His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

42. I’m Indebted to Alisa

While standing at the entrance of the bath, I faced Alex-sama.

“Alex-sama, previously, you told me that you were indebted to me. I want you to explain the meaning behind those words.”

Whether or not Alex-sama would leave and what was going to happen to the position of the Margrave of Arkhangelsk, those were the main points of our discussion, but I decided to not cut to the chase.

The reason was because I was sure Alex-sama’s answer would remain the same.

So, before that, I decided to talk about my school days. I believed that by talking about our pasts, he’d let down his guard a little. That way, it might be possible to alter his future decisions.

Besides, I had always been curious about the meaning behind Alex-sama’s words. I was merely scared to face the truth.

The reason why Alex-sama loved me. That was precisely why he begged me to the point of kneeling to stay with him.

I had avoided asking about it all this time. I was probably scared.

If I were to hear the reason, I felt like the spell would break.

But I couldn’t keep running away.

I had to know more about Alex-sama.

What was Alex-sama worried about? What was he struggling with? I had both the right and the duty to know.

“I can’t answer that…”

Alex-sama shook his head.

As expected, he refused to answer.

But that didn’t mean I should give up!

I poured alcohol from a nearby basin onto the stones surrounding the fireplace. The heated stones instantly transformed the liquid into steam.

I continued pouring more and more.

Alex-sama’s expression turned grim.

“A, Alisa, if you do that, something terrible will—!”

Steam was filling the room. The temperature was rising steadily.

I began to sweat. I could feel the towel clinging to my body.

“Answer, otherwise, this room will get hotter and hotter!”

“I can just leave the room?”

Alex-sama said that before tightly shutting his mouth.

After all, I was standing at the entrance. He’d be able to leave the Banya if he forced me aside.

But it wasn’t like Alex-sama was capable of that.

Because… Alex-sama was kind.

Alex-sama looked at me with a troubled smile.

When I was about to pour the remaining alcohol on the fireplace, Alex-sama finally relented.

“I, I understand.”

“What did I do to Alex-sama back in the academy?”

Alex-sama averted his gaze away. His expression became painful.

“I told Alisa that I’m indebted to you… that is, because I made Alisa the fiancée of the prince.”


“To make Alisa my fiancée—that was the outcome of my own actions.”

I couldn’t believe Alex-sama’s words. I thought our engagement was political in nature.

However, Alex-sama didn’t appear to be lying.

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