I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

25. What a Strange Situation!

While walking down the snowy road of the main street, Charlotte pondered to herself.

…Did my memory truly disappear because my divine power was sealed?

Three days had passed since the morning she woke up without her memories.

She loved Oswald like crazy. Despite the fact that they rarely met, she’d fixatedly stare at him whenever she got the chance.

I was told that our wedding was held the day before I lost my memories.

Oswald was the one who sealed my divine power… uh, not good, I can’t remember anything.

But, a kiss with Oswald—!!

Just merely imagining it, it’s as if I’m flying—!!

Charlotte was fluttering.

…Could it be—!?

The reason why her memory disappeared was because Oswald’s kiss was just THAT good!?

However, she quickly lowered her head.

…No, that can’t be… After all, before I lost my memory, I seem to have despise Oswald…

She envisioned the scene that was shown in the diary.

The ‘Charlotte’ reflected within that moment was glaring at Oswald with resentment.

Besides, there was also a written note under Oswald’s portrait, saying ‘enemy.’ The letters on the next page also gave the impression of being a curse, saying ‘disappear.’

Hmm. Let’s assume that the cause of my memory loss is the seal, and not the kiss. However, judging from Oswald’s attitude that morning, my memories probably weren’t supposed to have been affected…

…My former self probably didn’t want to lose her memories, either, right?

After all, Charlotte was hated by people and was also an enemy to Oswald.

If in addition to her divine power, she also lost her memory. She had no way to protect herself. The former Charlotte would have surely desired to avoid such a situation at all costs.

…To be deprived of her divine power and also her memories. If she had known that, there’s no way she’d have married Oswald willingly. That kiss was perfomed for the purpose of sealing my power… kiss, kiss—!? If so, wouldn’t I have resisted? Maybe, by biting Oswald’s tongue…

Merely by thinking that, Charlotte felt faint.

That’s not good, me! It’s sinful to hurt Oswald, even in imagination! I’m sorry, Oswald, I’ll take care of you for the rest of my life!

“Mommy, look at that lady over there. Who is she praying to?”

“I’m sure she’s praying inwardly.”

A parent and child passing by stared at Charlotte.

Upon hearing that, the girl holding hands with her mother said cheerfully.

“Ah! Hey, mom, look! A big doggy is being carried!”

Wow, it’s true…

Curious, Charlotte also turned her gaze in the direction the girl’s little finger was pointed.

A two-part carriage was pulling a large cage.

Within that cage, a monster resembling a dog was kept. Its size was similar to a horse’s.

“That monster is called Fenrir. It’s different from wolves and doggies.”

“Is that so? Mom, I want to get closer!”

“Alright, but promise not to put your hands in the cage, okay?”


Several people, including the parent and child, approached the stationed carriage. With a slightly amazed expressions, they looked at the Fenrir.

“Fenrir is a big boy.”

“Not only it is huge, it is said that they can understand human speech.”


Charlotte felt strange.

…What a huge Fenrir. It looks fluffy. I definitely want to get closer, but…

Charlotte’s legs were stuck.

From some distance away from the Fenrir’s cage, she kept staring at the crowd. Naturally, the size of the wolf she saw in Heydemarie’s residence paled in comparison.

Fenrir is a monster that is accustomed to people. If it’s disciplined, then I have no reason to be afraid. It’s as that woman said…

…But why?

Charlotte furrowed her eyebrows.

She stared at the Fenrir once again. Then, the Fenrir was in the cage opened its eyes.

It stood up slowly.

“…Mommy, I’m a little scared…”

“Let’s go back to our shopping.”

The mother reassuringly picked up the little girl.

Afterwards, they slipped through the crowd and rushed away from the cage.

As if angered, the Fenrir howled.


The people around the cage covered their ears at the sudden roar.

The Fenrir roared, showed its fangs, and bit the bars.

“The Fenrir is trying to break free—!!”

“The bars are made of iron, we should be safe, right?! Even if it’s a Fenrir, it shouldn’t be able to—”

—However, the cage began to creak.

No! It’s about to break!

Although, what had made the noise wasn’t the iron bars.

It was the top of the carriage, something which was made of wood.

If the entire cage had been made of iron, the horse would get tired. Perhaps because of that, a cheap and lightweight cage was chosen.

Inherently, Fenrir love human, but this Fenrir in particular…!

“It’s no good—!!”

At that moment, the top of the carriage miserably broke.

“The Fenrir is aiming for that kid!!”

The Fenrir proceeded to leap out of the carriage.

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