I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

26. Are my Memories Warning me!?


A screaming woman hugged her daughter as if to shield her.

Among the people running away, several casted magic on the Fenrir. The surprised Fenrir leaped back while barking.

“Are you alright?!”

Charlotte rushed to the trembling mother and encouraged her to stand up.

“You must be terrified to even stand, but do your best…!! The others are holding back the Fenrir…!!”

“H, help…! My legs are numb, at the very least, save this kid…!”

“Give me your child, here! I will make sure to take her somewhere safe!”

Hearing Charlotte’s voice, the people around her began to help.

“Let us escape! Bring your daughter over here!”

“U, uh, uwaaah, uwaaaaah!!!”

“Good girl, it’s alright, it’s alright—…”

The man to whom the girl was entrusted started running alongside the others. At the same time, other people spoke up.

“Is there anyone else who’s capable of using offensive magic!? Help me stop that Fenrir!!”

Several people surrounded the Fenrir and started chanting one after another. However, the Fenrir’s smooth coat repelled them all.

This Fenrir has a high level of magic resistant! Unless it’s an advanced spell, it won’t work on the creature!

The people on the main street scrambled away. Even though the magic hadn’t harmed it, the Fenrir let out a low growl.

“No, we can’t stop it! Unless you can fight, run away!”

I, I also doubt that I’d be of help…!

Charlotte squeezed the swaying light blue stone that was against her chest.

Depending on everyone running, this incident will spread throughout the city. Somehow, I have to let Oswald know about this. He might be able to teleport here.

In the case of an emergency, she knew that Oswald wouldn’t hesitate to help.

However, he could only teleport if he knew the location.

I’m sure that once Oswald figures out that something has happened, he will teleport to me…!

After all, while Charlotte was on her own, chaos was breaking out in the city.

For Oswald, Charlotte was the source of all evil. If he couldn’t figure out where the emergency had occurred, he’d surely suspect Charlotte’s involvement and use the tracker.

I’ll act as a landmark! I shall not leave this place until Oswald arrives! Until that moment, I shall not get in their way…

At that moment, the Fenrir roared once again.


Charlotte trembled. She suddenly felt faint. To that sensation, Charlotte’s eyes widened.

I feel alert?! My body!! I don’t think I’m scared of the Fenrir! But, it’s as if my body is telling me to not move!!

It was a troublesome situation.

From what Heydemarie said, this body seems to possess something known as ‘long-term memory’… In other words, according to my senses, this Fenrir is a formidable foe?!

Since she first saw that Fenrir, she was reluctant to approach it. If she were the previous Charlotte, surely, she’d be too wary to approach the creature.

As she unknowingly wrapped her arms around her body, Charlotte was at a loss.

This feeling… is fear…

As she recognized the feeling, she started to scream.

I, I must be terrified! But I have to assist Oswald! Otherwise, I’ll be unsuitable to stand alongside him…

At that time—

“Wait, brother!”

“Ahaha, this is it!!”


A youth appeared from a narrow road that seemed to lead to a back alley.

Distracted, the Fenrir glanced over at them. Half a second later, it ignored the people who were trying to subdue it and rushed towards the children.


The Fenrir made a big leap, jumped over the enclosure, and darted forward in a straight line.

It was heading for the siblings. The glittering and innocent smiles of the children, who noticed the approaching beast, stiffened.

“Oh, no…!!”

Charlotte shook off her own fear.

Then, she trudged on the snowy path and reached out to the young children. Immediately after wrapping her arms around them and pulling them to herself, she turning her back on the Fenrir—


There was a short cry.


The pain she anticipated …didn’t happen.

On the contrary, Charlotte, who was tightly embracing the children, heard the voice of her beloved.

In front of Charlotte, the hem of his cloak fluttered.

“Charlotte, are you okay?”

“O, Oswald…!!”

Past his face was the Fenrir, snarling while keeping its head low. Oswald faced it with a quiet expression.


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