His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

40. Elena’s Special Secret Plan

What do I do…?

At that rate, Alex-sama would leave Arkhangelsk.

In a territory without Alex-sama, my becoming the new margrave wouldn’t make sense.

Of course, I also wanted to do by best to develop the territory for the sake of Felix, Anastasia, Balakirev, and Kokoshkin.

However, there’d be no point without Alex-sama.

My hope was to develop the territory alongside Alex-sama.

Therefore, what should I do?

Alex-sama’s determination seemed firm.

Alex-sama was convinced that I alone could rule Arkhangelsk.

I’ll have to overturn that belief…

As I walked down the corridor deep in contemplation, I bumped into someone approaching from the other side. That person immediately fell on the floor.

“I’m sorry!”

“Ow, ow… wait, sister?”

The one who had fallen was my own sister, Elena. She was wearing a casual blue outfit.

Someone like Elena didn’t need to dress up to appear graceful and beautiful.

However, Elena seemed a bit flustered at having fallen on her bottom. Not to mention, the hem of her dress was uplifted.

As she glared towards me, she blushed.

“Older sister…”

“I’m sorry, I was in deep thought. I didn’t realize…”


When I reached out to her, Elena smiled as she took my hand.

As she patted the area around her waist, she stood up.

“What are you thinking about, older sister? Did you talk to Alex-sama? Perhaps, you had a fight?”

Elena was worried.

I was a little surprised. I hadn’t said a single word. How did she know?

“My sister looks worried. I concluded that it must’ve been because of Prince Alex. I saw that you went to talk with him earlier.”

I see…

Well, her assumption was correct.

“But why would you think that we have an argument?”

To others, my relationship with Alex-sama should’ve appeared amicable.

Until now, Alex-sama and I had worked together with each other. In front of others, we had never fought.

Even when we were alone, we ever fought.

As if Elena had read my mind, she smiled softly.

“It’s precisely because people are on good terms that they quarrel. After all, we expect to understand each other. When that doesn’t happen, people often argue.”

I was surprised by Elena’s words.

That was correct.

Alex-sama said that he’d leave Arkhangelsk to me. I was sure that he made that decision because he was thinking of me.

If so, Alex-sama must had hoped that I understood his thoughts. However, I found the matter unacceptable.

My wish was to be with Alex-sama. From the beginning, that wish had never changed.

However, Alex-sama didn’t understand that.

Then, what should I do?

I asked my free-spirited, beautiful, and intelligent sister.

“Elena, what should I do…?”

“You have to understand what Prince Alex is trying to say, and get him to understand what you’re trying to say. Isn’t that simple?”

It was as Elena said.

There was no solution other than discussion. Only through words would we finally find a mutually convincing solution.

“Alright, I shall talk with him again.”

Elena winked mischievously.

“…If you want to be alone with Prince Alex, isn’t there one particular place great for that?”

Elena laughed when I shook my head.

…I felt as though Elena was thinking about something strange.

What’s is on her mind?

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