Charlotte blinked repeatedly when she saw something she hadn’t expected.

“…Is this, a necklace?”


“But, the thin chain has jewel-like decorations.”

Then, Oswald said with a cool expression.

“It’s a tracker.”

“A tracker!!”

Charlotte’s mouth opened as she stared at the ornament on her palm.

“In the unlikely event that you get lost, I’ll know where to find you.”

“…In other words, no matter how far I am, I will still be connected with Oswald?!”

“…It’s just a mean of monitoring you. Just take it with you.”

“Wow, thank you…!! I’m grateful to receive a tracker from Oswald…!!”

Charlotte tearfully hung the tracker around her neck.

The aquamarine-colored stone was of the same color as his eyes. The gem, which was tied to a delicate chain, began to gleam against Charlotte’s chest.

“Ehehe, I’ve put it on! How do I look, Oswald?”

“Yes, I can confirm the reaction of your divine power just fine.”

“I’m glad if it suits me…! I will cherish it…!”

After a subtle disengaged conversation, Oswald spoke while looking at the watch on his left wrist.

“By the way, there exists a territory near the Northern border. For your information, that territory has experienced numerous invasions from other countries and demons. Therefore, its main shops are weapon shops and magic instrument shops. Although, I suppose you’re already aware of this.”

“O, of course, I know!”

“Therefore, I’m going to teleport us to a city in the South of the kingdom, one which is relatively peaceful and has plenty of clothing stores. It’s outside of this territory though. Of course, you’re aware of this already.”

Of course she didn’t know any of that. But it seemed that the former Charlotte did. Therefore, she nodded with a confident expression.

Thanks to Oswald’s explanation, I can pretend that I knew without any problems! What a wonderful man! Even though he doesn’t know that I lost my memories, he’s always so helpful…

Oswald continued.

“Fortunately, only the priests of the temple and soldiers involved in the battlefield are able to recognize your face, thanks to the fact that you hate socializing. On the other hand, my face is fairly well-know… Well, only few people will recognize me in another territory. As long as we don’t stand out, everything will be fine.”

“I understand! In other words, you’re telling me to not stand out at our destination!”

“I wonder if you truly understand…”

Oswald dubiously stared at her. To which she responded with, “Okay!”

Then, when he extended his right hand towards the sky, a magic circle was deployed under his feet.


It was a wonderful magic circle as usual.

Although its beauty was akin to the work of art, its structure was so practical that she couldn’t wait to see it. At a glance, she could tell that his magical power had been streamlined to the limit. It even reached the level of a miracle.

Oh, but how strange… Oswald must have tons of magical power, so why do I get the feeling that he’s being frugal?

Charlotte involuntarily tilted her head.

It’s as if he wants to cut down on the magical power consumption…

“Charlotte, let’s go.”


Due to being called by him, her thoughts were drowned out.

Prompted by Oswald’s line of sight, Charlotte took a step onto the magic circle he had drawn.

***T/N: Everything has been truly convenient so far. She’s the cruelest saint in the kingdom but at the same time almost nobody in town (and even the supposed socialite of a noble lady from prev. chapter) know who the heck she is so she could play house with Oswald. The fact that Oswald can easily let go of his past resentment towards the saint, who refused to heal his men, ultimately resulting in their demise, just because he figures out that she’s amnesic and therefore can’t be hold accountable is also “uhh???” to me.

I mean, if I loathed someone for sth as major as that, I definitely won’t be that understanding right off the bat. There’d be bitterness that’d cause me to refuse to accept said fact. There’d be resentment that’d cause me to blame her. Why? Because the woman who’s responsible for the dead of my men apparently forgot that it ever happened. Because the same woman is amnesic as a consequence of the seal I casted upon her.

I’d be bitter at the inevitability of the current situation. I’d find the fact that I had to accept her now that she’s amnesiac and also a brand-new, kind, person unacceptable. I’d resent that it all happened through no fault on her own, and therefore there’s nothing I can do about it. But as we all can see, that’s not what happened here. Not saying that Oswald should be a vengeful edgelord who’s out for her blood, but the fact that he went from, “I will kill you if you dare to attempt anything!” To “…Oh, she has amnesia? I can’t blame her, then. Also, damn, since when is my wife this cute?” in only a few chapters is kind of hard to believe. Had there been progress or internal turmoil of some kind, I could probably relate better to these characters. Otherwise, it’d make me think what she had committed in the past isn’t actually that huge, after all. Or that Oswald is too much of a cherriboi to hold a grudge properly.

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