His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

41. Alex is a Liar…

Our territory, Arkhangelsk, laid in the Northern frontier of the Kingdom of Rushie.

It was located in the Northern most area of the entire continent and was in contact with countries in Northern regions such as the Republic of Ninorsk.

A special custom existed in that frigid region.

It was ‘Banya’!

Banya was a kind of bathing facility that resembled a sauna. It originated from the Republic of Ninorks.

A fireplace was set up in a log house and stones would be piled on top of it.

Then, if alcohol was sprinkled on those stones, steam would be generated, raising the temperature of the room all at once.

To sit naked in such a room while feeling that warmth was one way of maintaining one’s health in that place.

As it was still autumn, we were spared from the cold. However, once the winter season began in earnest, I heard that Banya was everyone’s only salvation.

When I was in the royal capital, I had only read about Banya in books.

However, in Arkhangelsk, if one were to live in a reasonably affluent house, it’d come with a Banya. There was also a large public Banya in the port town.

Of course, the mansion of the Margrave of Arkhangelsk was also equipped with such a thing.

The day after my confrontation with Alex-sama, I decided to enter the Banya for the first time.

The Banya was divided into three rooms. In addition to the main steam bathroom, there was also a room for changing clothes.

Upon removing my dress and underwear, I wrapped a white bath towel around my body.

This is a little embarrassing.

That was because I wasn’t alone in the Banya.

When I gently opened the door of the steam bathroom, it was already filled with heat. Felix and the others had prepared it well.

I closed the door behind me.

At a distance from the fireplace peculiar to Banya, another was sitting on a chair.

His eyes immediately went wide.

“A-Alisa!? Why are you here!?”

Instead of answering, I only stared at Alex-sama.

…Alex-sama was just as naked as me, with only a tower around his waist.

That was my first time seeing Alex-sama bare-chested.

The slender and delicate Alex-sama was surprisingly muscular. It must had been because of his training.

Then, I noticed that he was blushing.

I had overlooked one thing—

that I’m also naked…

Well, I was wearing a bath towel. Therefore, the delicate areas should be properly hidden…

Still, when I saw how passionate Alex-sama’s gaze was, I couldn’t help but blush.

Maybe I should stop…

I regretted having taken Elena’s suggestion.

Thanks to Elena and Felix, I was alone with Alex-sama in the Banya.

I snuck in at the timing when Alex-sama would be in the Banya.

Of course, his escorts were at the entrance. However, as I was the mistress of the house, I was given a pass.

I’m was a little surprised.

In such a situation, Alex-sama would have no choice but to speak with me.

Moreover, Elena said that if we were both naked and embarrassed, we could be honest with ourselves.

Felix also agreed with that. Therefore, the “Skinship Strategy” was carried out.

But as I thought—! It’s embarrassing—!

I was the one who wanted to escape.

…Alex-sama was still staring at me. Could he be fascinated by my appearance?

I shook my head inwardly. After all, I wasn’t Elena. However, Alex-sama said he loved me, so it was possible…?

When I looked at Alex-sama again, I noticed that his gaze was focused on one particular point on my body.


I hurriedly hid my chest. I felt like Alex-sama was gazing at it.

Alex-sama awkwardly turned his eyes away.

My guess was correct. My cheeks felt hot.

Under normal circumstances, Alex-sama wouldn’t have stared at me like that. However, due to the fact that I was only donning a bath towel, my chest was emphasized. Perhaps, he couldn’t help himself.

If it was someone else, I might have felt repulsed. But as it was Alex-sama…

I gently stepped forward and stood before Alex-sama.

Then, while laughing a little, “Alex-sama is a man after all, isn’t he…?”

“W, what do you mean?”

“My chest, you were looking at it…”

“I, I didn’t do such a thing…”

“Alex-sama is a liar…”

When I muttered that, Alex-sama became frustrated.

Now that Alex-sama had been shaken, the game was on.

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